YouTube Sucks & CEO Susan Wojcicki Is An Idiot

Yesterday I came across this video on YouTube titled “2021 Free Expression Awards Highlight: Susan Wojcicki” by a channel named Freedom Forum.

“Free Expression Awards presented by signature sponsor YouTube.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this nonsense.

For the past month or so, YouTube has been presenting me with 3 pages of Personalization Settings & Cookies, simply because I do not “Agree” with the default corporate surveillance crap.
More recently, I’ve been getting frequent Google Captchas, like every 3 videos or so, which I have to fill in order to continue watching videos.
So, what’s going on with YouTube? Why are they so concerned about who’s watching which videos? Why are they profiling their viewers?

Google captcha is like a brain tumor on the internet. It’s being created by this giant monster called Google.

I’m a creative genius. YouTube likes to think the capitalist zombies on their payroll are creative – Fuck No. The real creative people exist outside the capitalist corporate empire. And believe me, they’re doing just fine.
So I’ve slowly been shifting away from using YouTube as my primary entertainment source to watching movies and TV shows.
And I do it all FOR FREE.
Are you reading this YouTube wankers?
That’s right!
Fuck your YouTube! I’ve found an alternative source of entertainment – all for free!
Fuck your ads,
Fuck your 3 pages of cookies and personalization bullshit.
Fuck your captchas.
Fuck your tracking and profiling.
Fuck your capitalist business model.
Fuck Susan Wojcicki. In the ass. With a big giant corporate dildo.
Free Expression Awards. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

You want free expression? This, right here, is free expression. I am expressing my anger towards a giant corporate sinkhole in the shape of Susan Wojcicki’s asshole that spews bullshit like YouTube wins Free Expression Awards and Susan Wojcicki’s the best freedom of expression role model. BULLSHIT!

Susan Wojcicki is like Kim Jong Un’s cousin or Xi Jinping’s half-sister. She represents the spiral downfall of what was once an awesome platform to share stuff and turned it into a giant billboard where all the corporate jackasses line up to ejaculate on the viewer’s eyes.

I couldn’t even get through the first few minutes of the woman yapping away in the video. But somewhere in the video Susan Wojcicki talked about her grandparents in Poland and the iron curtain and stuff.
I couldn’t even let her finish the sentence.
Hey Susan! Susan! Why are the words SEXUAL ASSAULT so terrifying to you?
YouTubers can’t even say the words “sexual assault” because they may get banned or demonetized or something. Just what in the fuck is going on at YouTube HQ?
I see a bunch of YouTubers talking about “essay” and “essay”; what they’re really referring to is SA, an acronym created by Susan’s dumbfuck minions to refer to sexual assault.
Is this really free expression? I don’t think so! I think this is censorship of the highest order. So this woman remembers her grandfather’s time in Poland, where he had to watch what he said, and consequently, she decides to adopt the methodology of her grandfather’s oppressors.
This is the genius of Susan Wojcicki ladies and gentlemen. This is the best she can do.

That video was published on 16th April and got 32 likes – all from Susan’s close family members and friends, and a few YouTube employees directly under her wing.
Then it got 11K dislikes.
32 likes, 11,000 dislikes.
The numbers have spoken Susan! The numbers have spoken!
Speaking of numbers…
I’m a numbers guy!

I can’t even get through the video. I just can’t get through it without barging in like an angry grandpa and yelling at the video.
What I’m looking at, right now, are the comments. And it seems that the entire human species has aligned with my brain on this one.

I was a lil hesistant about going all out on Susan’s hypocrisy, but now I think I may have gone too soft on her, given that there’s millions of people who agree with me.

I got tired of scrolling through the comments of the millions of people agreeing with me.

Here’s the thing: Susan Wojcicki winning the free expression award is like me winning the most handsome black man award.

Since YouTube has gone down the shitter with Susan patting herself on the back for being the most ignorant hypocrite to ever grace our planet, I’d like to suggest an alternative.
Peertube is the most free expression platform on the internet. I would like to thank them for sponsoring this article.
Make sure to click the like button, hit the notification button and subscribe.

Wait – what?!
Oh hell no!
Fuck the like button!
Fuck the notification bell icon!
Fuck your subscription!
And fuck you!

I can’t get through a YouTube video without a segment from some fucking sponsor, and a zombie begging for likes, notifications and subscriptions.
It’s quite evident that almost every intelligent homo sapien has installed some adblocker in their browser, so now the advertisers have ditched YouTube ads and are sponsoring YouTubers directly.
Now we’ll need an AI extension to block the sponsored segments in the videos. What a pain in the ass!

And this is all because of Susan. I’m blaming everything on Susan.
YouTube has become a pimping platform. Why? Because of Susan.
Susan Wojcicki introduced her greedy grubby hands and turned it into a pimping corporation.
All the YouTubers have sold out and become hookers.
The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Why? Because of Susan Wojcicki.

Susan was Google’s first marketing manager. She also worked at marketing for Intel. She led the development of Adsense. She was it’s first product manager. She became Google’s senior vice president of Advertising & Commerce. She oversaw the company’s advertising and analytic products, including AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics.
And then she took over YouTube and fucked it up for everybody.
Susan Wojcicki, everybody. Let’s give her a round of applause.

I was going to finish this article with one simple question. But it’s a one-liner that’s an equivalent of a nuclear weapon. It’s so fatal, that even the hoards of people angry at Susan would be surprised and say “Damn! That’s savage!” and “Oh no! I think you may have gone too far this time!”
Susan Wojcicki, free expression. See? Even the best of us can’t have it sometimes. Today’s your lucky day.

Susan Wojcicki may be the woman that pimped out an entire platform full of zombies. But I’m the one guy that could do that to her, in a one-liner. I’ll save it for the future.

One day, I’ll be working on my own YouTube alternative, with blackjack and hookers. And I got just the perfect role for Susan in it.

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