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Dear Spammers

Dear bitch ass cockgobbling motherfucking spammers, Do you know who I am? First of all, let us study the worst villains in history: 1. Mao Zedong 2. Genghis Khan 3. Joseph Stalin 4. Chiang Kai-Shek 5. Adolf Hitler 6. King Leopold II 7. Saddam Hussein 8. Hidoki Tojo 9. Ismail Enver Pasha 10. Pol Pot …

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Byju’s & WhiteHat Jr – A Peek Inside India’s Education SCAM

WhiteHat Jr. is an education scam invented by an Indian scumbag named Karan Bajaj. From now henceforth we will refer to him as scumbag Karan. In 2020, WhiteHat Jr. was acquired by another Indian named Byju Raveendran. We will refer to him as scumbag Byju aka tutulputul the billionaire in this article. What is Byju’s? …

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