Covid-19: India Number One!

Hello Hello Hello!
Look who’s here!
It’s time for another article!
Hell yeah!
I’m quite busy at the moment but I decided to drop in today dawn to comment on some important issues.

So, back in November last year, I’d posted an article about USA Number One.
At it’s peak, the US had 200K+ cases everyday for a while.
And now, it’s India’s turn.
For the past week or so, India has consistently been churning out 250K+ cases everyday. And that’s commendable.

India’s peak record so far has been 275K+ cases in a single day.
But I think India can do more.
I think India can do better!
What do you say Indians? Those are rookie numbers! You gotta pump up those numbers!
Let’s gooooo!

An untrained mind might find these statements absolutely horrible. Like “How could you say such a thing?! There’s hundreds of thousands of people getting sick everyday! Hospitals are working at full capacity, doctors and nurses are exhausted, there is a lack of oxygen supply for all patients, this is all so terrifying!”
And you’re right about all those statements. Except, they’ve done this to themselves. Well, “How could you say that?! Oh My God!”

Anyone remember November 2020, when the entire universe of big brain intelligence predicted that India would overtake the USA? It never happened, did it? D’you know why? Because they manipulated those numbers! They misled the people.
And Indians are an extremely intelligent people who take all Covid-19 precautions like wearing a mask properly, avoiding large crowds, maintaining social distance, etc etc. NOT!

I’ve been there. I’ve seen firsthand how much Indians care about their personal health and safety, and believe me, they don’t.

Meanwhile in Africa, thousands of people walk on the streets wearing surgical masks, because, we all know surgical masks offer the best protection against Covid-19, especially, if you wear them below the nose!

Sometimes, humanity goes out of the way to bring disasters upon themselves. And this pandemic is a classic example, among many others.

Have you heard of the famous Kumbha Mela festival? This would be a good time to investigate it, do your research, and come to your appropriate conclusions.
I would’ve liked to link a few videos but YouTube has gone down the shitter so that’s my next article.

The Americans prioritized riots over the pandemic, the Europeans prioritized clanking pots over the pandemic, the South Americans prioritized parties over the pandemic, and the Indians have also done their part, to prioritize protests and a religious dip over the pandemic.
What can I say? Stupidity is a universal phenomenon.

I’m waiting for the 1M cases a day headlines. Until then, yawn, YAWN.