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    The Midnight Pub 

    Y’know, I like writing.
    I enjoy writing. It clears my head for fresh new thoughts.
    For the past decade, I’ve consumed a lot of content; a ton of books, seminars, lectures, YouTube videos, movies, standup comedy, documentaries, and music.
    It’s great to consume content because it makes you more knowledgeable, perhaps even smarter; maybe even a genius, who knows?

    But what good is a genius mind if it doesn’t produce anything?
    So while I enjoyed consuming all that content, I also enjoyed writing on the side.
    Writing was always my passion, dating back from my school days. I read a lot of books. Then I wrote some amazing stories.
    Input and output folks – that’s what I’m talking about here.

    I listened to a lot of music. And I wanted to share that music with others. It took me a decade to find that platform. But it finally happened.

    I’ve watched movies and YouTube vlogs and skits. But I still don’t have a camera. The day I get one, I’m going to be famous.

    I write a lot and over the years, I’ve found different platforms to suit my different writing styles and content. It’s great.
    This site for example, provides a great platform for me to push a message to a large audience, considering that it’s one of the top results on search engines.
    From the very beginning, I had decided, that I would use this platform to talk about things that mattered to me the most – no matter the subject. It could be my personal lifestyle, or an event, or something from the news, or technology, ethical issues, moral issues – it’s all here.
    And I decided not to get too personal, but to focus on the bigger picture, on the greater good, on topics that didn’t just concern me, but humanity at large.

    I managed to find some perfect places to talk about my personal life, both on the www and other, lesser known protocols.
    My personal life is right up there, among the top search engine results.

    After the pandemic forced most of us into isolation, I was constantly looking to pursue new adventures on the internet, with the exception of dating.
    What more does the internet have to offer for a guy like me?

    All my writing has been focused on real life since my appearance on the internet.
    And the past year of lockdown has really jerked some strings inside my head and shaken things up.
    I was getting tired of the reality and the news and shitty world that we live in today. It made me really irritated, and left me highly explosive.
    If you look at some of my articles, I go in – I go in hard, armed with logic and facts, and I absolutely destroy it.
    I will confess this – I do regret how hard I go sometimes. Reading the articles almost feels like being smacked upside the head.

    I needed a place to cater to fiction. I’d been planning to pursue writing fiction for a while but didn’t make it happen, until recently.
    There are venues for my fictional writing – specifically those that meet my requirements, but I wasn’t quite ready to dive right in.
    Cosmic Voyage for example, is a wonderful place to write about space travel. The problem is, my knowledge about space travel is limited. I don’t watch a lot of science fiction movies or read comic books or novels of that genre. And so I had a plan to make it realistic, using scriptural evidence, to explain space travel or interplanetary communication. But the scriptural information is just so complex, that it’s put me off from diving right in. Because I have to break things down simply and then explain it in a sensible way any ordinary man would understand.

    There was a Geocities site where I planned on writing romantic fiction. But that was held up by the fact that I hate, absolutely hate writing HTML code.

    These are all on the list of projects to do, however, and I will eventually get them rolling. Once I’m in, there’s no stopping me. I just want to get things right and have a perfect story line in mind before I begin.
    That’s the problem with me – I’m a perfectionist. I have to get absolutely everything right. It all has to be perfect. And I hate, really really hate, making mistakes.

    If you got to this point, well, congratulations.
    Introducing The Midnight Pub – a place where facts meet fiction. The Midnight Pub is a place where you can talk about anything – whatever’s on your mind; it could be your life updates, about your work, school, relationships, technology, your project, anything!

    When I came across Midnight Pub last year, it was a strange site, which looked like the among sus game my friends had played on IRC, but without the gaming bullshit. Just text.
    But the name Miso.Town did not inspire confidence. There was talk about a pub and a bartender who served drinks – I don’t drink! What the fuck was I supposed to do in here?
    And I looked at the ASCII drawing of a map of the pub, and I just didn’t get it.

    In all honesty, Miso.Town looked like a place that would fail, very soon.
    I’ve seen a lot of sites pop up and disappear because of a lack of public interest, many of them, were pretty damn good.

    But this was a fresh concept, a novel idea, and I made a mental note to come back in the future and see how it had evolved.
    When I did some back, sometime in January, or was it February? Miso.Town was gone.

    It never occurred to me to do some research and look into the site. Not even once. Perhaps that’s because I wasn’t quite impressed during my first visit.

    If I did, then I would’ve found the alpha site, which was quite good, although it had it’s quirks.

    When I go out and enter a bar, I love being surrounded by people and potentially meet new faces. The bar is finite, there aren’t a million people. I can hang out with my friends and engage with others to have meaningful discussion. I can talk about my day and struggles, have a laugh, and go home. But on internet everything seems to be at scale. The world is connected and it’s a huge network. Can’t we just recreate the local bar, figuratively, online? A small place, not overcrowded, that lets you go home without following you with notifications or ads. You can come with your friends or alone. I think that should exist online. Even better if it’s an online speakeasy or only a few people know about it. The service can only be better. Just like when you drink it’s easier to talk, maybe it’s also easier to write? At least when you are in a speakeasy you have an excuse to drink. When you are in front of your computer, alone it’s probably harder to justify. This can be your excuse! But writing is also a therapy. When it’s shared with people at least we’re heard. Much better to write away our thoughts when it’s midnight and we can’t sleep than keeping them in our head.

    If this place is a virtual bar, then you should be represented somehow. Not a big fan of using a picture, where’s the imagination? Remember geocities? Say what you will, but I miss that type of web. People were able to customize everything. The background midi file playing added something too. It made it less generic. Not only pictures of yourself show who you are. That level of customization is important.

    Right, so we’ve described the pub and your representation. Now you can enter the pub anytime. You won’t deal with a million people, maybe 1 or 2, but hopefully you will have a good, deep conversation. If not, you’ll still have a good time. Enough analogy for now and let’s discuss what are the things I absolutely don’t want to see. No metrics, no habit tracking, no word count, no click-bait, no notification, no email, no push. Yeah I know it’s possible to add them, but honestly we’ve got enough noise around us. No ads. Ever. This needs to be peaceful. As I said before, that should be a boring service. The place you go to after a long day and you want to take things off your chest. The focus is on longer-form writing and engaging. Engagement should be central actually, but scarce and meaningful. They should add something and help generate new ideas. It’s a place to create and build, not to consume. To write a lot and often, without worrying about writing well. Write as if you were anonymous. Actually, it’s encouraged to use a pseudonym. What people read here, they read it for the content, not for who wrote it. All of that while remaining simple. Internet in 2020 feels a lot like walking in a huge cyberpunk city with corporation everywhere. Let that place be the little quite bar that doesn’t judge you. No politics, but philosophy encouraged.


    I found this yesterday, when I was planning to write this article.
    No politics? haha
    I just made you The Mayor of Midnight City. What’s done is done, and I’m not in the habit of erasing history.

    And I wrote this – The Morning News which could be taken as slightly political, don’t you think?

    I did read the guidelines before signing up though, and I think my post aligns with them.


    • Respect others
    • Be friendly
    • Have fun
    • Drink virtual cocktails responsibly


    • Pure self-promotion
    • Spam & Phishing
    • Hate
    • Share anyone’s private information
    • Harmful and illegal activities
    • Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content

    Well, there goes the romantic romping I’d planned to include in future chapters of my story. Can I get an exclusion?
    Maybe that’s asking for too much!
    Well, off to Geocities we go!
    Oh yeah, Geocities still continues to exist. I just haven’t linked it up.

    It’s late. You are seconds away from the main street in a small alley. It’s quieter here, but you can still hear the sound of chatter, footsteps, and cars from busy downtown. The city is buzzing, the streets are like arteries. You see an intriguing place in the alley, with a moon on its door. It reads “The Midnight Pub”.

    This is the passage that led me to sign up for Midnight Pub.
    Fiction. This was home. This is where my therapist lived. This is where my girlfriend lived. I could be a hero, or a villain. I could paint myself in a positive image, or a negative. And I wouldn’t be judged by it. I could fly a plane, or own 10 mansions, I could be the President of an island nation. Or I could be a tiny man that lived in someone’s bra. I could be a warrior, a mercenary, or a coward living in the basement. It’s all up to the imagination. And that’s the beauty of fictional writing – it just keeps getting better!

    A fictional story has no constraints.
    Factual writing on the other hand, like I’ve been doing, is constrained by the real world. And what a shitty world we live in!

    I’ve been living in self-isolation for over an year now. It stopped being fun after like 2 months? Then started the constant torture of being stuck with your thoughts in your own head.
    Does it help living with your family? No. Trust me. Without love, and regular sex, no families can exist in one home for extended periods of time. And married people don’t make love, we all know that. Married people have fights and arguments about stupid bullshit. How many married women are tired of seeing their fat slobs of a husband sitting on the couch watching TV or on the computer all day?
    Don’t answer that.
    How many married men can’t stand their wives’ nagging any more?
    Answer that.

    What’s the number of married people who had an affair online in 2020?
    Has anyone thought of that?

    You think you’d want to spend all your time with your loved one, until you actually live with them. And then you don’t. And the longer you spend time with them, the more noticeable their annoying behaviors become. Until you can’t stand them anymore.

    Psychology. I think I’m going to be a psychotherapist in Nightfall City soon! Where I can dump some of these depressing facts on married people and watch them get divorced. I could be a divorce lawyer! And, as a bonus, I get to “offer comfort services” to the newly divorced women!

    Oh yeah, and there’s The Nightfall City!

    If life in the pub was too restrictive for you, there’s an entire city out there, which resembles the cyberpunk future we’re all looking forward to.

    That requires some general knowledge of how pubnixes work, SSH, Gopher and Gemini protocols. It’s all quite simple, actually. So do not be discouraged to explore the future of open internet.

    The Midnight Pub and Nightfall City are like an oasis in the desert of the corporate surveillance networks and the storms of the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Seek shelter in one of the mud huts, and adapt to survive. This storm’s just getting started.

    The beauty of Midnight Pub is that you can access the site from the regular web or from gopher and gemini. And that’s a really cool concept. Cosmic Voyage has also implemented web, gopher and gemini. And Midnight Pub will be the second to implement all three protocols for a single site. And it gets a thumbs up from me.

    Now someone may wonder, “Why implement gemini and gopher when the regular web already exists?”
    Because the web absolutely sucks!
    The moment some capitalist corporate crooks decided to inject advertisements and trackers and all that bullshit into regular webpages, thus clogging the internet with all that crap, the www was doomed.
    There are no ads or trackers in the gopherholes or geminispace.
    Intelligent people love that.
    Stupid people, don’t use adblockers when browsing YouTube.

    Anyway, 2021 is the year of Gopher and Gemini protocols. The users are taking their internet and freedom back. And the capitalist corporate crooks can kiss my ass!

    Update: Initially I said Cosmic Voyage had implemented only the web and gemini. I forgot. It’s also implemented gopher! Officially making it the first site to offer all three versions in my books.

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    Covid-19: The Great Pandemic 

    Remember when old folks mentioned The Great Depression?

    I believe we now have The Great Pandemic.

    During my lifetime people have talked about SARS, swine flu, MERS, Ebola, and Zika.

    But this – this isn’t SARS or MERS or Ebola. No no no. This is far more dangerous. And I think we’ve just scratched the surface of a very bad nightmare.

    When the news of the pandemic spread early last year, I thought the R factor was 4. Some doctors, scientists and researchers calculated it to be somewhere between 1.5 – 2.5. Another had it at 5.7.

    If the R factor lowered, it means there were external factors that either slowed the spread of the virus, or people had gained immunity.

    And I don’t think people have gained immunity towards this one, vaccinated or unvaccinated. But the only way to know this, is to test it on humans. Luckily, there are a lot of stupid people in this world, so one can judge the spread of the virus by observing people’s behavior and the statistics.
    This is why health officials have recommended people to keep wearing masks even after being vaccinated. Because they don’t know for sure, if the vaccines will provide 100% immunity to other strains of the virus.

    But there are some governments who decided to manipulate the numbers, to give people a false sense of confidence. China, Russia, Brazil, Ecuador, India…and the list goes on.

    Now we have a problem, don’t we? 2 weeks turned into 2 months, then 6 months, and now, it’s been more than a year.

    When the government manipulates the numbers, it doesn’t magically end a pandemic.
    The governments are only buying time. They’re buying time to keep the economy running, at the expense of people’s lives.

    How many people have died in this pandemic? So far, it’s only 2,877,768, IF, I were to believe those numbers. But China stopped counting after 87K. They wanted me to believe that 1.4 billion people, somehow managed to thwart a virus that was consuming a population of 332M like a bowl of fruity pebbles. Because China has higher living standards than America. 4,636 deaths in China. Compared to 569,282 deaths in America, so far.

    Now let me tell you something folks. No matter how bad things get in the USA, it’ll still be not as bad as China. America still has some accountability and transparency in the system. Even with all the school shootings and racism and riots and murders, Americans still have some accountability in the system, when it comes to the lives of their citizens.

    China is completely opaque. The government is all-eyes everywhere. Yet the citizens don’t have a clue as to how badly they’re getting fucked by Xi Jinping. You can’t pick a booger from your nose in China without someone noticing. Yet their government managed to detain over a million Uyghurs in concentration camps without so much as a whiff from the public.

    21 million cellphone users disappeared in China during the start of their epidemic. Yet some pricks in the mainstream media, tried to explain it away by saying those were the users who cancelled their subscriptions.
    Who cancels their subscription in the middle of an epidemic? What sort of person goes, “Oh gee! There’s an epidemic that’s dropping people on the streets around me! Let me cancel my mobile subscription since I no longer have anyone to call or any news to surf at this particular point in time!”
    Does it make sense? If your nation was put in a state of emergency, would you want to call people, get in touch with your family and friends, check the news, and keep your cellphone near you at all times, OR, cancel your mobile subscription and throw your cellphone in the garbage?

    To put this into perspective, let me tell you about myself!
    I have NO ONE, absolutely NOBODY to call or text. I don’t even pick up my phone most of the time. I may have called like 10 people since the pandemic began. Most of those calls were one time only. I’ve gone months without recharging my phone. Yet, I – a person who has absolutely nothing to say on the phone – still haven’t cancelled my mobile subscription.
    I’ve got no job, no money, yet my phone number is still active, and accessible to be spied on, by the government.

    21 million Chinese people, cancelled their mobile subscriptions within a period of a few months! In the middle of a horrifying epidemic where people were spasming in hospital beds, and dropping in the middle of the streets – 21 million folks thought of cancelling their mobile subscriptions; that they had no use for them. Not even to call an ambulance or check on their spasming friends and relatives. Not to even inform anyone they’d lost a family member or friend.
    Now this, is what I call the pinnacle of BULLSHIT. This is top-tier bullshit, Grade A bullshit, only the best bullshit- made in China, served by retarded mainstream journalists in other countries.

    When it comes to pandemics, I have a rule – DTA : Don’t Trust Anybody, especially if they’re some corporate journalist crook who has a story to submit on a deadline.

    The news has become a business. A business for advertisements. A business for waging political warfare. A business for manipulating the emotions of people. A business for serving propaganda. A business for causing riots or maintaining peace. A business for serving useless fucking information that nobody asked for. A business for making money. The mainstream media has become a misinformation weapon. Nobody cares about the truth. Nobody cares about humanity. It’s all about the money!

    Have you ever scrolled down a news website? And you scrolled and scrolled, headline and headline, until you asked, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NEWS? And what the hell is this fucking bullshit? There’s a lot of useless information in the news. It’s 1% news, 99% load of crap that you were better off not wasting your time clicking on.

    If the mainstream media served actual fucking news, there’d be 3 or 4 new articles daily, at most. On some days, there would be no new articles. At least that’s the way I feel about it.
    I’m sure a lot of people feel different about this.

    So, back to the pandemic.
    I spent a huge portion of my time last year documenting one country in particular during the course of the pandemic: India.
    And my reasons were simple. I’d been there. I’d seen their lifestyle. I’d seen the unhygienic ways of millions of people. I’d experienced the culture of not giving a fuck. And I knew, if there was any country that’d be a perfect petri dish for the Coronavirus, it was India.
    And I was right. Until November last year. At it’s peak, India hit a million new cases in 10 days. That’s an average of ~143K cases daily.
    What’s the highest number of cases the US has had? I believe at some point last year, it had an average of 200K daily?
    That was peak transparency. At a period of time when India was at it’s peak hypocrisy, covering up the cases, manipulating the numbers, faking statistics, to avoid overtaking the USA for it’s number 1 spot.

    By all means of mathematical analysis and prediction, India was supposed to overtake the US by November 1st 2020.
    That was exactly my point in selecting India for a case study.
    And India lied. People died, India covered it up.

    My disappointment was immeasurable. India was cheating. Just like China, Russia and Brazil. But while Russia and Brazil tried to make the numbers believable, India’s numbers dropped from 100K to 20K in a few weeks, with no lockdown measures, no mask enforcement, a raging protest in it’s capital, and basically, total freedom.
    In fact, I was beginning to think that maybe India was the land of the pious. Maybe Covid-19 wasn’t going to infect religious people who didn’t consume wild animals like in China.
    But I was wrong. India is the land of rapists and liars. The dropping Covid-19 numbers were just a big lie by the government to keep the economy running.
    Did you know that a woman gets raped in India every 15 minutes? Just think about it for a sec. Let it sink in.

    Did you know that India has the highest number of scam call centers in the world? Scam call centers are a legitimate business in India, complete with the paperwork needed. A scam call center in India looks just like a regular office on the inside. You wouldn’t know all the employees sitting at the computers were scamming innocent Americans unless you looked at their screens.
    “Hello sir, you have a virus in your computer…”
    It’s a lie. Don’t fall for that bullshit.
    And stop using Windows. Use Linux.

    There’s a documentary about rapists in India – India’s Daughter. I highly recommend watching it, for what it’s worth.
    The documentary has been banned in India. Of course. India is China’s younger sibling in the world of surveillance and censorship.

    Recently it was brought to my attention that India’s numbers had spiked again.
    Two days ago, India had 103K cases, as opposed to 47K in the US, and 31K in Brazil.
    So, what happened?
    I’ll tell you what happened.
    While the Prime Minister’s government was busy shilling their vaccine donations and exports worldwide, the number of people showing up in hospitals doubled, then quadrupled. There’s no way in hell, they’d be able to explain the crowded hospitals and morgues without raising suspicion. They especially wouldn’t be able to explain the sudden rise in funerals across the country from all the maskless people dropping dead due to Covid-19.
    That’s where you get 103K from.
    That’s also where the government begins to consider a lockdown as an insurance policy.

    Unfortunately for Indians, their government has imposed a night curfew. What the fuck is a night curfew good for, when most of the people will be fast asleep?
    Several countries in Africa have also placed night curfews to curb the pandemic.
    Is it just me, or do these governments have a bunch of retards making all these dumb policies?

    I come here for a lockdown, alright? A proper lockdown with some proper restrictions. Like in the movie Contagion.
    Have you heard of it? No? ‘Cause you were too busy fucking scrolling through Facebook, weren’t ya?
    Do you call yourselves politicians? Fucking nonces.
    A lockdown, right, is a fucking lockdown! Like a prison.
    Fucking embarrassing.
    Waste of my time.
    Fucking waste of my time!

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    2021: Changes 

    It’s been a month since my last post.

    I’ve been trying to reconcile with the fact that 2021 wasn’t going to be any better than 2020.
    On the contrary, it could quite possibly get worse.

    I stopped following my schedule and decided to go with the flow. I wanted to see how I spent my time and where I spent it. I wanted to stop doing the things that I didn’t like, continue doing the things that I loved, and find more things that I liked.

    I stopped following the news.
    A lot of my time was spent following the news for the latest Covid-19 updates and tech updates and events worldwide.
    But I realized that news is only relevant for a short duration – as long as it gets publicity. With the clock ticking, passing time generated more events, more updates, more news. It was becoming mentally exhausting to keep up with things that would barely affect my personal life in any way.

    Look at the Covid-19 news for example. What a bummer! It’s like a drug addiction with highs and lows. When does it stop?

    I’ve been meaning to explore my creativity side for a while now. I wanted to create a work of art, something unique, something special. Constant rants on the latest events in the news wasn’t cutting it.

    I had hoped I would get a camera at the beginning of this year. But with my meagre budge, I could only afford the laptop, which I went for, because I needed a serious upgrade.
    So vlogging has taken a back seat in the list of things I wanted to pursue, once again.

    With the news gone, Lemmy and Raddle had dropped down my frequented site list.

    I had planned to resume my daily journal in February. That didn’t happen. And from a privacy perspective, I think it’d happened for the best. From a creative standpoint, I’d documented an entire year of my life. I don’t think another year was going to make it any better, particularly this one.

    I had a run-in with some pricks on the internet. What can I say? Speaking facts comes at the price of not being popular.
    I also had an encounter with a group of assholes who just didn’t like me. It wasn’t because of the facts for sure, because I hardly ever interacted with them. I think it’s because they were secretly jealous of me. Why? Because I was better than them, that’s why. Or perhaps they were racist. They definitely wouldn’t admit to that one because then they’d be the bad guys. One guy didn’t like me for my religion – clearly this dunderhead had a single interaction with me, formed his shitty opinion, and stopped following me. Now if he’d stop flapping his gums spitting lies about me, that’d be great! These hypocrites love to lie and kiss ass to appear favorable in popular opinion. And so they banded together to shun me, silence me, perhaps make me disappear? Only from their little bubbles folks. The moment they stepped out of their bubbles, reality in the form of my presence would smack them across their faces.

    It’s occurred to me that I should stop socializing on the internet, just like in real life. Because most people are like assholes, they’re best kept hidden from my view.

    My DJ schedule has been cut down to one session daily. That’s on me, because I missed a bunch of sessions on the schedule. It’s a pleasant change though, because it gave me a chance to explore, discover, and try new things.

    And I think, streaming 3 hours of music everyday on a niche station is overkill anyway. I had very few listeners to begin with. So if I was going to do it, it was solely out of passion, and not for popularity.
    I do love music, and a daily stream sounds right up my alley.

    I’ve decided to cut down on news articles, because I needed some time to focus on myself. I have an opinion on a lot of events, and writing an article on each one would take up a lot of my time.
    I will, however, continue writing articles, even about news from the past few months, if I consider them worthwhile. Just because an event occurred in the past doesn’t completely erase it’s significance. On the contrary, humans can learn a lot from the past, especially when history repeats itself.

    I’m planning to spend more time writing in creative projects. I recently discovered which has expanded to Nightfall City, complete with the web, gopher and gemini. And there’s Geocities and Cosmic Voyage.

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    LibreKrsnah Analysis IV: Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum 

    I have an important message for Sheikha Latifa’s friends, especially those who are actively working and fighting to free her:

    Stop using mainstream corporate surveillance social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram.
    If you weren’t under scrutiny before, then, unless NESA is being run by a bunch of retards, you’ll all be under the radar.

    And I don’t think NESA is being run by some retards.
    If it were, then Sheikha Latifa would be free right now. Her 2018 mission would’ve been successful.

    There are other suggestions that I’ve got for you regarding your privacy and personal security, as well as some suggestions for Sheikha Latifa’s security, that is, if you’re still able to contact her, which I highly doubt at this point.

    Anyway, send me an email:

    No trolls, spammers or jerks.

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    LibreKrsnah Analysis III: Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum 

    In this section I’m going to talk about opsec and why Sheikha Latifa’s attempts to escape Dubai failed.

    I don’t know what kind of threat model Sheikha Latifa had in place or what sort of operational security measures she had planned before her attempt to escape Dubai.
    But it failed.

    I’ve been doing some research and found this message that was posted on her Instagram.

    “My father is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Saeed Al Maktoum. He put me through many years of hell and he’s currently threatened my safety. If you’re in the gulf or UAE please do not repost as my father’s men can threaten your safety. Please don’t like this post if you’re living in UAE or gulf or contact me through Instagram. Please contact me through my WhatsApp +358 41 807 1671”. 26 February 2018.

    Right off the bat, this is just poor opsec.

    Now Wikipedia states that she was traveling with Hervé Jaubert (born 13 March 1956), a former French Navy officer, marine engineer, spy who operated as a secret agent for the DGSE until 1993.

    How does this secret agent not know the capabilities of the modern government spy agencies in the post-Snowden era?
    And if he does know, then why didn’t he establish the threat model before they commenced on the great escape?

    Sheikha Latifa’s escape was no less dangerous than Snowden’s.
    NESA is no less capable than the NSA.

    Then I see this on Herve’s Wikipedia page:

    American ex-wife Helene Jaubert told American news website The Daily Beast that Hervé Jaubert and Radha Stirling had been in contact with princess Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum (II) for 5 years and invented the whole disappearance scheme together. According to Helene, “The whole plan was for Herve to help her escape and once he got her out the daughter was going to get to the dad and say I want $3 million or else I’ll tell all to the media”. According to Helene, “It was a con. It’s a corrupt scheme gone haywire”.

    Did our French spy here have some ulterior motives?

    Herve published a book in 2019 – “Princess Latifa and the Spy”.
    I think a more appropriate title would’ve been “Princess Latifa and the spy with poor opsec.”

    So while Sheikha Latifa had some good concerned friends, they clearly lacked the manpower and intelligence to get the job done right.
    This entire operation is so high-risk that it cannot be done without a team of professionals.

    I’ve looked at Radha Stirling’s profile and while she’s done quite some impressive work, I must say that planning Sheikha Latifa’s escape needed a different line of thought.

    When you’re up to do something as dangerous as Edward Snowden, you better start thinking and acting like him.
    Have they watched Edward Snowden’s documentary?
    Because it’s got a lot of clues on how to think and how to act when you’re up against the world’s most powerful adversaries.
    And it’s not ridiculous.
    It’s not extreme.
    It’s not over-the-top.

    The first rule of high risk manoeuvres is that you should never underestimate your enemy.

    How did Dubai and India’s authorities pinpoint their location?

    On 3 March 2018, Jaubert made contact with an Indian journalist in preparation for the end of their journey. The following day, Sheikha Latifa, Jaubert and Jauhiainen, along with the crew of three Philippine nationals, were intercepted by Indian authorities while approaching Goa.

    Was the journalist compromised?

    On investigation by The Guardian and Bureau of Investigative Journalism later revealed that on the same day, Signalling System No. 7 protocol was exploited in an attempt to locate Jaubert’s phone.

    So is this how they managed to pinpoint Sheikha Latifa’s location?

    I found a very interesting article that explained the SS7 protocol.

    The investigation has found that private intelligence companies are able to rent access from mobile phone operators and this can then be exploited to allow the tracking of the physical location of users across the world. They are also potentially able to intercept calls and other private data, including bank accounts and emails.
    “The Channel Islands cannot allow itself to be used as an offshore global spy centre” – Privacy International

    These intrusions, which are very widely exploited, rely on commands designed to help phone operators track their customers’ whereabouts. Such commands, known as “signals”, are sent via a kind of global switchboard for the telecoms industry called SS7.

    These are vital to the functioning of telecoms networks, and are a routine part of ensuring accurate billing when roaming overseas. But they can also be used by sophisticated state and corporate security agencies for more questionable purposes.

    A Whitehall source described the system as “toxic, horrendous – yet one the world relies on,” adding that “it can be abused to geolocate people”. However, securing the system is complex: “if you get it wrong, you disconnect yourself from the rest of the world.”

    Experts warn that vulnerabilities will remain even after the switch to 5G as long as some networks rely on older 2G and 3G technology.

    Well there you have it.

    What’s the first rule of any sensitive mission?
    Switch off yo’ damn phones!

    This is a nightmare – breaking down the poor opsec of these individuals.
    It’s almost sad because even a 15 year old today would know that cellphones are easily tracked by networks.
    Yet it completely missed these people’s minds.

    I understand that Sheikha Latifa’s friends were trying to get her freedom by legal means.
    But when the beginning of their mission was already an illegal move, I wish they’d contacted a cybersecurity nerd to assess their plans and fix all the loopholes.

    You don’t need a trained spy to get you out of the country. You need a paranoid nerd, someone like Edward Snowden.
    Especially considering that the entire mission was supposed to be without violence or a fight.
    If you were expecting a fight, well, then I’ve got some good plans for that too. One armed French spy and 3 Filipinos isn’t a good army.

    I think Sheikha Latifa’s friends were betting on the power of the law to win her freedom.
    But there is no law for the caged women.
    There is no law for people who are fighting for the truth and justice.
    I don’t believe in the law.
    I don’t think the law could help me in a life-and-death situation.
    And I don’t think Edward Snowden had much faith in the law either. That would explain his highly strategic escape from the US.

    I wish I could’ve been involved in planning Sheikha Latifa’s escape.
    I would’ve done it for free.
    I’m an anticapitalist.
    I don’t accept money from anyone.

    Where is Sheikha Latifa’s Instagram account?
    It’s gone.
    The Instagram handle latifa_1 is gone.
    This is a direct indication of the UAE’s alliance with Mark Zuckerberg.

    The fact of the matter is, there is no protection for the common man in the modern world.
    The law belongs to the powerful, held by the powerful, and is used by the powerful to circumvent the systems designed by the powerful themselves.

    Do you think Mark Zuckerberg lost a second of his sleep worrying about the fate of Sheikha Latifa?
    Hell no!
    Do you think Prime Minister Narendra Modi was restless after hearing the fate of Sheikha Latifa?
    Hell no!
    In fact, if I know the man, like any typical Indian businessman, he probably cut a deal with The Emir before he even set his forces into motion.

    Every powerful man that was involved in the recapture of Sheikha Latifa is living like a king.
    And they will continue to do so.

    So Radha Stirling and her friends can go on campaigning to the state controlled medias all they want – nothing’s going to change.
    Most of the news media are only publishing the story for views. After a while, they’ll forget all about it. Just like they did back in 2018.
    You don’t need the media. You need a well formulated plan of action.
    I watched the story on BBC – those morons were only in it for the sensation. The modern news media is all sensational. They care more about getting hits than about the actual story.
    And it breaks my heart to say this, but it’s true.
    I’m a man of facts.
    False hope and poorly planned missions isn’t my forte.

    I’m afraid that the recent release of Sheikha Latifa’s videos to the mainstream media will only hurt her current situation.
    Why? Because no powerful politician has come forward to speak out against The Emir.
    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is undoubtedly one of the most powerful men in the modern era, and no world leader has the balls to oppose the man.

    It’s quite sad that the common men have the guts to come forward and openly speak out against one man’s terrible crimes against humanity, yet the rest of the world leaders are hiding in their offices, too scared to say a damn word.

    I came across this comment on Radha Stirling’s Detained In Dubai YouTube channel and it was disappointing to read:

    Rahda I heard isn’t helping and had fallen out with latifas Best Friend Tina,funny how this call was made on the escape boat… and bingo they find them very quickly… 🤔

    Detained in Dubai
    5 months ago
    Sadly, Tiina is allied with a fraudster who has tried to change history. The details are available at and

    What’s going on here?
    This isn’t a goddamn children’s competition for best friend award.
    Who’s the fraudster?
    And why is Tiina Jauhiainen allied with the said fraudster?

    And a part of me feels that these moves by Sheikha Latifa’s friends are causing more damage to her mission than aiding it.
    I could be wrong. But actions that are guided by feelings and emotions are more often less thought-out than actions that are planned with a level-headed mind.
    Feelings have no place for a critical mission like this.
    And I’m already getting emotional, so it’s time to wrap this up.

    I have a couple of other thoughts but this wouldn’t be the right forum to share them.
    So I’m going to keep them inside my head.

    I want to help Sheikha Latifa.
    I think I could be of great use in strategic planning and execution.
    But that’s just me. Who knows? Maybe the rest of the world thinks I’m a stupid fucking idiot and this article may be proof of that.
    Goddamn feels.


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