Rise Of The Paid Private Search Engines

Over the past few months, I’ve come across a few internet posts shilling privacy-focused search engines, which turned out to be paid. You actually had to create an account and be a member to be able to use them.

I’m going to list 3 such search engines:

1. Neeva: This was probably the first search engine that introduced the paid concept. It was created by an ex-Google executive, who just happens to be an Indian.

2. Kagi:

Kagi is a new movement with the goal to create a better web for our children. We believe that the web can once again become the web of creativity and self-expression, as opposed to the web driven by relentless monetization through ads and tracking as the main motive for its existence.

A better web for children? Not interested!

3. You: Nothing is known about this paid search engine.

My guess is, all these paid search engines aggregate their results from Google and Bing. So my question is, why would anyone paid 5 bucks to log into a private search engine to get results that are the same as Google and Bing?

I’m afraid I just don’t see a future where these premium search engines become a viable option. This is a hit or miss venture, and with all these free search engines out there, I wonder who’s got the time to pay for a search engine. I mean, even if I had the money, I just don’t see why I’d pay for a private search engine, when I can search privately anyway.
P.S. I don’t have the money.