Covid-19: The Mutants King

China has produced a virus that is always mutating and evolving, thus rendering all efforts to curb the pandemic, useless.
Thanks China!

Before we even get started, what’s this shit about China demanding a nobel prize for discovering Covid-19? The balls on these motherfuckers! Can you believe these assholes? First they create a pandemic, then they keep it hush for several months, and then they demand a nobel prize for discovery!
Hey China, why don’t you discover diz nuts!

A lot of people in this world have a short term memory; that is, bad things happen to them, then they recover, move on and forget all about it.
Not me! Nah uh! I remember every detail!
I remember writing articles which analyzed China’s brutal disgusting activities after starting the pandemic.

Recently, there have also been news headlines of several Chinese government officials defecting to the US and leaking Xi Jinping’s Covid-19 recipe.
Dong Jingwei is a name that’s come up on several articles.

There’s also been news of a Chinese military scientist who filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine before the virus was declared a global pandemic and then died mysteriously a few months later.
His name was Yusen Zhou.

Another interesting name that’s appeared on the news is Shi Zhengli. The media call her batwoman for working on coronaviruses in the Wuhan lab. I’m just going to call her Lady Covidstein.

Then there’s articles about the Pentagon donating millions in charity to an organization that funded the Wuhan Lab.
There’s hundreds of other articles that claim that Covid-19 was engineered in Wuhan Lab.

Then there was news of a leaked document titled ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species Of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons’ written by Chinese scientists and health officials. At this point, what difference does it make, whether the virus was engineered or was natural? The only thing that’s important is that it came from China! And China has been desperately pulling all moves to try and cover that up!

There’s just too much new information and discoveries everyday to keep track of it all.
Ain’t nobody got time for dat.
The mere avalanche of news articles covering the pandemic are enough to make the general public just give up and say, “Fuck it, y’know, who cares?”

I, for one, have spent less and less time on the Covid-19 news. I do look at the articles. I just don’t have time to catalogue and comment on them all.

Now that we’ve covered a few important developments in the Chinese Virus, let’s break into the variations and mutations.

    Covid-19 alpha – first discovered in UK, US, Germany, Sweden, Denmark
    Beta – South Africa, UK
    Gamma – Brazil
    Epsilon – US
    Delta – India, UK
    Delta plus – India, Nepal
    Kappa – India
    Eta – Nigeria, UK, Mayotte
    Zeta – Brazil, US, Canada, Suriname, Argentina
    Theta – Philippines, Japan, UK, Malaysia
    Iota – US
    Lambda – Peru

And this is as far as scientists have discovered and managed to name. If you look at this site which documents the full list of variants, you quickly realize that using the Greek alphabet naming style was a bad idea. There just aren’t enough alphabets to name all the variants.

An important analysis in this is that not all vaccines are effective against all variants. In fact, some fully vaccinated people have been infected by some of these variants. This is still an ongoing research process and will be for the rest of the decade.

I think, that at some point, scientists will be forced to develop new vaccines to counter each mutant and variation. There just isn’t any way for one vaccine to combat all mutants.
So if you thought a vaccine card was bad, tsk tsk! Wait till you see the vaccine book!
I think, by the end of this decade, everyone will have to carry a little book with tens of pages to cater to all the dozens of vaccines administered for each variant!
But, that is still a hypothesis.
Maybe some genius scientist will create a super vaccine that will be effective against all possible mutants! Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Speaking of seeing, what happens if someone gets infected by multiple mutants of the virus? Does he turn into a zombie or die immediately?
What happens when you combine all mutants in one vial? Does it create a frankenstein virus? Perhaps Shi Zhengli will be able to answer that.


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