2021: Mid-year Updates

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year!
2021 has just 5 months left.

I want to spend some time thinking about what I’d really like to do for the remaining of this year.

I think this might just be the year in which I write the most articles. I’m still not sure about that. Maybe 2020 would remain the year that I wrote the highest number of articles.

In terms of personal growth and development, I think 2021 has been a big improvement over last year, at least so far.
However, in terms of personal satisfaction and happiness, I think I may be doing far worse than last year.
These are just my thoughts. I’m trying to step back and analyze myself.

I think one of the biggest mistakes I may have made, was getting close to strangers online.
I’m starting to feel that just like offline, I may not be a people-person on the internet.
What this means is that I’m better off alone, than hanging out with people, or talking to others.
I don’t think interacting with other people has brought me any big benefits. What I do realize, is that it may have earned me some enemies.

Starting on August, I’m going to cease all online communication with other people.
I think I can do it successfully, just like I have done offline.

A peaceful mind is one without any human connections. When I connect with other people, most of them just end up bothering me.
A friend of mine once said, “I am a wrong person”, while referring to himself.
It was one of the most painful things I’ve heard from someone I care about.
I don’t think I’m a wrong person. I think I’m surrounded by the wrong people. And some of these people, manage to get on my nerves all the damn fucking time. Like what is this, a fucking marriage? I’m single. You’re a stranger. Why are you bothering me? Furthermore, why am I allowing your dumb fucking ass, to bother me?

I’d like to end 2021 with an article titled “I hate people”. That would be the perfect summary for my experiences both online and offline.

If anyone else were in my shoes, I bet your ass they’d have fucking killed themselves. My life ain’t easy. We’d all like to think that a solitary life is the most pleasant one, but sometimes it gets depressing, when you have no one to confide in, or share your feelings with.
My solitude since the pandemic has only made me stronger, and tougher. And I’m proud of how strong I’ve become, and how tough I’ve always been.
I admire myself. I really do.
People always look up to someone else for an idol. But I am my own superhero.

With all the spare time on my hands, from not dealing with bullshit from other people, I think I can break last year’s record of articles. And I really wanna do it to set last year apart from this one. Because I haven’t kept a daily journal this year.

I’d also like to steer my articles back to a more positive end. I think the past few months worth of articles have been a constant barrage of rage and frustration. It all began when I read a news article about some 13 year old girl in India who was raped by several men over the course of a few days. I read that article in January. It’s the end of July now. I’d mentioned several times that I’d write an article on that incident. I didn’t have the heart to do so. The anger and rage that coursed through my veins every time I remember that story is the equivalent of ten billion hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time. If I had to write an article on that, it would trigger an apocalypse.

Maybe I will write that article. After everybody has fucked off with their political correctness and censorship bullshit.

Anyway, there’s the mid-year update. Regular readers may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned a word on the pandemic. If I did, this article would turn into a raging manifesto, and I just don’t have the desire to do so.
So, fuck the pandemic. Fuck Covid-19. And fuck everybody. That’s my summary on it.

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