Europe Is Drowning

There have been heavy storms recently and multiple nations have been affected. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg etc. are drowning. Rivers have broken their banks, there have been massive landslides and mudslides. Buildings have been destroyed, cars washed away, and many people killed.

On a related note, there’s news of a wobbling moon which will cause worldwide flooding in the next decade or so.
Well, perhaps if the moon performed a somersault, the earth could be wiped clean for a fresh start!

Welcome to climate change ladies and gentlemen. Nobody cared when Greta Thurnberg was spitting into microphones all over the news warning people of the impending danger.

Well, who’s crying now?
Not me!
It’s raining here, but there are no floods. So I’m cool as a pie.

Wish I had some popcorn to snack on while I browsed pics from the aftermath.
Hello Europe, first time?
These thunderstorms and floods have become quite common in the Middle East, many parts of Africa and Asia. I’ve witnessed them for a long time, with each passing year becoming more severe and devastating.
Yet, apart from those who have been affected, most people don’t seem to give two fucks about global warming or climate change.
This is proof that most human beings aren’t willing to do shit about anything unless they’re personally jeopardized.

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