MeToo: The ‘Cos Is Back Baby!

Bill Cosby is free free free!

That was my reaction too when news broke that grandfather pimp Bill the rapist Cosby had been released from prison.

So why was Bill Cosby freed?

In a verdict issued on Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s highest court found there was a “process violation” because Mr Cosby’s lawyers had made an agreement with a previous state prosecutor that he would not be charged in the case.

Imagine raping 60 women and then making a deal with the state prosecution, that the only way you’d admit to the rapes, was if you were set free!
This is the state of the American justice system. This is what Americans voted for.
You’ve got a mentally challenged old bastard who likes to sniff women’s hair for a President.
And then you’ve got a judicial system with 4 justices who agreed that Cosby should be freed because a deal is a deal!
Justice David Wecht was backed by Justice Debra Todd, Justice Christine Donohue, and Justice Sallie Updyke Mundy. That’s one man and 3 women who agreed that a deal is a deal, and deals handed out to old men who raped 60 women must be honored.

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted — a miscarriage of justice is corrected!” the actor’s “Cosby Show” co-star Phylicia Rashad tweeted.

Wikipedia and several news sites has a list of 60 women who were raped by Cosby. So why has the dirty old bastard been set free on a technicality?

Where is BLM right now? Where is Antifa? Where are the feminists? Where are the “peaceful protests”?
Those protests better be coming up soon! ‘Cause I’m about to unleash 30 days worth of articles that will shock America more than Cosby shocked his victims. There ain’t going to be no baby gloves like CNN and Fox News. I will take you to pound town! Each article will trigger a different group of idiots. And the best part is, I will be unstoppable!
Git yo asses ready!

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