Myanmar Is Dying

When’s the last time I posted an article on Myanmar?
February this year?

Every week I see new pictures emerging from the Myanmar civil unrest.
The first few weeks showed thousands of people protesting everywhere. This was followed by the military gunning down protestors on the streets like a bunch of rats.
The months that followed have been a steady stream of pandemic pictures showing people dying on the streets, sitting around in masses with empty oxygen tanks, and mass funerals that overwhelmed the country.

Apart from the few people posting and following the Myanmar updates on social media, it seems nobody gives a fuck anymore.
The jar of fucks was emptied within the first few days. After that, the people of Myanmar were on their own, left to defend themselves against a rogue military junta hell-bent on remaining in power.

This is how a country is destroyed and sent back to the middle ages.
Unfortunately, Myanmar isn’t the only country experiencing total collapse under a brutal regime.

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