Covid-19: Call Me Mr Facts Sir!

What’d I say?

That’s right!
You can call me Mr Facts Sir!
I spit straight up facts, and that’s sir to you!

In early 2020, I took an insanely large number and threw it on the map.
I said, if I can remember correctly, that this coronavirus may infect up to a billion people worldwide.
1 Billion – the big B.
And this was very early on, in March 2020, I think.

And then, I predicted 400M cases in India alone.
Later on, I lowered that number to 300M. I was thinking that 400M was too high a number, even for a population of fools. There had to be at least 100M people who would wisen up when people started dropping off like ants sprayed with insecticide.

Of course, as the year progressed, the pandemic took off like a rocket, then came down to a crawl as people hid in the isolation of their homes.
But then, people got too comfortable. There were mass protests and riots and people became careless. Consequently, there was another spike in cases.

A lot of governments downplayed the threat of the pandemic by rigging the numbers.
The fake statistics gave people a false sense of security, and they became reckless. Why? Because people don’t like to be inconvenienced! That’s why!
Who the fuck wants to wear a mask, when everyone around them is walking around maskless? Why bother wearing a mask properly when everyone’s masks are hanging under their noses and chins?

Scientists talk about herd immunity. I wanna talk about herd stupidity!
I spent an entire year studying India, the US, Brazil, and many other countries.
I spent several hours doing research, reading scientific journals, checking the news headlines, and following the worldwide trends on the pandemic.

And then, I got tired. Do you know why I got tired? Because the numbers on the charts did not reflect the actions on the streets. How could the numbers be so low, when thousands of people were breaking the basic rules of precautions, and having the best time of their lives?

It took America several months, before the statistics started showing significant changes.
And the transparency in the US was commendable. Look at New York, for example. How many months was NYC in lockdown? Is New York still in lockdown? I don’t know! I watched so many videos of the lockdown and overwhelmed hospitals and dead bodies in trucks in New York City, that I just switched it off at a certain point. I was saturated with information.

The US handled the pandemic like a champ. Well, not all of the US; definitely not trash holes like California and Texas and Florida. But New York City? Absolute fucking champions.

Look at India right now. New Dehli is the new NYC. If you thought NYC as the epicenter was terrible, wait till you see New Dehli.
And the politicians are absolutely incompetent.
They’ve even gone as far as silencing people on social media, threatening them, and imposing extreme punishments upon them.

There’s a certain Indian politician named Yogi Adityanath, who’s imposing a mafia rule on the citizens. While his people are dying from lack of oxygen, this son of a bitch is going on live interviews, lying to the journalists about ample availability of oxygen for Covid-19 patients.

Many journalists’ tweets have been deleted and they have been threatened into silence by the government goons in India.

It took India less time than the US to shoot up the charts like a missile. And the official numbers you’re seeing now, are the government’s desperate attempts to look legitimate. The real numbers, on the ground, are double or triple the official records.
What that means, is that when the official records by the government showed 402K yesterday, they were more likely to be between 800K and 1.2M in a single day.

India is finally catching up to my level of arithmetic.

The greatest thing about India, is that there are still people who are willing to address the facts. I’ve seen many journalists in India who are willing to risk their lives to speak the truth and state the facts.
Unlike America, where journalists are constantly trying to avoid offending people, the Indians don’t give a fuck who gets offended. Feelings aren’t a priority when it comes to facts.

I have no doubt that the Indian people will wake up. Not all of them. But even a million enlightened Indians would make a greater force than several nations combined. For a population of 1.4B people, you don’t have to work hard to get the 1M.
You just sit back and let nature do it’s job, and wallah! Even Darwin might wish he were an Indian.

I think a lot of Indians are acknowledging the fact that the second wave is a shared responsibility between the reckless citizens and the lying incompetent government.

Where does it go from here?
I think the pandemic will go through it’s course. People will continue being people. For every intelligent man, there’s like a thousand idiots flocking around. And you don’t just end a pandemic in a day. Nor do you stop at 402K peak daily cases. You gotta keep pumping those numbers. I think India can hit a single day spike of a million cases easily. And the government will have to acknowledge those numbers officially. If they do not, then this pandemic will never end. Not until there’s 1B dead.

I believe this pandemic will bring people’s priorities into light. Like what’s really important? Is your health important? Or is money important? Are religious gatherings important? Would you die for your religious beliefs? Are political gathering important? Would you like to attend future political rallies? What are you prepared to lose in order to live your life according to your whims? Is family important? Are your traditions and customs really important during a time of crisis?

I’ve watched videos where the undertakers say that families are basically dumping the dead ones and abandoning their final rites in fear of the virus.

People’s survival instincts are kicking in. And their ugly sides are showing.
Welcome to the dark side.
Leave your empathy at the door, and enter the isolated pod, from where you can watch humans turning into animals, as they desperately try to stay alive.

If this pandemic lasts 5 more years at this rate, I guarantee that we will revisit the great depression in the modern age. On the positive side, TikToks won’t exist.

Oh, and at this rate of funeral pyres, deforestation is going to become a major problem.
A lot of businessmen are taking advantage of this pandemic to make some quick bucks. If only they’ll be able to stay alive to spend it between this pandemic and the next…

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