Turkey Is Burning

I’m going to take it a little slow with the news for the rest of the year.

Latest headlines have been about wildfires in Turkey.

Now why is Turkey burning? What did the Turks do to have large portions of their forests and scrublands go up in flames?

Climate change.
2021 is the year that mother nature sends a message to all the ignorants masses that didn’t heed the warnings the first dozen times.

Australia has had a lot of wildfires.
In fact, Australia has had wildfires for as long as I can remember. They’re on the news every few months. And nobody gives a fuck.
Well, now you’re going to give a fuck. You’ll be forced to give a fuck.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Amazon rainforest went up in flames?
That’s coming too. It’s on the menu for a few decades later. Because human beings don’t care for their environment. They’re a bunch of selfish assholes who only care about making a few bucks.

When all the trees have burned down, and the earth is scarce of oxygen, I’ll still be here, typing ass-blasting articles that will piss everyone off by poking the sword of facts into their wounds of ignorance.
Good luck standing in line at the oxyegn station a few years from now to fill in your oxygen tanks for the week.

Now there’s been rumors that the fires were started by people to send a message as some sort of a political retaliation.
I don’t know what kind of retards think burning forests to the ground is a brilliant idea. But I’m looking forward to the aftermath.

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