Afghanistan & Afghan Refugees

Let’s talk Afghanistan & the incoming wave of Afghan refugees to the neighboring countries.

I happen to be living in one of the countries with the recent influx of refugees so I’m going to share my thoughts on the entire crisis.

I waited a while to discuss this topic because I knew what the outcome was going to be. And IF I had spoken FACTS at that time, I would’ve been branded with a bunch of fake labels by a bunch of brainwashed American retards. Makes sense?

Americans love to be politically correct. Americans love pretending to be nice people when, in fact, many of them are a bunch of fucking assholes!
I said it!
You had it coming!
You wanna see real nice people? Go to Canada.

You know what else America and the rest of their friends got coming? An influx of peaceful people escaping governance by a peaceful religion. And a lot of blame. A huge chunk of blame. You’re fucked no matter what.

The fact is, Americans had no business in Afghanistan. Or anywhere else in the world, BUT, ESPECIALLY in the Middle East.
Trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money has been wasted in the Middle East for decades. And all that, for what? What did the thousands of American soldiers die for? Nothing.

Americans have always loved to boss the rest of the world around. They love telling people what to do. They love telling other people how to dress. They love telling other people how to think, and act. Americans think they’re better than everyone, when in reality, they’re just like everybody else.

There’s an Arabic saying which roughly translates to “Mind your own fucking business you infidel, or I will beat your ass with a shoe in the name of Allah!”

President Joe Sniffin Biden, was asked if he thought the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was inevitable. Retarded Joe said, “No, it is not!” He said the Afghan troops of 300K were better trained, well equipped and had an air force against the 75K Taliban.

Well well well, I guess that is now 375K of Taliban forces against 0 opposition, eh?
You stupid Americans really underestimated the power of 75000 mountain men.

7 days.
It took the Taliban 7 days to take over the entire country.
Next time America decides to invade another country, they should think about how long it would take another country to invade them, and take over.

Meanwhile, the Afghan president ran off to Tajikistan like a fucking coward. This is the power of your politicians who were democratically elected. It is a prime example for the whole world to note: Don’t trust your dumbfuck leaders. They’re undependable, selfish, and would ditch you the moment their ass was in line of fire.
Ashraf Ghani knew what would happen to him if the Taliban got hold of his wrinkly old ass. Does anyone know what happened to the last Afghan President who stood up against the Taliban?
Do your research.

Let’s look at the new management in Afghanistan.
The first thing the Taliban did after taking over the cities, was to do a head count of all the women and children. Then, they decided to make a list of all the women and children that they desired. Who was going to stop them? Nobody. That’s who.
Then the Taliban warned all the women to cover their heads, and dress APPROPRIATELY, according to the guidelines in Islam.
Then they dismissed all the working women from their jobs, and replaced them with men.
They released all their prisoners from the jails and have taken control of key establishments all over the country.

This entire crisis has actually been very systematic. It’s procedural, and very, very thorough.
Anyone who’s lived in the Middle East saw this coming the moment the Americans left Afghanistan.
The rest of the world, including the Americans, were in for a surprise.

So here’s what’s coming next:
Executions. Lots and lots of executions. We are talking beheadings, hangings, bullets to the head executions.
These executions will all be recorded, and used when the time comes.
Who’s going to be executed? Anyone who was in bed with the Americans will go first. Anyone who sympathized with the Americans will follow. Anyone who opposes the peaceful religion of Islam, and does not follow the sharia law to the letter will go next. Anyone who criticizes the Taliban will follow.
We are speaking total dictatorship – totalitarian rule.

I see a lot of Americans talking about Afghanistan going back to the Middle Ages, and Afghanistan being wiped out, crapping itself out like Lebanon.
We are talking Taliban here folks. These aren’t your average fat American bastards with diabetes and heart problems.
These are the people who survived in the caves in the mountains. Ya think they’re gonna beg to the infidels for economic help? LMAO
The Taliban have got enough sympathizers in the Middle East. Trade will go on, as it did with Iraq and Iran. Cash will exchange hands, goods will find new owners.
Ever heard of minimalism? The mountain men have lived it for centuries. Nobody’s dying from hunger or no internet connection. They’ve got things covered, okay? THEY GOT IT COVERED!

There’s videos going around online of the Afghan people boarding aircrafts like hoards of goats. Ever seen a local train in Mumbai? Or a minivan taxi in Ghana? Now picture an aeroplane being boarded and filled the same way.

Everyone on the internet thinks the Taliban will be back in the mountains in a few months, asking the world for help to survive.
Well I see the beginning of an Islamic state.
The white flags with shit written on ’em. Anyone see them?
You don’t come up with a whole new flag unless you’re planning to hoist it at all the landmarks.
Now if the Taliban can find someone to print thousands of flags with their shit on them, do you really think they’re having trouble with connections? Bitch please!

I saw this news clip where a Western journalist asked the Taliban whether they believed in Democratic vote and if people would be allowed to vote in women politicians. The Taliban began giggling like a bunch of shy school children and asked the cameraman to stop filming. LOL

How delusional is the Western world?
I think, very, very, extremely, delusional.
The fact that a British woman even posed that question to the Taliban goes to show just how out of touch with the Middle East the rest of the world really is.

And this is just the beginning of all the stupid questions the Western media has been posing to the Taliban.
If I even begin to unload on the mind-numbing, ridiculous and intentionally taunting questions the Western media are asking the Taliban spokemen, this article would turn into an all out assault.

The Western journalists don’t understand that they’re playing with fire. You play with fire, you’ll get burned. And the Taliban have no compassion for a bunch of infidels. Remember that.
If I can see and understand that you’re taunting those men with these questions, do you think they don’t notice when their buttons are being intentionally pushed?
I’m not the smartest guy in the world, and I can see what you’re doing. How the hell do you think they wouldn’t notice?

Don’t you dare think that they’re ignoring your sarcastic questions! These are very patient men. They’re testing the international waters. They’re trying to gauge just how bad the Western media are able to take the perception of them. They’re trying to see how far the mocking questions and remarks will go, before they decide they don’t want it no more.

For all the countries taking in refugees from Afghanistan, some of them will be Taliban.
Anyone who’s been to Afghanistan will tell you this: There is no way of telling who’s Taliban and who’s not. They all look alike. They all dress the same way, and speak the same language.
With many refugees come a few sleeper cells. You’ll never be able to tell them apart.
But I can guarantee you this: Many of them are not suited for, and will not appreciate your Western freedoms. They grew up looking at life and the world from a different vision. Yours won’t be palatable to them.
You ever been to rural Afghanistan?
Anyone who’s been to the rural parts of Afghanistan will tell you this: Women aren’t allowed outside. The women always stay indoors unless permitted to go outside by their husbands. The women never show their faces to strangers, men in particular.

Now think about an Afghan man who grew up witnessing the “women belong in the kitchen” theorem at work. How do you think these men will react when they come across the pompous, rude, scantilly clad feminists in the Western world?
Have you heard about the rape cases in Germany, Sweden, and France? I’m referring to the migrants who raped women. Anyone?

I’m telling you right now, the Middle East is like my second home. I’ve written this article from the perspective of someone who’s been on the grounds, right in the danger zone, where even the American journalists put on a burqa and hijab before going out on the streets to interview the locals.
This is very different from your world of freedoms and democracy. There is no freedom here. No democracy. And where the rules of Islam are enforced, you wanna watch your fucking mouths.

Anyone who’s watched the Taliban at work will tell you these are very efficient men. I know they dress like they’re from the previous century and their manners are quite lacking, but it would be foolish to underestimate the mental capacity of these men. And with all the modern technology they’ve recently acquired, you better prepare to see the worst. If they can’t get hands-on, they will find people who can and will do what they want, either voluntarily, or with brute force.

If this is what the Taliban can accomplish with their raw and crude ways, can you imagine what the situation would look like if they all got smart?

I still can’t figure out why the CIA and NSA let Sniffin Joe evacuate all troops from Afghanistan. Like, what was their reasoning behind this? What were they thinking? Surely they knew what was going to happen!

Here’s something even more interesting: all the countries evacuated their embassies in Afghanistan, except China and Russia.
If you want to know who the world’s most powerful nations and leaders are, the writing is in the sky folks.
I knew from the start that Vladimir would never pull out. ‘Cause he’s a gangstar. If the Taliban touched his embassy, they’d be calling for an all-out war, which they know from experience, wouldn’t end well.
Putin wouldn’t mind having a slice of the Middle East, just like he took Crimea.
I know Putin’s got a few projects he wouldn’t mind testing in Afghanistan.
But Xi Jinping’s beat him to that! China is already publishing statements that they’re ready to work with the Taliban. Xi Jinping hates Muslims, so if China took over Afghanistan, we would be witnessing a second run of foreign occupation, except, this time, it would be mass concentration camps, and a lot of economic growth.
China is the only country in the world that is capable of jumpstarting the Afghan economy.
So this is finally going to be interesting to see how things play out.

I’m going to end this on an Anti-American stance. It goes something like this: Fuck you America, fuck your retarded President, and fuck your pusillanimous generation.
You should’ve stayed out of the Middle East. You should’ve stayed out of Afghanistan. You sacrificed the lives of so many soldiers, and all for what? So that some scrawny President can run off with bags full of cash while his military joins the enemy? 300,000 armed and fully-trained men surrendered to a bunch of mountain men. Is this your idea of democracy? You leave the country and run off back home, then you try to make peace deals with the Taliban. Just how fucking stupid are you?
Sniffing Joe said this would not be like Saigon. Well this is way fucking worse than Saigon. You’ve got a bunch of desperate men falling off of aeroplanes ’cause they knew they wouldn’t be spared by the Taliban. Is this your idea of American freedom? Imagine what’s going to happen to all the poor interpreters who helped the American soldiers fight the Taliban. Is this the fate of the people who stand with America? You say “No man left behind” yet you abandoned the very people who helped you fight YOUR WAR.
You went down to Afghanistan, you waged a war with the Taliban, and all the civilians who hosted you, helped you and stood with you, got fucked.
You bailed out because it got too costly. BITCH you should’ve known that going in! How dumb are you motherfuckers? Seriously?
You thought war was free? War ain’t free. War is expensive. Remember that next time you fuckers invade another country. You not only fuck over your soldiers, (who, for the love of God, I still can’t understand, how they could fall for your patriotic bullshit) but you fucked over innocent civilians who had no say in the matter.
And now those people have to pay the price. Those people have to abandon their families, well-furnished homes, their properties, their farms and savings to climb on top of a moving airplane, and fall off, because there was no space inside, for them.
Do you expect me to pat you on the back for this bullshit? Fuck no! This is your fucking mess. Own it!

This reminds me of an American bitch who came after me and stalked me for making a small mistake.
Americans don’t like to forgive. But they sure are expert at fucking shit up and expecting everyone to look the other way.

You wanted the truth about Afghanistan? Here it is.
You pulled out once, don’t go back in. Let the Chinese and Russians handle this. They know how to do things right. The East isn’t the West. Here, they play by different rules. You can’t jump in with your stupid American culture, and expect everyone to play ball.

Personally, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show. It’s going to be gruesome, it’s going to be brutal, but it is 100% authentic. The Taliban are the people of Afghanistan. We didn’t give them Islam. We didn’t give them Sharia law. That’s their culture.
Never walk into another man’s house and tell him how to run his home. Let everyone handle their business. If you think you’re fighting for democracy, well, it ain’t working. There was no democracy in the Asian continent to begin with. Look at the history of all it’s nations. They were all ruled by monarchies and kingdoms; kings and queens. Where are they now? Nowhere. Yet the Brits still have their Queen. You kept your queen, but got rid of everyone else’s.

I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to the people of Afghanistan, neither of which would be helpful really. My thoughts have been poured out here and my prayers, well, surprisingly are even less helpful.
I don’t have as much faith in religion as I used to. I’ve found that the men of God are more likely to commit horrible crimes than the atheists, all in the name of religion.
I’ve exposed the religious cult that I was a member of in another blog.
Islam is also a religion and is the basis of the Taliban and sharia law.
So instead of praying, I will ask the people of Afghanistan to pray for themselves instead. This is your religion. These are your religious men. If you want out, you gotta get all out. If you don’t, then you gotta deal with that shit.
When I confirmed that senior leaders in the cult I was a part of, were pedophiles, murderers and rapists, I got the fuck out.
Well you know what the senior leaders of Islam are all about. I’ll leave the decision up to you.
Your life, your rules.
My life, popcorn.

That’s a wrap.

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