Linux Nerds: Don’t Buy An AMD/NVIDIA Laptop

Do you love Linux?
I love Linux.

But Linux has a problem. Well, there are 2 problems.
One, you cannot access the NVIDIA X Server Settings.
And two, the laptop reboots with the screen at maximum brightness.
Supposedly this has something to do with Linus Torvald’s new screen brightness scheme. But I’m blaming this on AMD. Well, the error itself blames AMD.

Since NVIDIA doesn’t want to make it’s Linux drivers open source, my NVIDIA graphics card is essentially useless.

I’ve waited for months for someone from these companies to fix these issues. But it’s all been crickets.

Instead of patching their drivers and ensuring their chips provide a wonderful user experience, both AMD and NVIDIA have been pumping out chips with insane performance digits.
Now what the fuck am I, as a user, supposed to do with these digits, if the chips are shitting bricks on Linux?

My AMD chip is stuck at the base frequency on Linux. There is no option for boost. It is not supported.

LibreKrsnah Desktop OS currently runs slower than Windows 10.
It lags on boot times, it lags when opening applications, it lags when loading media, it lags in everything.
And the issue here, isn’t the OS. I have fine tuned this OS to the point where it could boot within microseconds on an Intel chip.

I have tested so many Linux distros on this laptop, and all of them have been slower than LibreKrsnah Desktop OS.

At this point, I’ve given up hope that either NVIDIA or AMD will fix their problems. Both companies are only concerned with pumping out more chips and making big bucks. But at what cost?

I’m never buying an AMD/NVIDIA laptop again. Ever.
In fact, by the time I buy my next laptop, I’m pretty sure Intel will have perfected both their CPUs and discrete GPUs.
Am I an Intel fanboy? Nope!
But I was caught up in the AMD hype and forgot to research on just how terrible Linux runs on their chips.

Now one may argue that this may just be an issue with my device.
A quick duckduckgo search reveals all gaming nerds who bought an AMD/NVIDIA laptop, have faced similar issues when running Linux.
And if there’s any who haven’t experienced any problems, feel free to donate your laptops to me. Thank you very much.

I said I was going to write an article every month until these issues were resolved.
But I’ve got something better in mind. Or worse, if you’re AMD or NVIDIA.

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