Iran & The Problem With Islam

Okay! Let’s talk Iran!

I think this article is going to guarantee a bounty on my head.
One of my homies sent me this link.

This ice-cream commercial has been banned and the judiciary said they would deal with the culprits.

The reason? The woman eating ice-cream in the commercial “arouses men”.

Now I watched that video several times, but I still couldn’t get aroused. According to the judiciary in Iran, I have an erectile dysfunction. An Iranian woman licks ice cream, nothing. Big boy just won’t get up. She sucks on the ice cream, still nothing.

Perhaps if she pulled out her left titty and sucked on it, she might stir my dragon. But by that time, all the men in Iran would’ve wet their pants.

Seriously, what’s going on in Iran? How sexually starved do you have to be to get aroused by someone eating ice cream?

Then I went through Masih’s Twitter profile and what do I see? Iranian women being harassed and assaulted for not wearing hijabs!

Here’s an eye-opening retweet by Masih:

Sky News Persian subtitles: The Islamic Republic is a more deadly virus than the Corona virus. The regime kills protesters in the streets, arrests teenagers in Khuzestan, tortures political prisoners, and assassinates them abroad, but Western govts only seek to appease the regime

Apparently, honor killing is one of Iran’s favorite national pastimes.

Masih’s account is the most interesting Twitter profile I’ve seen in a while. So I looked into her, and it turns out, she is quite famous.
But I noticed she’s got a gmail account on her Twitter profile. That’s not very good opsec.
Fortunately for Masih, Iran is not a customer of the NSO and their Pegasus spyware.

So this is Iran in 2021. They’ve run out of real world problems so they’re focused on enslaving women and keeping ’em in check.
How long until Iran adopts the Taliban’s style of ruling? You know it’s coming. Soon as the Taliban have taken full control of Afghanistan, Iran will copy their Muslim brothers. Because then, instead of harassing women and risking getting filmed and exposed on social media, they can just walk up to a slave market and purchase 3 Iranian women, sold along with cages, for maximum control. On a sales day, buyers get a free whip, to keep their newly purchased sexual commodities in check.

This is what it all boils down to, right? If the men in Iran can’t view a woman eating ice cream as a normal human being, and not some seductress, then that speaks volumes about their mindset.
I’ve got a term for men like these (wait for it! wait for it! oooooh here it comes!) – homo erectus!

There’s a certain community online, where I would get an instant ban for calling them that. It’s a community that would flourish well under Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, and the Ayatollah.

Okay, what’s the bounty on my head for this article? Masih Alinejad had a few hitmen on her ass, courtesy of the Iranian government, over her activism. You can’t get away with disobedience to an Islamic dictatorship. And if you happen to call them a bunch of homo erectus primates, then you’re done for.
They will come for you!

All of this chaos, has it’s roots in religion. Now I’m not bashing Islam. I’m a Muslim myself. And I’ve got to say, Islam does have a certain reputation of having some kooky folks enforcing ancient rules. If you don’t follow them, you might get smacked, or beheaded, depending on what day it is.

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