Sasha Johnson & The Reality Of Black Lives Matter

Recently a Black Lives Matter activist was shot in the head in a drive-by.

Almost all the news channels covered the story, until, police released the information that the shooters were 4 black men.

There are two causes for most of the deaths associated with BLM.
Everyone knows the first reason – cops.
Can anyone think of the second reason?
That’s right.
Black folks shooting their fellow black folks.
Nobody ever covers that part.
Oh no no no! That would be very racist.
And this is a modern problem in the world today; people are unwilling to accept the whole truth. They want to accept the favorable parts and reject the unfavorable parts.

The shooting of Sasha Johnson highlights one of the most common causes of black deaths.
Every day, there’s some black person getting gunned down by another black person.
In fact, drive-bys and shootouts are more frequent than black people getting shot by the cops.
But nobody pays attention to that because that doesn’t fit the narrative.

I’m strongly beginning to feel that Black Lives Matter has a lot of inconsistencies and fallacies.
Remember last year, when George Floyd died and the streets erupted with massive riots? I remember talking about these black folks who were breaking into stores and stealing shoes and clothes and other items. It’s all on video. You can’t make this stuff up.
And there was an incident where the rioters broke into a black owner’s shop because they didn’t put up the BLM sign to show support. The neighbors did put up BLM signs and their stores were saved.
And then there was an incident of a black cop who was beaten up by the rioters.
Do the BLM activists know his name? Huh?
David Dorn.

There’s dozens of black guys who were killed during the George Floyd protests. Nobody paid attention to those lives.
Because they didn’t matter.

The only lives which seem to matter to Black Lives Matter activists are those who are killed by the cops.
That’s when everyone gathers on the streets. That’s when people start marching and holding up signs and protesting and rioting.

Where are the protests and riots for the black criminals shooting fellow black folks in American cities?
Do those lives not matter?

If Sasha Johnson had been shot by a cop, the world would be seeing two months of daily protests, riots, lootings and burning buildings.
Where’s the noise on the streets right now?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is some food for thought.

All lives matter. I don’t care if you’re white or black or brown or yellow. I don’t care if you’re human or a dog or a cow or chicken.
Everyone deserves to live.
And all these movements that start out on a noble cause of strengthening a particular race often end up being extremely racially biased and divisive.

I think it’s time for people to grow beyond the physical appearances. All these black and white racism stuff is primitive and unsophisticated, for lack of better words.
I think humans can do much better than that.

One of the problems these movements are causing is the idea that people who identify with such minority groups should be given free passes, handouts and exclusions just because they’re part of the so-called minority group.
Everyone should be treated equally regardless of race and gender. That should be the way forward.

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