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    Life Lessons That I Learned In 2020 

    2020 was a terrible year.
    And 2021 hasn’t been great so far.

    Here’s what I learned in 2020:

    1. Nice people don’t have a place in this world.

    And that’s just how life works unfortunately.
    If you’re always nice to people, someone, somewhere, is going to think you’re a sissy. Or a pussy.
    Then you’ll lose respect. If people don’t respect you, they’ll treat you like shit.

    2. Religious organizations don’t deserve free services.

    Religious organizations get a lot of donations. And many of them usually look for volunteers to do all the work for free.
    So where does all the money go?
    Who’s pockets are getting deeper?

    Innocent naive people get used up and then discarded while newer victims await their traumatizing experience.

    3. Never trust the government. Never trust the politicians.

    The government is like a big septic tank.
    Looking for a good honest politician is like looking for a clean white cloth in the sewers.
    You may find a cloth, but it’s gonna be filthy and some stains may remain after multiple washes.

    4. Humans are a terrible species in general.

    Here’s a simple question:
    Is there someone in your family that you can’t stand?
    Now, if people in your family suck, what makes you think the rest of the world is any different?

    5. If you want to be happy, stay single.

    Now this is a tough one.
    Everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side.
    It isn’t.
    Your brain is playing tricks on you.
    What you think is green grass is actually scrub full of thorns and snakes.

    Here’s a better one.
    There’s no water in the far distance.
    What you see is a mirage.
    I know you’re thirsty.
    I know you have hopes and dreams.
    But walking all the way through the desert won’t quench your thirst.

    I know what you’re thinking: No pain No gain.
    Forget about it.
    No amount of pain and hardships is worth the nothing that you’ll gain.

    Oh, I got one more for you!
    Saved the best for the last!

    Dig a hole my friend. Find a cave. And hide in it.
    It is your only relief from the scorching sun.

    I really don’t know where I’m going with this.

    6. Beware of the capitalist corporate crooks who have invaded the FOSS community.

    I’ve discovered a number of capitalist corporate crooks who have gathered following in the FOSS community.
    They’re out there to change people’s minds and turn them into capitalist corporate slaves.
    These deceitful snakes must be avoided at all costs.

    7. If you want to be happy, live alone.

    I just remembered this.
    This one’s an even tougher pill to swallow.
    But it’s true.

    What’s harder in life?
    Being surrounded by a bunch of self-centered selfish narcissists or being surrounded by empty space?
    Being surrounded by people who despise and criticize you or being surrounded by empty space?

    8. Families don’t want what’s best for you; they want what’s best for them.

    Everyone’s in it for themselves.
    One wants to “preserve” the family reputation or “save the family name” from disgrace, another has eyes on your assets, and yet another just wants you to hang around so they can pick on you.

    9. Consistency is the key.

    Everything that I pursued consistently was an achievement.
    Even if it wasn’t fruitful, it was something that I could build on. And that’s better than nothing.

    10. Coronavirus came from China.

    I’m just throwing this in for the kicks.
    Ever since the lockdown began, my year was ruined. And I still feel like I had one year of my life with nothing to show for.
    So I’m just taking another opportunity to stomp on Xi Jinping’s tiny hairy nuts.
    Bam! Bam! Bam!
    And if you’ve got anything to say in China’s defense, please leave a comment so that we could become enemies.

    As of this writing, China has 87,331 cases.
    The US has 22M cases and India has 10.4M.
    Can someone with a bigger brain explain these numbers?

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    2020: A Year In Review 


    Let’s get started!

    Today is the last day of 2020.
    It’s been a bumpy ride, to say the least.

    Looking back at last year’s review, I think I gave a lot of my time to others.
    I spent a large portion of my time at the temple, in service, of the Lord.
    It was a very spiritual year, I might add.

    Well, this year has been completely different.
    I continued last year’s schedule for the first three months.
    And then the pandemic happened. And everything changed.
    My life outside suddenly came to an abrupt halt. And I had to stay indoors.
    I think the paranoia had set in by mid-Feb. I knew there was an epidemic in China, and I knew it was only a matter of time before other countries experienced the same situation.

    It wasn’t a surprise really. I’d been expecting the great lockdown.
    I’d also been expecting a lot of deaths, disasters, and an apocalypse of some sorts, so to speak.
    What’s the current world stats? Hmmm.. lemme check.

    83M cases total.
    1.8M deaths.
    58.8M recoveries.
    Yeah, I’m not so sure about those numbers.
    I stopped believing in those numbers the moment China lied about their casualties.
    China began the global pandemic. And China set the example for other countries to lie about their casualties too.
    China SUCKS!

    China ruined the entire year for everybody.
    That’s the sum total of this year, without any narrative – China fvkced it up for all of us! Thanks China!

    The US has had around 200K cases daily for like a month now? Or is it 2 months?
    I lost track.
    The US now has 20M cases, with 350K deaths.
    And India has 10M cases, with 148K deaths.
    China, has only 87K.
    Can you believe this load of crap? 87K?

    When I went into self-isolation, I thought it was going to last 1 month; 2 months tops.
    I actually enjoyed the break, I must say.
    It felt good to just sit back and relax, and not have to run around everyday.
    But after 3 months, I was tired. And I hated it.
    I went to the temple to see if I could resume my services. They turned me down, and told me I should’ve stayed in the ashrama if I wanted to do services.
    Fast forward to September, I got in.
    Then I got out.
    It’s a long story.

    The pandemic changed everything.
    I hated having guests, always paranoid that one of them careless suckers would bring in the virus.

    I kept up with the news during the first 4 or 5 months of the year. I was really curious about the pandemic.
    But then it got stale. Always the same stories; same crap happening everywhere.
    I got bored.

    Some relatives passed away this year.
    I wasn’t close to any of ’em.
    I don’t miss them.

    I experienced a lot of internet problems this year.
    I really really hate this ISP.

    I worked on Krsnah Desktop and Krsnah Mobile OS.
    I stopped updating them after I had some issue on the desktop side.
    Later started working on them under the LibreKrsnah brand. No official launch yet. What a bummer.

    I tested a lot of social networks and platforms.
    Scuttlebutt, for example, was a very interesting and unique platform. Unfortunately the mobile and desktop apps had a lot of bugs and updating them wasted a lot of my time. I ended up abandoning them.
    Several fediverse servers shut down without any notice. What a bummer.
    I joined the Tildeverse and it’s become my go-to network for daily use.

    There were mass protests after the George Floyd incident.
    More mass protests followed against the lockdown restrictions.

    Had a termite problem where I live.
    It’s only been partially fixed.

    My health has been pretty good this year.
    Except the numerous stomach pains I’ve had every few weeks all year long.
    Oh, and the centipede bite, which ruined my heel for a few weeks.
    And I had these weird spots on my body – shingles? They’re mostly gone now, thank goodness!

    I started DJ’ing in early October.
    I’ve been streaming daily sessions on Tilderadio and I like it.

    What did I achieve this year?
    I’m really trying to think of something worth sharing, but nothing comes to mind.
    A part of me feels like I wasted the entire year, but a part of me ffeels like I grew up, y’know, learned something new, and maybe matured a lil bit more.

    I met some new people.
    But I don’t think I bonded very well with any of them.
    At this point, during the conclusion of the year, I pretty much feel like I’m still the same old outlaw.

    What did I want this year? And how much of it did I achieve?
    Looking at my New Year’s resolutions, I think I’ve missed 6 of the resolutions, which were targets for my accomplishments.
    On the other hand, I’ve made some really interesting discoveries and expanded on my realm of activities further than I’d initially thought of.
    So it’s not a total loss; but not something I’d pat myself on the back for either.
    I think I’ve built the foundation for some serious accomplishments next year.
    But I really need to push myself harder and focus on the goals. I lose focus easily. That’s why I couldn’t get everything done; I lost focus.
    I get easily distracted by newer ambitions and all the goals lose focus in the process.

    I think this could easily be the worst year in terms of getting things done.
    But I also think I made the best of the situation I had. i.e. the global pandemic and an overall crappy life in general.

    I have no regrets though.
    This is the best thing that I could be proud of. I didn’t do something I’d regret.

    I’m alive.
    This was the year of survival. I think I managed to push through just fine.

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    Best YouTubers In 2020 

    I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos this year.

    I’m going to list a couple of YouTubers who have kept me entertained and informed this year.

    This list is in no particular order. I’m just going to start off with the people I watch regularly.

    1. Ally Law

    It’s a madness!
    I’ve rewatched some of Ally’s videos dozens of times because they make me feel alive.

    2. Usamalama

    Usama’s videos comprise of action with amazing background music. And the voice-overs and short explanations in his videos are fabulous.
    Usama’s the kind of guy you’d want to be friends with irl.

    3. Doug DeMuro

    If you love cars, Doug’s the man to watch.
    He pays attention to detail and has a lot of knowledge about cars.
    I like watching Doug review cars that I’ll never be able to drive.

    4. Dave Lee

    Dave Lee is the best laptop reviewer.
    I’ve watched him for a couple of years now and plan to buy a laptop based on one of his reviews.

    5. JerryRigEverything

    Zack is the best smartphone reviewer – from the inside.
    Ever wondered what smartphones look like inside? Want to repair a smartphone? Plan on buying a new smartphone? Zack’s teardowns offer a lot of insight and puns.

    6. MightyMom

    MightyMom’s family videos are entertaining.
    Her videos seem more spontaneous and life-like than some of the other planned “fun” family videos on YouTube.

    7. MightyDuck

    He doesn’t post regularly like his mom.
    But his videos are as entertaining and funny.

    8. Lukeafk

    This guy’s funny. He’s found his niche and does really well at it.

    9. ScottySire

    Scott’s videos really sparked my interest this year.
    He’s a nice guy.
    It’s a nice change from all the planned stuff from the rest of the vlog squad.

    10. Paul Joseph Watson

    Need a reality check?
    This guy delivers it.

    I can’t stand political commentators or right-wing/left-wing bandwagon pricks.
    Except for this guy.

    Yeah. This will probably be the most disputed one but I’ve watched most of his videos this year. And they’re good. They carry logic and facts, not just mere sentiment and sensationalism.

    So this is my list. The top 10 list.

    I’m going to include more YouTubers whom I’ve watched on and off.
    I’m going to mention why I watched them and why I stopped watching them.
    They still post great content; just not the stuff I wanted to watch this year.

    11. Casey Neistat

    I watched all his videos. But he doesn’t post regularly so…

    12. Sara Dietschy

    I prefer her vlog content.

    13. Miraie

    I liked his vlogs. He stopped making them after moving back.
    Now he makes has music videos.

    14. Trisha Y

    Post more vlogs please.

    15. Bubba Town

    Bubba Town turned into George’s second channel.
    And I don’t see as much of the others.

    16. George Janko

    I look forward to the family vlogs.

    17. Mark Dohner

    I like Mark.
    I’ve watched most of his videos this year, although I don’t know why.
    Basically, I just watched a guy living out his dream.

    18. Adelia Clark

    Adelia and Mark go well together.
    I skipped some of her videos.

    19. Pierson Fode

    Pierson, Adelia and Mark go well together.
    What am I doing here? Pairing up Youtubers I like seeing together?
    Never mind.

    20. Jason Nash

    Jason Nash carried the vlog squad on his back this year.
    I enjoyed the roast of Jason Nash episode.

    Peter McKinnon, MKBHD, Austin Evans, Unbox Therapy, PewDiePie, Heath Hussar, Toddy Smithy, Naomi King, LastWeekTonight, H3 Podcast Highlights, WWE, Lee Marshall, Rikke Brewer, FinClimbs, Jesse.

    I wish Lee Marshall, Rikke Brewer, FinClimbs, and Jesse posted regularly. They’ve got so much potential for quality content.

    Looking at the number of Tech Tubers I stopped watching, it seems that they didn’t deliver the type of content that I was looking for.
    Or perhaps my interests have shifted.

    I stopped watching Peter because he was on his desk so often.
    I stopped watching Pewdie because he played too many games.
    I stopped watching Austin because he unboxed too many useless tech gadgets.
    I stopped watching Lew because his videos had become longer and longer. I felt like I was wasting time staring at one thing for too long.
    I stopped watching John Oliver because the political jokes weren’t funny anymore, especially without the live audience.
    I stopped watching WWE because the roster was getting stale, and then they kept running the show without a live audience after lockdown. Bad decision Vince.

    There’s a big chance that many of these names may not appear at the end of next year’s review.

    Anyway, here’s some YouTubers that I plan to watch regularly next year:
    Steve1989MREInfo, Jac Anderson, CrazyRussianHacker.

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    New Year’s Resolutions – 2020 

    1. Perfect my spiritual life
      • Daily Mangala aarti
      • Daily service
      • Listen to lectures/kirtanas whilst performing services
      • Daily kirtanas in the evenings except Saturdays
    2. Create an online journal summarizing my daily activities
    3. Watch more informational videos and documentaries; share them online for the record
    4. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily
    5. Daily physical exercises to keep my muscles active and strong
    6. Do a health checkup (overdue by a few weeks. This should probably be at the top of the list)
    7. Take pictures daily, post them online at least on a weekly basis
    8. Take a day off every fortnight (or as necessary) to rest and rejuvenate
    9. Start recording videos and post them online
    10. Make every day count. At the end of each day, I should be able to proudly say that I accomplished something meaningful/important, especially regarding my spiritual life.

    This is a pretty basic list which has been long overdue. Some of the activities on this list have been planned on and procrastinated for several years now.

    It’s time to do it right.

    Happy New Year!

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