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    The Pegasus Shitstorm 

    It’s been a while since I checked on the latest Covid-19 news. So I thought, why not update myself and perhaps write an article if there’s anything major happening?

    Forget the pandemic. What do I see all over the news? Pegasus! Pegasus! Pegasus!

    Pegasus sounds familiar. Where have I heard that name before? And wallah! I look at my database and I see a few files about Pegasus.
    So it’s nothing new.
    Pegasus has been around for a few years now. But the mainstream media is just catching up after discovering that dozens of journalists were targeted by the spyware.
    HA HA HA!

    I spent over 2 hours going through Pegasus files all over again. And I got a fucking headache from it. Did you come here to learn the intricate details of Pegasus? Nyet! Do your own fucking research!

    It’s not just journalists who are worried now. Just for the record, dozens of journalists have been victims of the Pegasus spyware. Less than a dozen people even remember the history of those innocent folks. So let’s not act like this is brand new information, okay? Journalists have been killed with the help of Pegasus spyware.
    And now, it’s the turn of politicians, royal family members, business executives, human rights activists and government officials who have been targeted through Pegasus over the last few years.
    What goes around, comes around. Let’s celebrate! Everybody gets a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! Everybody gets a Pegasus! Hurray!

    So now they’re all worried. When was Pegasus information first leaked? 2016? Yet everybody sat on their big fat fucking asses all through 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020! How convenient!

    Edward Snowden warned people, waaaaay back in 2013, that the governments in multiple countries were conducting mass surveillance on innocent citizens. The headlines ran for a few weeks then everybody fucked off.
    It’s 2021. This Pegasus spyware does nothing special that was not already revealed in 2013. Yet all the journalists are busy typing away dozens of articles on Pegasus. They’re milking the Pegasus cow for views but most of them are too fucking stupid to include any solid information.

    As a private journalist, I want to extend a big fuck you to all the mainstream media journos. You imbeciles had a ton of data to work with, yet your articles are pure horseshit.

    I’m going to link the Forensic Report by Amnesty for the cake.
    And a shoutout to Washington Post for a fair attempt to write a decent article detailing the Pegasus spyware. The rest of the journos can fuck off. I skimmed through a dozen articles and was immensely disappointed.

    Indian journalists are shitting bricks right now. Apparently over 1000 phone numbers in India appeared in the leaks.
    Now the Indian government is vehemently denying any involvement in the Pegasus surveillance scheme. Hopefully, the Indian journalists still have a few working brain cells to understand that their government is lying.

    India has been steadily climbing up the surveillance and censorship ladder over the past decade. The intelligent few probably got a whiff of this as early as 2015. The rest of the nation can prepare to become the next China.

    Here are some of the victims of Pegasus:
    Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Pakistan, France, Hungary.
    If you live in any of the above mentioned countries, you’re about to experience Xi Jinping’s regime without visiting China.

    One of the most disturbing information in the recent leaks is the emergence of zero-click attacks. Technology has advanced so far, that a user need not even touch their phones to be infected with Pegasus.

    iPhones are generally known to be secure in the privacy community. Unfortunately, the Pegasus leaks have confirmed that iPhones are just as vulnerable to spyware, as Android phones.
    Many spyware companies have found different ways to infect Linux machines with spyware as well.

    One of the reasons spyware like Pegasus has managed to thrive for so long is that most modern phones and operating systems have been designed and built for surveillance, not privacy. This corporate greed by phone manufacturers has led to the growth of spyware companies like the NSO.

    Perhaps it’s time to go back to Nokia 3310 and MS DOS.

    As for the Pegasus shitstorm on the news? Boo fucking hoo! Why don’t you journos release the leaked data to the public so we can go through it ourselves?
    The mainstream media is holding the leaked Pegasus data hostage, and feeding the public tiny crumbs of useless news articles everyday. They’ll probably keep this going in the news until some other shit comes up. Then bye bye Pegasus! And bye bye privacy! What? Were we supposed to start securing our devices? Not today!

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 4:58 pm on July 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Rise Of The Paid Private Search Engines 

    Over the past few months, I’ve come across a few internet posts shilling privacy-focused search engines, which turned out to be paid. You actually had to create an account and be a member to be able to use them.

    I’m going to list 3 such search engines:

    1. Neeva: This was probably the first search engine that introduced the paid concept. It was created by an ex-Google executive, who just happens to be an Indian.

    2. Kagi:

    Kagi is a new movement with the goal to create a better web for our children. We believe that the web can once again become the web of creativity and self-expression, as opposed to the web driven by relentless monetization through ads and tracking as the main motive for its existence.

    A better web for children? Not interested!

    3. You: Nothing is known about this paid search engine.

    My guess is, all these paid search engines aggregate their results from Google and Bing. So my question is, why would anyone paid 5 bucks to log into a private search engine to get results that are the same as Google and Bing?

    I’m afraid I just don’t see a future where these premium search engines become a viable option. This is a hit or miss venture, and with all these free search engines out there, I wonder who’s got the time to pay for a search engine. I mean, even if I had the money, I just don’t see why I’d pay for a private search engine, when I can search privately anyway.
    P.S. I don’t have the money.

    • Sundar Pichai 2:25 am on July 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      How can you search privately? I am very interested to know how.

      • isvarahparamahkrsnah

        isvarahparamahkrsnah 2:11 pm on July 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Nice try Mr Pichai! Google will never fully discover the opsec of the Libre folks

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 5:48 pm on June 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    The Anom Honeypot 

    I saw this on the news a couple of days ago.
    A secure chat app named Anom was apparently used by criminals to discuss criminal activities.
    But, it was actually created by law enforcement agencies to bait the criminals and pounce on them when the right time came.

    The first thing I would like to say is, I’d never heard of this Anom app until the recent headlines. Did any of the privacy nerds hear of this app before? I highly doubt it.

    Judging by the types of criminals who were rounded up on the D-Day, I think this app was built for the crypto criminals.
    Crypto nerds, take note!
    I’ve discussed cryptocurrency and blockchain in one of my old articles. Crypto is a waste of time. And blockchain fucking sucks!

    Apparently this Anom app was developed by a criminal who was afraid of dropping the soap. So he offered to trap all his other criminal friends who might be more enthusiastic about dropping the soap in exchange for his butthole’s virginity.

    Another interesting thing is that the Anom app was shipped with a special phone running a custom Android OS.

    Apparently, Anom began circulating in October 2018.
    On March 29th 2021, a security researcher published a blog and exposed the various flaws in Anom devices.
    On 8th June 2021, law enforcement agencies got off their butts and pounced on all the criminals in various countries.
    The only reason the government agencies were forced to act, is because their honeypot had been exposed by an anonymous security researcher. Still, the crypto criminals had over 2 months to get wind of the operation and haul ass.
    But it appears that most of them didn’t. Because criminals are fundamentally stupid. Criminals like to operate under a false sense of bravado and security.

    It’s interesting that law enforcement agencies ran an operation for over 2 years. Clearly, they were letting the small fish grow big and sniffing out new fish, while eliminating the biggest fish that got too dangerous.
    From the law enforcement’s perspective, it’s a marvelous idea. From a criminal’s standpoint, it’s a bait with a timer.

    800+ arrests, seizure of 40 tons of drugs, 250 guns, 55 luxury cars, and over $148 million in currencies and cryptocurrencies.

    I’ve read the security researcher’s remarks after the arrests and all the headlines. To quote him:

    Personally I believe what LE have done here is another form of entrapment and a massive invasion of privacy. Not everyone using the ANOM network was a criminal and I find it very hard to believe that they were simply all to happy to sit back and let criminal offenses take place for as long as they did without intervening until news broke that their Operation was potentially about to be compromised as a result of this blog which I believe would have compromised their operation and the longevity of it remaining.

    The media has said that this Operation prevented many murders from taking place but what about the other crimes that allegedly took place that they LE continued to watch take place right in front of their eyes. The ends does not justify the means and this level of spying does not only occur if you are allegedly a criminal in a closed circuit criminal communications network but in general every day life for many common citizens across the globe.

    The Law Enforcement in Australia like to use and abuse the Access Encryption Law also known as the TOLA Act to access and invade citizens privacy on a daily basis because unlike the United States of America, Australia unfortunately does not have a Bill of Rights or any true Privacy Laws in place. Just because you have nothing to hide does not mean that you want your whole life to be an open book for all to see especially government entities. This whole operation stinks of a communist regime spying on all their citizens. Whatever happened to Democracy? What about everyday citizens who have pictures of their loved ones or children on their phones, does that give LE the right to simply look through their phone or personal details unknowingly or for them to prove their innocence? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    As a privacy activist, I completely agree with everything he says.
    But what’s done is done. Do I feel sorry for the criminals who were rounded up and thrown in a prison shower with slippery tiles and small bars of soap? Nope!
    Fellas, don’t drop the soap! Ahahaaa!

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 5:31 pm on June 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Privacy Fatalities: Wickr 

    I think it’s time to start a new series that’ll keep a record of all the cool privacy applications that sold out.

    To begin this series, we have Wickr.
    Now Wickr has existed for a really long time. I remember seeing it when I first got into privacy. But I never checked it out. Even back in 2015, I was wary of corporate crooks in the privacy business.

    A notable app similar to Wickr is Wire.
    Unlike Wickr, Wire had a pretty rough start beginning with some technical ambiguities in their security whitepaper.
    Not to mention the fact that one of it’s cofounders and some of it’s devs had previously worked on Skype.

    Recently news hit the privacy world that Wickr had been acquired by Amazon, the company that fathered Alexa.
    I believe at this point, Wickr just shot itself in the foot. Wickr will suffer the same fate as Keybase.

    Everyone remember Keybase? They used to update their blog every few months. Now it’s been dead for over an year, since the acquisition by Zoom.

    I think Wickr sold out to Amazon because it was a dying app. I never used it. Did any serious privacy nerd use Wickr? I think not.
    Everyone moved to Matrix and XMPP and Mastodon and IRC. There just isn’t much use for yet another corporate secure messaging app at this point.

    It’s really interesting to see which privacy focused app stands the test of time. There have been dozens of new privacy apps every year since the Snowden leaks. Most of them came, made a splash and disappeared. Very few managed to make waves and establish dominance.

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    Crappy Privacy Alternatives: Signal Messenger 

    Well well well!

    It’s been almost an year since my last series on crappy privacy alternatives. And I somehow got carried away with more interesting topics, but here we are again!

    I installed Signal when I first started using a smartphone. But I never used the app much because I never really had anyone to talk to.

    The last time I used Signal was maybe in May/June last year? Then I just dropped it completely because again, I had nobody interesting to talk to.

    But I’ve always been suspicious of Signal. So, even when it was advertised as a secure encrypted private messenger, I never really trusted it enough to use it freely.
    I’ve shared more information on some of my public blogs than I have on Signal.
    And that, is a hint of what I’ve always thought of Signal.

    Now here’s my problems with Signal:

    1. Signal requires mobile phone verification to create an account.

    In the world of privacy, that’s a huge fucking red flag. And I don’t care what anyone says about it. RED FLAG! That’s it.

    I’ve got a dozen alternatives that don’t need a phone number. How about that?

    2. Signal UI is ugly.

    I’ve tried most of the privacy apps out there. Signal is the ugliest app I’ve ever used.

    3. Lack of features.

    I remember creating groups on Signal. I could add new members but I couldn’t remove anyone from the group. I could leave a group but couldn’t rejoin it unless someone from that group invited me back.
    This is the reason I stopped using Signal.

    4. Forced updates.

    This version of Signal has expired. Update now to send and receive messages.

    Have you seen any other app that becomes completely useless when it “expires”?
    What’s with these updates? What’s so fucking important in these updates that renders the old versions completely useless?

    5. Overrated.

    Signal is overrated. Okay? What was once a private secure app that intelligent people were supposed to use, quickly became a meme with all the shills advocating it left and right.

    I’m going to tell you a secret about technology, okay? The more people that use it, the higher likely a target it becomes for the hackers and spies and government surveillance crooks.

    You’re better off using an insecure means of communication that nobody would think of, than using a popular means of communication that everyone’s hopped on.
    For example, BBS. How many surveillance crooks would think of going after bulletin board systems in 2021?
    Well there you go now. I just fucked it up for everybody who’d ever use a BBS for private communications. Ya see how this works?

    6. No desktop features.

    Signal has been around for a few years now, but the company – what’s it’s name? Open Whisper Systems – yeah, Open Whisper Systems and their overrated CEO Moxie Marlinspike never had any time to make the desktop app work like a regular desktop app from any other messenger.

    The last time I installed the desktop app, I couldn’t use it without scanning a fucking barcode from my phone. Now what the fuck is this bullshit?

    You just can’t sign into the desktop app like a normal messenger. No. Moxie Marlinspike and his team of retards want you to scan a fucking barcode as if you’re at the fucking grocery store.

    You’re goddamn right I went there! Who came up with this brilliant idea of scanning barcodes? You fucking morons!

    And then, the desktop app only works if you have a goddamn phone, where, of course, you have to register using your mobile number.

    But what if your phone camera breaks or cracks? And you can’t scan the fucking barcode?
    That happened to me. Now I had a fucking broken phone with a shitty app, and a fucking computer with a useless fucking app.
    Moxie Marlinspike didn’t think of that one, did he?

    So instead of working on the desktop app and making it more user-friendly, Moxie and his team of retards spent all their time planning on going full capitalist corporate crooks.

    7. Signal was never decentralized or federated.

    Remember when people were talking about decentralization and federation? Moxie the pinocchio led everyone to believe that this would happen at some point when Signal had matured in development.
    Anyone remember LibreSignal?

    It’s been 6 years and not a whiff about decentralization and federation.

    You know why?

    Because Moxie and his team of crooks were busy forming a scheme to make some big bucks! And everyone knows, you can only make big bucks when you have a monopoly in the market.
    That’s why Moxie didn’t give a shit about the people’s demand for decentralized servers and federation.

    Look at Matrix. Matrix was rolled out way after Signal gained popularity. You have to remember that Signal has it’s from RedPhone and TextSecure. I distinctly remember installing both of those apps when I got my smartphone. But they weren’t updated and were later killed off as Signal became popular.
    Yet Matrix already had decentralized server by the time I started using it.

    So the problem wasn’t that Signal couldn’t be decentralized. It was that Moxie wanted to maintain a monopoly on it until he could cash out and make big bucks for all his hard work.

    And that brings me to the recent news about Signal implementing cryptocurrency for beta-testers in the UK.
    Big Bucks Moxie, as I shall call him from now henceforth, decided to spend 2020 implementing a currency called MobileCoin into Signal. Yeah, that’s going to be a seller.
    People don’t think about privacy and security when they think of a messenger, oh no no – they think of a cryptocurrency called MobileCoin. Priorities folks!

    Big Bucks Moxie’s partner in capitalism is a man named Joshua Goldbard. I don’t know anything about this guy, and I’m not going to bother wasting any time looking him up.

    The bottom line is this – nobody wants some fucking crypto coin in their messenger, okay?
    If you look at the previous series of crappy privacy alternatives, I’ve already mentioned it. Blockchain’s tried it and failed. No respectable man has given blockchain based bullshit apps any time of his day.

    This reminds me of Keybase in many ways. Keybase had a solid foundation in the identify keys authentication nonsense, which sold out to every nerd on the block. Then they fucked it up with the cryptocurrency bullshit. What was their coin called? Never mind. Nobody cares.
    See? This is how irrelevant cryptocurrency is in the real world. Nobody cares!
    Th only people investing money into this bullshit are the scumbags who invented these coins, the miners who’ve got plenty of resources laying around, and the retards who’re gonna lose everything to make the other two richer.

    It’s all gambling, okay? Cryptocurrency is gambling.
    The only real monetary value is in physical assets. Don’t rely on some virtual shitcoin whose prices rise and fall like a cardiogram on steroids.

    Now where was I again? Keybase. Keybase did the cryptocurrency thing where they gave everyone a bunch of free coins then sold out to Zoom.
    Now here’s what I suspect – when a reputable company invests in crypto, it’s going down the hill. That’s the best time to jump off the fanboys wagon before it crashes into the valley of corporate crooks.

    How’s Keybase doing nowadays? Does anybody know?
    Looks like the website has been redesigned. Last blog update was from their acquisition by Zoom, 336 days ago.
    This is what happens when open source free software is handed over to a capitalist corporation.

    Big Bucks Moxie, are you taking notes? Yeh, I got you all figured out.
    One year from now, Signal will probably be acquired by Facebook, won’t it? Won’t it Moxie? Come on now. You gotta have a game plan here. What’s plan B when the cyptocurrency bullshit lands on it’s arse and the poop splatters everywhere? Selling out, acquisition… no? Are you going to let your company die just like that? You gotta make some money now! Come on now! I know you want some money! Don’t you? Don’t you? Someone’s been very naughty at work. Santa’s going to be upset.

    On the other hand, Signal could’ve gone with a business model like Threema. I’m sure a lot of people would’ve paid for it, considering how popular Threema is in the privacy world.
    Is that Big Bucks Moxie’s plan C? It’s not guaranteed to work like plan B. Selling out would be much more profitable than adopting a premium model. Decisions decisions!

    There’s already a petition on Change.org from the loyal fanboys.

    7. Pins

    Here’s something that I just remembered – the pins. I had to enter a verification pin a bunch of times to continue using the app. Which genius came up with that idea at OpenWhisper Systems?

    Oh wait! They’ve changed the company name a shitload of times too. I’m just going to call it Big Bucks Signal!

    There’s a bunch of fanboys calling Big Bucks Moxie’s MobileCoin groundbreaking and innovative.
    These are probably the same people who still use Keybase.

    I’m pretty sure there’s some blockchain apps with chat and crypto transactions implemented. Though I’m not going back to look into them to confirm that.

    I noticed that there’s a bunch of essays on the MobileCoin websites in terms of rules and regulations and agreements and all that nonsense. Who the fuck has time to read through all that nonsense?

    The biggest realization I’ve had, is that anyone can come up with a currency of their own, provided they have some resources to get it off the ground. There’s hundreds of cryptocurrency coins out there, and they’re all useless. What makes you think I’d want to invest in your currency anyway? Why can’t I just invent my own currency and run on that?
    This is the future of cryptocurrencies.
    At some point, everyone will have their own coins, and they’ll all have as much value as diz nuts. John will have JohnCoins, Jane will have JaneCoins, and all the Johns in the world will band together to form an organization to make JohnCoins the most popular currency in the world. Sounds like fiction?
    Well, so are all the coins today.
    Fuck your cryptocurrency.
    I’ll hold onto my paper.

    I can’t wait for someone to pull the plug on all these cryptocurrency servers and watch all the nerds pull their hairs out.

    Everyone wants to be like Elon Musk with his Paypal startup, Well your cryptocurrency ain’t it.

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