My Upcoming Project: LibreWindows OS

Hello Bill Gates!
Hello Microsoft!
Hello Microsoft nerds!

In the coming months, I am going to strip down Windows 10. I am going to remove all your surveillance crap, then I am going to rebundle it into my personalized OS.
Kind of what I did with Linux, but this will be a nightmare to work on.

The name of the OS that will arise, is LibreWindows OS. But, between now and when the final build will be ready, that name might change to something better.

Now, will I distribute this OS to others? No. Just like LibreKrsnah Desktop OS, this will be completely personalized for my usage.

And why would I consider undertaking such a project? You can thank AMD, NVIDIA and Linus Torvalds.

Currently, Windows 10 boots faster than LibreKrsnah Desktop OS. And I believe if I can work my magic on it, then I will be able to make Windows great again!
The current Windows OS sucks btw. It is full of bloatware and spyware and telemetry and irrelevant junk that nobody asked for. But I believe that I can fix it.

To launch this project, I’d like to start off with a few kind words:
Fuck Bill Gates
Fuck Microsoft
Fuck AMD
And fuck Linus Torvalds.
Oh, and fuck Lisa Su.
Fuck Jensen Huang.
Fuck Gnome.
Fuck all the distros that ship with Gnome as the default.
And fuck all the devs that work with these companies. If you’re a developer working with any of these scumbags, you’re actively contributing to their spyware/bloatware/bullshit. So fuck you. You should be ashamed of yourself! You terrible terrible human being! How do you live with yourself?