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    I Have An Online Stalker 

    I’ve had a stalker for a while now. Maybe 9 months? More or less.
    And this stalker is a woman; a married woman.
    I met her on an IRC channel, and we became friends.

    But this IRC channel had a lot of assholes in it. A bunch of people didn’t like me. Some would try to shut me up, others were openly rude to me, and the others ignored me, as if I didn’t exist.
    So I left and went on to create my own IRC channel, and I invited her in it, along with a bunch of other people.
    Unlike the IRC channel I’d left, I decided that my IRC channel would be cool. There weren’t too many rules in it.
    At the peak of it’s success, I remember most of us acted like a bunch of childish jackasses on it. We fought, we threw around insults, spammed dozens of lines, cracked hilarious jokes, and it was total mayhem.
    I like chaos, okay? I’m a product of chaos.
    And my channel was cool because it didn’t have many rules. Even when we kicked out people who went too far, everyone would always rejoin. You know why? Because we were super cool! I was cool.

    Anyway, at some point – I think it was in the early days, some guy made fun of another guy’s penis. He cracked a bunch of penis jokes in Spanish.
    And this female friend here, got offended and left in a huff.
    I wasn’t there at the time. I think I had just gotten my DJ credentials at the time, and was figuring stuff out.
    When I came back, I found she’d left, so I messaged her. She told me why she’d left and she said she’d only come back if the guy who’d made the penis jokes apologized. If he didn’t, then I’d have to kick him out or ban him.
    I talked to the guy. He didn’t seem so inclined to apologize. He wasn’t very talkative on one-on-one conversations. I figured maybe he found it too intimidating or whatever. Anyway, I didn’t take any action on him.
    Why? Because he was my friend. It’s that plain and simple.

    Long story short, I was given a choice. I made my choice. She never returned.
    BUT, she bore a grudge towards me. A long, festering grudge, and she’d decided to make it her mission to make life difficult for me on IRC from then onwards.

    Was I wrong? YES! YES I WAS WRONG.
    I made a mistake. I fucked up.
    And no amount of apologies could ever fix that simple mistake. In fact, it became a huge deal. Rumors were born from it, and spread like wildfire. I was a terrible admin. I was a bad guy. I was a horrible horrible human being. And everybody should stay away from me!

    It’s been what? Like 9 months? And that shit keeps been brought back up. Anytime there’s some discussion about me, this woman, coincidentally pops out of nowhere, and throws in her 2 cents about what she thinks of me.
    Does she think I don’t see what she’s doing? Trying to influence other people’s perception of me? Trying to influence their judgement call? Trying to paint me as a villain? As a monster? As a fucking barbarian?

    She’s built an army of my haters. She’s got so many supporters. She’s filled their hearts and minds with utter disgust and contempt for me. Why doesn’t she just hire a hitman to take me out? Go on! Fucking kill me so your mind can finally rest in peace! Do it! Do you need my address? Huh?

    I make one mistake and that shit follows me around for months on end. I go online, and I notice her people coming in, and making their presence felt. What now? Am I supposed to be intimidated? Huh? Should I shut my fucking mouth, and leave the room every time you pop in?
    I get the message. I ain’t that dumb. I may be a little mentally challenged. But I ain’t no full-blown retard.
    The message is clear: “We’re here, we’re watching your every move. And if you slip once, your ass belongs to us!”

    I understand these subtle mind games. I’m not that stupid.

    Now, there’s an army of people that don’t like me. They don’t know shit about me. They just don’t like me. They heard rumors, they saw some stuff, and they made up their minds – they hate me.

    I’m a very open guy, do you understand that? I speak my mind. I say what I think. And I am quite proficient in the use of profanity. I have mastered the language of saying things that eeeverybody’s thinking, but nobody’s got the guts to speak it out loud. Everybody’s living in fear. People are afraid of discussing anything that goes deeper than small talk. “Oh no! If I talk about this, then what will others think of me? They will put false labels on me! Oh my God!”

    This is how you get a world full of shallow people. They don’t wanna talk politics, they don’t wanna talk current events, they don’t wanna raise questions, they don’t wanna debate about anything! Because why bother, right? Why put yourself in jeopardy by having conflicting opinions, when you can just talk about the weather and make TikTok videos?

    I’m not the first guy that’s been ganged up on by these kind of people.
    But I’m going to be the last guy – the last person on planet earth, that gets stalked and harassed by them.

    I’ve always said, if you don’t like someone, fucking ignore them. Move away from them. Just stay far from them. It’s that simple. No problems. No arguments. No fights.
    But my stalker doesn’t want to do that. She wants to stick around, let her presence be felt, talk shit about me, and make me feel shitty and depressed every chance she can get. That’s her goal in life. People have big ambitions in life and they work hard to pursue their dreams. Well, this is her ambitious dream. She wants to be the reminder that I’m a fucking asshole to the whole fucking world! She wants to grab a mic and broadcast it into space, so even the aliens can foster their hatred and torment me when they land on earth.

    And all this for what? One mistake? Not banning a guy who made dick jokes? Don’t you think it’s a little extreme?
    Don’t you think it’s a borderline psychopathic to dwell on a single mistake to try and ruin somebody’s reputation?
    Don’t you think it’s a little sad and pathetic, that you’re dwelling on a small mistake from the past, to try and fuck things up for somebody, every chance you get?

    Like I said, I’ve got permanent residence in this woman’s mind. Permanent residence. She keeps thinking about that one event, and she’s festering hatred for me over it.
    And now that she’s made it abundantly clear, that she’s never going to stop, or let it go, well, I’ve been feeling a lot suicidal myself lately. So why don’t we go on an all-out war, no holds-barred, and let’s see if we can finally kill isvarahparamahkrsnah, huh? What do you say? Are you up for it? ‘Cause I am.
    I woke up this morning thinking, that I am actually tired of life. I ain’t got much to lose, ’cause I lost a lot of the things I valued the most a long time ago. Now seeing that life is shitty, and you’re hell-bent on making it shittier, why don’t you just take a fucking gun, and pop one in my forehead? Please!

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    The Calm Before The Storm 

    Since my appearance on the internet about 2 years ago, I’ve come across several assholes on the internet.

    And my character and personality has evolved with time, influenced by the events, people and experience.

    I decided to take a step back, and look at myself. Is this the person I wanted to be when I started out 2 years ago? And the answer is no.

    I’ve met 2 types of assholes in this journey: The first category are people who just plain don’t fucking like me, and are not afraid to make it abundantly clear through hurtful words and actions.

    The second category, are the character assassins. These are the pretentious cunts who put on fake smiles, then stab you in the back. They spread lies and rumors, and they make it stick by planning out a web of traps.

    The second category of people don’t have the balls to say they don’t like you. They’re cowards. They know they can’t do you much damage, so they try and do it through the help of others.

    One lesson that I learned very on, about 2 years ago, is that I couldn’t be nice and kind and polite to everyone and expect the same in return. That’s just not how the world works.
    This is how the world works: I could either be an asshole who’s selectively nice to those who deserve it, or a nice guy who constantly gets picked on and trodden down by everyone because they think he’s a fucking pussy.

    Do I sound like the type of guy who’ll let people constantly pick on him and bully him?

    I live my life by doing my thing. If I don’t like someone, I avoid them. If I don’t agree with someone, then we can go our different ways. No hard feelings.

    There’s some individuals out there, who have made it their mission to stalk and harass me everywhere I go.
    And those people, are not very smart. Not exactly the brightest bulbs in the box.

    Now if you’re going to spread lies and rumors about me, while hiding under the protection of people who can fight for you, then you’re a coward.
    You’re effectively and very efficiently hiding under a system that gives your ass protection, while offering no immunity to your victims.
    And you expect, all your victims, to shut the fuck up, and take it up their ass, nice and slow, everyday, forever, till death rids them of their misery.

    I’m afraid I’m not one of those guys.
    You’re not going to bully me around and make my life miserable.
    The fact that you keep coming after me shows that you’ve got nothing better to do. Your schedule’s empty.

    But mine is full. When I ain’t cooking and cleaning, I’m listening to music or hanging out with my homies or watching YouTube videos – news, tech reviews, vlogs, documentaries and shit.

    Now if I’ve got to squeeze in time on my busy schedule, to make room for internet wars with a bunch of fake ass pretentious cunts and bullies, then you can bet your lives, that there’s going to be a lot of collateral damage.

    You assholes only have one goal – to take isvarahparamahkrsnah down. That’s your mission. And your tunnel vision.
    Did it ever occur to your dumbasses to think, before you try and take me down, what have you got lose? And how far are you prepared to take this?

    While you’ve got your sniper rifles aimed at my ass, I’m sitting here with a bag of grenades. Unless you’ve got your kill shot, coming after me, is going to cause a lot of damage: to you, to me, and to everyone who’s caught in the crossfire.

    I’m not one of those guys who tucked their tails in their behinds and left quietly. Neither am I one of those meek ones who lived humbly under your territorial rule.

    You’re like a pack of wolves attacking a lion.

    Until now, my strategy was self-preservation. I kept quiet and did my thing. But now that I see you’ve been stalking me and constantly keeping tabs on me to bully me and harass me, and you ain’t going to stop anytime soon, I’m about to switch strategies.

    Remember that nice guy who politely tried to have a decent conversation and reason with you? Yeah, that ain’t gonna be me no more.
    I’m going to kill that guy, and unleash a monster.

    I’ve always been the kind of guy that raised the stakes everywhere he went. That’s me. I’m the epitome of perfection. I am the gold standard. I am the cult of personality!
    That’s why I excel at everything I get involved in. Do you want to see what I’m capable of, when you push my buttons? Come on, try it! I dare you motherfucker, try it!

    Look at what I’ve accomplished in my life since my appearance. And what have you got, to show for? Nothing! Absolutely fuck-all nothing!
    I know you’re jealous and envious. You can’t stand to see my success. You can’t stand to see me happy around others. You want me to be miserable and sad and depressed so you can brag and gloat about it to your friends.
    What kind of sick psychopaths get off of making others miserable at every opportunity they get?
    You thought you were a crazy ass bitch, well, allow me to introduce you to BRRRRROOOCKKK LEEESSSSSNAAAAAAAR!

    I’m the genius that can make an act of war look both brutal and entertaining. You’re the sore loser who’s spent the last 9 months plotting several unsuccessful character assassination attempts.

    I find it amusing that you’ve secured a permanent place for me in your head. You spend all day and night thinking about me, brooding, enviously plotting, and waiting.
    Well, the time has come, and opportunity is knocking on your door.

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    Dumbass TikTok Kids & Their Stupid Parents 

    Alright. I came across this article a few days ago and decided it was worth speaking on.

    A 12-year-old Oklahoma boy died Tuesday after attempting to do a new social media challenge on TikTok, NBC affiliate KFOR reported.

    The boy reportedly tried the “blackout challenge,” which involves a person choking themselves to the point of unconsciousness. TikTok has been actively removing videos of the trend, saying they violate its community guidelines.

    The boy, who has not been identified, was found by police with ligature marks around his neck Monday evening, according to KFOR. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital, where he died early the next morning.

    Family members said the child’s death was from the TikTok “blackout” challenge gone wrong.

    “It all basically comes down to is where a kid tries to asphyxiate themselves to the point of unconsciousness, and then once they start to gain their consciousness back is when they get a euphoria-like feeling,” Bethany police Lt. Angelo Orefice told reporters, according to WMUR9.

    The “blackout challenge” has been blamed for multiple deaths involving adolescents this year. In June, 9-year-old LaTerius “TJ” Smith Jr. from Tennessee was found dead in his closet, his family said. And in March, 12-year-old Joshua Haileyesus from Colorado was found breathless on the bathroom floor, according to a GoFundMe made by his family.

    I actually clicked on the link to Joshua’s GoFundMe page and what do I see?

    Everyone who knows Joshua can tell you what an incredibly intelligent, funny, caring, and gifted 12 year old he is.

    Well anyone who knows me can tell you that I disagree with the use of the word “intelligent” in that sentence.

    I remember when I was 12 years old. I was in 7th grade. I was a straight A’s student, quite miraculously, I might add. I was a good kid. I can’t remember the worst thing I ever did when I was 12.
    Back then, we didn’t have smartphones. We didn’t have TikTok. And the only things important to me were getting straight A’s, going to the temple, and having the attention of all the cute girls in my class.

    Choking myself wouldn’t have impressed anyone. Getting straight A’s did.

    When I was a kid, I pleaded with my dad for years to buy me a Game Boy before he finally caved in. He wouldn’t even buy me a watch! All the cool kids in my class had Casio watches. I think the coolest watch in my day had a calculator in it. Anyone who had a watch with a calculator in it was a royal king.

    All these years later, I still don’t have a watch. I can buy a watch now. I just realized I don’t need it.
    Now the world has got smart watches. It’s got more than just a calculator in it.

    Kids these days have smartphones and smartwatches and laptops and desktop computers and tablets. They’re living a life that couldn’t even be imagined in 1920. And what do they do with all that privilege? Fucking choke themselves for a TikTok video. PATHETIC!

    This is the world we live in right now; where a bunch of privileged fucks are killing themselves for TikTok videos.

    And their parents have the AUDACITY to call them intelligent! You call this intelligence? You stupid fucking idiots! How dare you associate stupid people with the adjective intelligent?

    Anyone who chokes themselves to death is anything but intelligent, okay?

    I never understood these TikTok challenges. Very few of them are actually funny. Most of them are fucking stupid. Like lick the toilet bowl challenge, set yourself on fire challenge, or eating tide pod challenge. If you lick the toilet bowl, how am I supposed to call you intelligent? Is this what intelligent people do in the 21st century? Set themselves on fire for fun?

    I think it’s time for parents to stop giving their kids smartphones. But them a Game Boy or something and let them deal with it. And no social media at all! None! I never needed social media when I was growing up and I still don’t need it now. So I don’t see why all these little shits need to be all over social media. They’ve got nothing – absolutely no business on it.

    My parents were very tough on me. They rarely praised me. If I did some dumb shit, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Growing up, I was the dumbass in my family, but now that I’m out here, I feel like I’m fucking Albert Einstein from the future, completely repulsed by the stupidity of people in this age.

    While we’re on the subject, how about this – why don’t people start wearing condoms, huh? Stop procreating if you can’t be a sensible tough parent. If you wanna be a parent, you should be legally obliged to ensure that your kid doesn’t end up doing some dumbass shit like eating tide pods for TikTok videos.
    Parenting isn’t easy. And it definitely isn’t for most people in this day and age. So why don’t we all take a fucking break and help reduce the world population by a few generations?

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    China Is Drowning 

    About a week ago, I posted an article about floods in Europe.
    Well, it’s China’s turn now.

    I’ve watched a couple of videos of the floods in China, and the situation seems pretty bad.
    But there is a bigger problem to worry about: Government censorship.
    It has come to my notice that Xi Jinping’s government is censoring all social media and the news channels to downplay the situation in China.
    Unfortunately, this will not bode well for them.

    I think it’s time for the world to recognize climate change as a global threat, as extreme weather situations become more commonplace across the globe.

    The first time I began paying attention to climate change was when there was snowfall in the desert in the Middle East.
    Snowfall in the hottest deserts in the world? That can’t be good, right?

    Everyday, there’s some thunderstorms, some flash floods, some mudslides and landslides, some hurricanes and cyclones, some tornadoes, some wildfires, some earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in some part of the world; yet 90% of the population has failed to recon the power of nature.
    That’s just my assumption. But I am rarely wrong, so, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

    I have personally witnessed the power of thunderstorms myself. I know how quickly it can go from beautiful rain, to a fucking nightmare.
    Think about all the Chinese men and women trapped in the train in some flooded tunnel, standing for 24 hours with water reaching their chests, waiting for someone to rescue them, running out of hope…

    None of us give a fuck about extreme weather until we’re in the face of it.

    The logical part of me questions why all this is happening. Why are there floods in China? A quick duckduckgo search reveals that China has built too many dams on it’s waterways. Another search reveals that China has been engaging in water wars by blocking water from going downstream to it’s neighboring countries and causing droughts.
    This is nothing new. The strategy has been tried in the Middle East with the River Tigris and Euphrates, and you know what? It didn’t end well.

    I’ve always been a huge proponent of believing in mother nature’s mysterious ways. Some things just have no explanation. The floods in China isn’t one of them.

    At what point in time did human beings begin to think they were so powerful, that they could alter nature and take command of it?
    The human species is as insignificant as it gets. And in the universal picture, we are just a speck of dust. If the entire human species was wiped off the planet today, there would be no loss. The plants and animals would take better care of the planet than we ever have. And that’s just sad. The human species is truly pathetic. We pride ourselves with our culture and education and luxury and technology, but deep down inside, we are just a bunch of fucking idiots who can do more damage than any plant or animal in existence.

    When is Xi Jinping going to drown? That’s what I’d like to know.

    Man needs to live in harmony with nature. Like the Aborigines. We need to remember that the earth is taking care of us, not vice versa. And if we’re going to pollute the earth and try to destroy it with our retarded endeavors, then we will have to bear the brunt of our actions. That means more floods, more landslides, more earthquakes, more tsunamis and overall, a complete beatdown at the hands of mother nature.

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    The Pegasus Shitstorm 

    It’s been a while since I checked on the latest Covid-19 news. So I thought, why not update myself and perhaps write an article if there’s anything major happening?

    Forget the pandemic. What do I see all over the news? Pegasus! Pegasus! Pegasus!

    Pegasus sounds familiar. Where have I heard that name before? And wallah! I look at my database and I see a few files about Pegasus.
    So it’s nothing new.
    Pegasus has been around for a few years now. But the mainstream media is just catching up after discovering that dozens of journalists were targeted by the spyware.
    HA HA HA!

    I spent over 2 hours going through Pegasus files all over again. And I got a fucking headache from it. Did you come here to learn the intricate details of Pegasus? Nyet! Do your own fucking research!

    It’s not just journalists who are worried now. Just for the record, dozens of journalists have been victims of the Pegasus spyware. Less than a dozen people even remember the history of those innocent folks. So let’s not act like this is brand new information, okay? Journalists have been killed with the help of Pegasus spyware.
    And now, it’s the turn of politicians, royal family members, business executives, human rights activists and government officials who have been targeted through Pegasus over the last few years.
    What goes around, comes around. Let’s celebrate! Everybody gets a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! Everybody gets a Pegasus! Hurray!

    So now they’re all worried. When was Pegasus information first leaked? 2016? Yet everybody sat on their big fat fucking asses all through 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020! How convenient!

    Edward Snowden warned people, waaaaay back in 2013, that the governments in multiple countries were conducting mass surveillance on innocent citizens. The headlines ran for a few weeks then everybody fucked off.
    It’s 2021. This Pegasus spyware does nothing special that was not already revealed in 2013. Yet all the journalists are busy typing away dozens of articles on Pegasus. They’re milking the Pegasus cow for views but most of them are too fucking stupid to include any solid information.

    As a private journalist, I want to extend a big fuck you to all the mainstream media journos. You imbeciles had a ton of data to work with, yet your articles are pure horseshit.

    I’m going to link the Forensic Report by Amnesty for the cake.
    And a shoutout to Washington Post for a fair attempt to write a decent article detailing the Pegasus spyware. The rest of the journos can fuck off. I skimmed through a dozen articles and was immensely disappointed.

    Indian journalists are shitting bricks right now. Apparently over 1000 phone numbers in India appeared in the leaks.
    Now the Indian government is vehemently denying any involvement in the Pegasus surveillance scheme. Hopefully, the Indian journalists still have a few working brain cells to understand that their government is lying.

    India has been steadily climbing up the surveillance and censorship ladder over the past decade. The intelligent few probably got a whiff of this as early as 2015. The rest of the nation can prepare to become the next China.

    Here are some of the victims of Pegasus:
    Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Pakistan, France, Hungary.
    If you live in any of the above mentioned countries, you’re about to experience Xi Jinping’s regime without visiting China.

    One of the most disturbing information in the recent leaks is the emergence of zero-click attacks. Technology has advanced so far, that a user need not even touch their phones to be infected with Pegasus.

    iPhones are generally known to be secure in the privacy community. Unfortunately, the Pegasus leaks have confirmed that iPhones are just as vulnerable to spyware, as Android phones.
    Many spyware companies have found different ways to infect Linux machines with spyware as well.

    One of the reasons spyware like Pegasus has managed to thrive for so long is that most modern phones and operating systems have been designed and built for surveillance, not privacy. This corporate greed by phone manufacturers has led to the growth of spyware companies like the NSO.

    Perhaps it’s time to go back to Nokia 3310 and MS DOS.

    As for the Pegasus shitstorm on the news? Boo fucking hoo! Why don’t you journos release the leaked data to the public so we can go through it ourselves?
    The mainstream media is holding the leaked Pegasus data hostage, and feeding the public tiny crumbs of useless news articles everyday. They’ll probably keep this going in the news until some other shit comes up. Then bye bye Pegasus! And bye bye privacy! What? Were we supposed to start securing our devices? Not today!

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