Welcome To Hell 

I live in a country where:-

  1. 75% of the population is poor, 24.9% is middle-class and 0.1% is wealthy.
  2. The government rolled out mass surveillance systems during the Snowden leaks but no one batted an eye
  3. Cell phone numbers, driving licenses, utility bills, bank accounts, insurance policies, registrations and payments of any form are all tied down to an ID
  4. Traffic policemen still exist in all metropolitan areas
  5. Traffic lights are nonexistent
  6. Hospitals are always crowded. If you want to see the doctor, you’ll have to sit and wait for a minimum of 4 hours
  7. Corruption is rampant. You can get a driver’s license without touching a vehicle
  8. The concept of privacy does not exist. Neither offline nor online
  9. Police brutality en masse
  10. All jobs are minimum wage. From an engineer, to a doctor, to a technician, to a pharmacist, to a deliveryman
  11. Higher paying salaries for everyone who is willing to step on the others and enslave the poor class
  12. Terrible weather throught the year; hot summers of 45 degrees celsius all day, boring monsoons with flashes of rain coupled with no rain on most days, and freezing cold winters
  13. GMO products everywhere. But that’s not the worst part
  14. All fruits contain some amount of chemicals to ripen them faster, make them look more attractive and delicious, or increase their size and weight
  15. Politicians focused on making as much money as possible before their term ends
  16. Roads are built in the winter, and destroyed during the monsoon. Every year
  17. Drainage and sewage systems are non existent. Even in the metropolitan areas
  18. Air pollution in all major cities
  19. Noise pollution in all weddings
  20. Rivers look like murky sewage channels
  21. All factories dump their effluents into the rivers
  22. People poop, drink, bathe, and wash their clothes in the same rivers
  23. Garbage everywhere. People don’t have enough intelligence to use wastebins
  24. Smalls streets that can barely fit one vehicle. When another vehicle approaches from the opposite direction, one of them has to stop and wait in a ditch or on the pedestrian path
  25. Massive deforestation everywhere. People are cutting down trees and replacing them with ugly concrete buildings
  26. 99% of the population eats spicy oily smelly pungent food that makes their breath stink all the time
  27. French kisses only exist in the movies. I wonder why!
  28. Racism is rampant everywhere. 99.9% of the population is racist to some degree
  29. The education system is a business of selling certificates for insane fees
  30. Employment is a family business. Nepotism is the only form of interview. Or corruption. Pick your choice
  31. You can’t make a decent living through honesty. The only honest people are the poor ones. Luckily (or unluckily?), they’re the 75%
  32. Education is by gender segregation. Boys on one side of the class, girls on the other side. Thank you!
  33. Anyone who speaks to the opposite sex is having an affair
  34. 99% of the population has arranged marriages. Without that, there would be virgins everywhere. Arranged marriages are based on wealth
  35. The media is controlled by the government
  36. Child marriages exist. And so do rape, misogyny and gender inequality
  37. 90% of the wealth is distributed amongst the top 0.1%
  38. I could be jailed for making this list
  39. Or worse, I could just disappear in the middle of the night, and nobody would care
  40. Freedom of speech is nonexistent
  41. And so are human rights
  42. Hare Krsna