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  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 7:08 am on June 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    More Laptop Problems 

    So, recently my laptop has randomly displayed a blank screen in the middle of my work, out of nowhere.
    Pressing any keys does nothing. I have to press the power button to shut down the laptop and boot it again.
    I’m not sure how common of a problem this is. I’ve never experienced such an issue with any of my previous laptops.

    Another problem I’ve faced is that sometimes the screen is frozen when I wake it up from sleep.
    Again, no keyboard presses or touchpad scrolls does anything and I have to press the power button to shut down the laptop.

    Another issue I’ve faced is that the bluetooth turns on every time I boot the laptop, even when I’ve turned it off previously.
    Since I rarely use bluetooth, this is a huge pain in the ass – having to manually turn off the bluetooth on every boot.

    Of course there’s the famous brightness issue. The backlight problem still hasn’t been resolved. Thanks AMD! And fuck you.

    The NVIDIA Server settings still don’t work. I can’t switch the graphics at all. So I’m stuck with the inbuilt AMD graphics while using LibreKrsnah Desktop OS.

    Oh! And the laptop battery capacity has already reduced to 98%.
    I’m definitely going to need a battery replacement before the warranty is over.

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 6:31 pm on June 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Baba Ramdev, BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya, black fungus, Corona devi, , Covaxin, , , , headlines, , , , , , , Sadhvi Pragya, UP, vaccination, white fungus, Yogi Adityanath   

    Covid-19: The Wonderful Glories Of India 

    A few weeks ago I published a few articles detailing the rise of the second wave of the pandemic in India.

    Since then, there have been headlines after headlines exposing the horrible situation in India on the news.
    I avoided all that because the levels of stupidity in India reached the lethal limit of my big brain.

    I think I’d become fed up of watching India’s incompetency in handling the pandemic. And I just needed a break.
    I’ve spent the past few weeks in blissful ignorance. I haven’t checked any news regarding the pandemic. I even stopped browsing the Coronavirus section on 9gag. Did it improve my mental health? Yes and no. Yes because I stopped thinking about the pandemic for a minute. And no because then I got distracted by some other bullshit.

    So what’s been going on in India for the past few weeks?
    Oh buoy! Where do I even begin?

    Some Indians have started building temples for their new Indian goddess – Coronavirus!
    Never underestimate the power of religious bullshit.
    Want to protect yourself from Covid-19? Drink cow piss and bathe in cow dung.
    Want to protect others from Covid-19?
    Build a temple for “Corona Devi” – the Corona goddess!
    They literally built an idol and gave it a feminine face, and put a few bat idols at her feet to complete the look!
    Also note the garland of plastic skulls around the goddess! Attention to detail!

    As an expert in multiple religions and cults, I really wonder who imagined the physical looks and appearance of the Corona goddess. As a professor of some of the largest religious books that ever came out of India, I’ve never read anything on Corona devi. Neither have I come across any verses that prescribe sculpting and worshiping of plagues and diseases in order to get rid of them.
    Just out of curiosity, why didn’t anyone build an idol of HIV/AIDS? Surely, that’s been around since I was born and nobody thought of worshiping AIDS to get rid of AIDS? Amateurs! If you want to be a religious conman, do it right or fuck off.
    What about Ebola? Swine Flu? H1N1?
    I think the AIDS devi is going to be very upset that she’s been around for decades and didn’t get a single temple!

    Meanwhile, some other Indians have been beating up doctors with pots, pans, sticks, oxygen tanks and anything they could lay their hands on. Why? Because they brought their family members to be magically cured from Coronavirus and these doctors killed them instead! How dare they!
    Here’s a suggestion my religious cousins – have you tried worshiping the doctors and nurses in the hospitals? If you can worship the coronavirus, surely, you can worship the doctors who are doing their best to cure you from it?

    Before I forget, has anyone thought of sculpting idols of the black fungus and white fungus? Fungus sounds manly, doesn’t it? Fungus deva – the Fungus god. Black Fungus deva – the black fungus god. So it’s official then! Someone build a temple real quick and let’s have two male idols in it – the Fungus devas. Proper worship of these gods will ensure you will never catch black fungus! Guaranteed results!

    Manjul the cartoonist received Twitter’s notice saying they had been informed by “law enforcement” that his cartoon (which he shared online) was in violation of the law. Sharing Modi cartoons and memes is now a crime in India.

    Shri Paras Hospital in Agra, India decided to do a mock drill by turning off oxygen for 5 mins due to lack of oxygen supply. 7 patients died. The Indian media lied and said 22 people died because they’re retarded and don’t understand Hindi.
    While all the Indians decided to pounce on the doctor and blame him, I decided to hear his version of the story.
    The doctor tried everything to procure oxygen from everywhere but failed. He asked the patients to leave the hospital and they refused. Yogi Adityanath and his big daddy Narendra Modi did nothing to fix the oxygen supply shortage. Who’s really to blame?

    About 3000 doctors resigned in Madhya Pradesh state in India because their demands were not heard by the government.
    Doctors in New Dehli held a candle march protest in support of the other doctors.

    There are no vaccination centers in villages. Most villages don’t even have a Covid facility. There’s a massive shortage of vaccines in the cities.

    Migrant workers are staying hungry for days on end. Narendra Modi has failed to deliver both food and vaccination to them.

    Dumbass conman Baba Ramdev is spreading rumors that modern medicine doesn’t work on Covid-19.

    Thousands of dead bodies have been dumped into the River Ganges and it’s banks due to shortage of wood and space in crematoriums. Two men were even caught on camera throwing a dead body over a bridge into the river below.

    India’s Covaxin has been rejected by the US FDA due to lack of adequate data.

    “I Drink Cow Urine Every Day, So I Don’t Have COVID” – BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya.

    Aaand that’s enough news for today.
    If politicians are advocating drinking of cow piss to prevent Covid-19, one can only imagine the state of mind of the rest of the nation.

    There has been a social stigma that’s led millions of infected Indians to deny their Covid infection. This has led to a higher spread of the disease even in remote villages.

    The hospitals are overwhelmed. Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and exhausted. Patients lay everywhere on the floors and corridors in government hospitals. The lack of oxygen supply has forced many hospitals to turn away incoming patients.

    I checked the stats and India’s currently hovering around 80K daily cases.
    That’s strange considering 3 weeks ago, they were dumping thousands of corpses into the rivers.
    How many waves does India need before they start publishing the real numbers?

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 2:32 pm on June 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    1984: Germany Edition 

    It’s here!
    It’s officially here!
    Germany has joined a list of the 1984 coalition of government surveillance and federal thought police!

    The CDU and SPD have agreed on a law which allows the state to spy on innocent people (e.g. accessing WhatsApp messages), who have never committed a crime. It was passed in parliament on the 10th of June. To do this, German security agencies want to, among other things, force companies like Telekom or Vodafone to make their systems less secure or will hide security flaws in operating systems (e.g. iOS, Windows) and apps. This will make it significantly easier to hack devices and will negatively impact German IT infrastructure. Additionally, Internet Service Providers like Telekom can now be forced to manipulate downloads (e.g. software updates) to install spyware from the state, further eroding trust in digital technologies.

    The Stasi are back! This time, they’re electronic! No physical traces! No faces, no masks, no papers!
    It’s even better!

    With the current state of Microsoft Windows, the German spies are about to enter the infinite spectrum of surveillance orgasms.

    This is just another one of those headlines which will be forgotten in less than a week.
    People will cry and whine and bitch about it. Some may even create some useless petitions. But everybody will fuck off within a week. Nothing will change.

    We are living in a fucked up shitty world where the biggest criminals on earth i.e. the politicians and their conglomerates of useless government branches commit the most absurd crimes in the history of humanity, and get away with it in plain sight, while the general masses watch in helpless horror.
    This is truly, the peak of civilization!
    We’ve got Xi Jinping and his shithole country of loonies eating bats and creating viruses. Then there’s the Middle East where TOR and VPN users are hunted down like rats. We’ve got Russia and India, where the governments put journalists in body bags for speaking the truth. Then there’s the grand old USA, where the politicians hypnotize the idiots with nonsense distractions so they can fuck ’em in the ass, the good ol’ ‘merican style!

    When is Merkel going to ban VPN and TOR in Germany? I’m just curious. ‘Cause it’s only a matter of time before every German citizen jumps on the VPN bandwagon to flee the Stasi.

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 6:16 pm on June 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    My Upcoming Project: LibreWindows OS 

    Hello Bill Gates!
    Hello Microsoft!
    Hello Microsoft nerds!

    In the coming months, I am going to strip down Windows 10. I am going to remove all your surveillance crap, then I am going to rebundle it into my personalized OS.
    Kind of what I did with Linux, but this will be a nightmare to work on.

    The name of the OS that will arise, is LibreWindows OS. But, between now and when the final build will be ready, that name might change to something better.

    Now, will I distribute this OS to others? No. Just like LibreKrsnah Desktop OS, this will be completely personalized for my usage.

    And why would I consider undertaking such a project? You can thank AMD, NVIDIA and Linus Torvalds.

    Currently, Windows 10 boots faster than LibreKrsnah Desktop OS. And I believe if I can work my magic on it, then I will be able to make Windows great again!
    The current Windows OS sucks btw. It is full of bloatware and spyware and telemetry and irrelevant junk that nobody asked for. But I believe that I can fix it.

    To launch this project, I’d like to start off with a few kind words:
    Fuck Bill Gates
    Fuck Microsoft
    Fuck AMD
    Fuck NVIDIA
    And fuck Linus Torvalds.
    Oh, and fuck Lisa Su.
    Fuck Jensen Huang.
    Fuck Gnome.
    Fuck all the distros that ship with Gnome as the default.
    OH! OH!
    And fuck all the devs that work with these companies. If you’re a developer working with any of these scumbags, you’re actively contributing to their spyware/bloatware/bullshit. So fuck you. You should be ashamed of yourself! You terrible terrible human being! How do you live with yourself?

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 5:54 pm on June 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Linux Nerds: Don’t Buy An AMD/NVIDIA Laptop 

    Do you love Linux?
    I love Linux.

    But Linux has a problem. Well, there are 2 problems.
    One, you cannot access the NVIDIA X Server Settings.
    And two, the laptop reboots with the screen at maximum brightness.
    Supposedly this has something to do with Linus Torvald’s new screen brightness scheme. But I’m blaming this on AMD. Well, the error itself blames AMD.

    Since NVIDIA doesn’t want to make it’s Linux drivers open source, my NVIDIA graphics card is essentially useless.

    I’ve waited for months for someone from these companies to fix these issues. But it’s all been crickets.

    Instead of patching their drivers and ensuring their chips provide a wonderful user experience, both AMD and NVIDIA have been pumping out chips with insane performance digits.
    Now what the fuck am I, as a user, supposed to do with these digits, if the chips are shitting bricks on Linux?

    My AMD chip is stuck at the base frequency on Linux. There is no option for boost. It is not supported.

    LibreKrsnah Desktop OS currently runs slower than Windows 10.
    It lags on boot times, it lags when opening applications, it lags when loading media, it lags in everything.
    And the issue here, isn’t the OS. I have fine tuned this OS to the point where it could boot within microseconds on an Intel chip.

    I have tested so many Linux distros on this laptop, and all of them have been slower than LibreKrsnah Desktop OS.

    At this point, I’ve given up hope that either NVIDIA or AMD will fix their problems. Both companies are only concerned with pumping out more chips and making big bucks. But at what cost?

    I’m never buying an AMD/NVIDIA laptop again. Ever.
    In fact, by the time I buy my next laptop, I’m pretty sure Intel will have perfected both their CPUs and discrete GPUs.
    Am I an Intel fanboy? Nope!
    But I was caught up in the AMD hype and forgot to research on just how terrible Linux runs on their chips.

    Now one may argue that this may just be an issue with my device.
    A quick duckduckgo search reveals all gaming nerds who bought an AMD/NVIDIA laptop, have faced similar issues when running Linux.
    And if there’s any who haven’t experienced any problems, feel free to donate your laptops to me. Thank you very much.

    I said I was going to write an article every month until these issues were resolved.
    But I’ve got something better in mind. Or worse, if you’re AMD or NVIDIA.

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