Dumbass TikTok Kids & Their Stupid Parents

Alright. I came across this article a few days ago and decided it was worth speaking on.

A 12-year-old Oklahoma boy died Tuesday after attempting to do a new social media challenge on TikTok, NBC affiliate KFOR reported.

The boy reportedly tried the “blackout challenge,” which involves a person choking themselves to the point of unconsciousness. TikTok has been actively removing videos of the trend, saying they violate its community guidelines.

The boy, who has not been identified, was found by police with ligature marks around his neck Monday evening, according to KFOR. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital, where he died early the next morning.

Family members said the child’s death was from the TikTok “blackout” challenge gone wrong.

“It all basically comes down to is where a kid tries to asphyxiate themselves to the point of unconsciousness, and then once they start to gain their consciousness back is when they get a euphoria-like feeling,” Bethany police Lt. Angelo Orefice told reporters, according to WMUR9.

The “blackout challenge” has been blamed for multiple deaths involving adolescents this year. In June, 9-year-old LaTerius “TJ” Smith Jr. from Tennessee was found dead in his closet, his family said. And in March, 12-year-old Joshua Haileyesus from Colorado was found breathless on the bathroom floor, according to a GoFundMe made by his family.

I actually clicked on the link to Joshua’s GoFundMe page and what do I see?

Everyone who knows Joshua can tell you what an incredibly intelligent, funny, caring, and gifted 12 year old he is.

Well anyone who knows me can tell you that I disagree with the use of the word “intelligent” in that sentence.

I remember when I was 12 years old. I was in 7th grade. I was a straight A’s student, quite miraculously, I might add. I was a good kid. I can’t remember the worst thing I ever did when I was 12.
Back then, we didn’t have smartphones. We didn’t have TikTok. And the only things important to me were getting straight A’s, going to the temple, and having the attention of all the cute girls in my class.

Choking myself wouldn’t have impressed anyone. Getting straight A’s did.

When I was a kid, I pleaded with my dad for years to buy me a Game Boy before he finally caved in. He wouldn’t even buy me a watch! All the cool kids in my class had Casio watches. I think the coolest watch in my day had a calculator in it. Anyone who had a watch with a calculator in it was a royal king.

All these years later, I still don’t have a watch. I can buy a watch now. I just realized I don’t need it.
Now the world has got smart watches. It’s got more than just a calculator in it.

Kids these days have smartphones and smartwatches and laptops and desktop computers and tablets. They’re living a life that couldn’t even be imagined in 1920. And what do they do with all that privilege? Fucking choke themselves for a TikTok video. PATHETIC!

This is the world we live in right now; where a bunch of privileged fucks are killing themselves for TikTok videos.

And their parents have the AUDACITY to call them intelligent! You call this intelligence? You stupid fucking idiots! How dare you associate stupid people with the adjective intelligent?

Anyone who chokes themselves to death is anything but intelligent, okay?

I never understood these TikTok challenges. Very few of them are actually funny. Most of them are fucking stupid. Like lick the toilet bowl challenge, set yourself on fire challenge, or eating tide pod challenge. If you lick the toilet bowl, how am I supposed to call you intelligent? Is this what intelligent people do in the 21st century? Set themselves on fire for fun?

I think it’s time for parents to stop giving their kids smartphones. But them a Game Boy or something and let them deal with it. And no social media at all! None! I never needed social media when I was growing up and I still don’t need it now. So I don’t see why all these little shits need to be all over social media. They’ve got nothing – absolutely no business on it.

My parents were very tough on me. They rarely praised me. If I did some dumb shit, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Growing up, I was the dumbass in my family, but now that I’m out here, I feel like I’m fucking Albert Einstein from the future, completely repulsed by the stupidity of people in this age.

While we’re on the subject, how about this – why don’t people start wearing condoms, huh? Stop procreating if you can’t be a sensible tough parent. If you wanna be a parent, you should be legally obliged to ensure that your kid doesn’t end up doing some dumbass shit like eating tide pods for TikTok videos.
Parenting isn’t easy. And it definitely isn’t for most people in this day and age. So why don’t we all take a fucking break and help reduce the world population by a few generations?


    • Charles Darwin on July 28, 2021 at 3:16 am
    • Reply

    Darwinism works it magic again…

    • Toilet Bowl on July 28, 2021 at 3:20 am
    • Reply

    Have you ever licked a toilet bowl? How do you know what it feels like unless you try it at least once? Wouldn’t it be a waste if you didn’t try it *all your life* and then pass away without having tried it even one time? Now, if you keep your toilet bowl spotless, you won’t get any disease. But even if you don’t, there is enough of an audience for “scat”, to know that these are things that (some) humans (like and) do.

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