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Sasha Johnson & The Reality Of Black Lives Matter

Recently a Black Lives Matter activist was shot in the head in a drive-by.

Almost all the news channels covered the story, until, police released the information that the shooters were 4 black men.

There are two causes for most of the deaths associated with BLM.
Everyone knows the first reason – cops.
Can anyone think of the second reason?
That’s right.
Black folks shooting their fellow black folks.
Nobody ever covers that part.
Oh no no no! That would be very racist.
And this is a modern problem in the world today; people are unwilling to accept the whole truth. They want to accept the favorable parts and reject the unfavorable parts.

The shooting of Sasha Johnson highlights one of the most common causes of black deaths.
Every day, there’s some black person getting gunned down by another black person.
In fact, drive-bys and shootouts are more frequent than black people getting shot by the cops.
But nobody pays attention to that because that doesn’t fit the narrative.

I’m strongly beginning to feel that Black Lives Matter has a lot of inconsistencies and fallacies.
Remember last year, when George Floyd died and the streets erupted with massive riots? I remember talking about these black folks who were breaking into stores and stealing shoes and clothes and other items. It’s all on video. You can’t make this stuff up.
And there was an incident where the rioters broke into a black owner’s shop because they didn’t put up the BLM sign to show support. The neighbors did put up BLM signs and their stores were saved.
And then there was an incident of a black cop who was beaten up by the rioters.
Do the BLM activists know his name? Huh?
David Dorn.

There’s dozens of black guys who were killed during the George Floyd protests. Nobody paid attention to those lives.
Because they didn’t matter.

The only lives which seem to matter to Black Lives Matter activists are those who are killed by the cops.
That’s when everyone gathers on the streets. That’s when people start marching and holding up signs and protesting and rioting.

Where are the protests and riots for the black criminals shooting fellow black folks in American cities?
Do those lives not matter?

If Sasha Johnson had been shot by a cop, the world would be seeing two months of daily protests, riots, lootings and burning buildings.
Where’s the noise on the streets right now?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is some food for thought.

All lives matter. I don’t care if you’re white or black or brown or yellow. I don’t care if you’re human or a dog or a cow or chicken.
Everyone deserves to live.
And all these movements that start out on a noble cause of strengthening a particular race often end up being extremely racially biased and divisive.

I think it’s time for people to grow beyond the physical appearances. All these black and white racism stuff is primitive and unsophisticated, for lack of better words.
I think humans can do much better than that.

One of the problems these movements are causing is the idea that people who identify with such minority groups should be given free passes, handouts and exclusions just because they’re part of the so-called minority group.
Everyone should be treated equally regardless of race and gender. That should be the way forward.

The Price Of Questioning China

There’s this Chinese lady, Zhang Zhan, a former lawyer, who’d been exposing the Chinese government’s lies about the Chinese virus.

The 37 year old will now spend her next 4 birthdays inside a very dark cell.

In her last video, she said, “The government’s way of managing this city has just been intimidation and threats.”
That was the straw that broke China’s back.

She was convicted for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” a vague charge commonly used against critics of the Chinese government.

Don’t believe the Chinese virus originated from the US? Prison!
Don’t believe the Chinese virus originated in Italy? Prison!
Did you just call Covid-19 the Chinese Virus? Death! Death! Death!

I think Zhang Zhan got off quite lightly.
Compared to Dr Li Wenliang, Dr Ai Fen, Chen Quishi, Fang Bin and many others, who just disappeared.
What happened to them?
How did the Chinese Communist Party treat those traitors?
Did they chop ’em up into pieces and fry them for lunch?
Y’never know.
One can only speculate on the communist idea of getting rid of someone. Throwing them into the river would be a waste of multivitamins and protein.
Since the Chinese Communist Party launched the idea that all wildlife were fit for human consumption, who’s to say they wouldn’t think boiled humans would make a good meal?

I think Xi Jinping has chewed on human bones for dinner. Just look at the guy – doesn’t he look like some demon out of a horror movie?

Anyway, free Zhang Zhan. Stop torturing the poor woman you Chinese freaks.

Where are the online petitions to free Zhang Zhan? Where are the global sanctions on China for disappearing activists?
Where is the outcry?
All I’ve seen are articles by various journalists. And that’s all.

Unless people start thinking about the freedom of Zhang Zhan, the Chinese Communist Party’s actions will continue to degrade and become more abominable.
Don’t be surprised one day to see Xi Jinping’s henchmen capturing an activist on live television and then chopping him up for their Paramount Leader’s next meal.
The Uyghurs have already lost their human rights. And the world’s silence on their freedom speaks volumes on China’s next moves.

Wolf In A Sheep's Clothing: Privacy Experts Or Privacy Traitors?

Ever since Snowden’s revelations in 2013, there has been a surge in so-called privacy experts who have established their names in the privacy world.

Who are these experts? Why would I listen to them? Why should I trust them?

What I’ve noticed is that many of these so-called “experts” don’t follow the philosophy they preach to others. They just happen to have adequate knowledge about privacy but they don’t usually do anything for their own privacy.

These are the privacy missionaries with Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Reddit accounts, Github accounts, LinkedIn accounts, Gmail accounts, YouTube accounts, Telegram accounts and so on.

What the hell is a privacy-oriented individual doing on Facebook? Posting anti-Zuckerberg memes for likes?
What are they doing on Twitter? What is Snowden doing on Twitter? Did he not know about GNU Social or Diaspora? Does he still not know about the Fediverse?

Why do privacy activists still use Telegram? Do they not read the news? Do they have some secret anti-FSB powers that I don’t?

I see these privacy activists and I hear what they are saying, but I’m not sure if they believe in their own words. Are they magically untouchable, whereas I’m not? Does Twitter not violate Edward Snowden’s privacy like the rest of it’s users?

There’s this guy called TheHatedOne on YouTube, that posts privacy-oriented videos. Apparently he’s quite famous on Reddit as well. I haven’t watched his stuff. I browse YouTube every single day. But I haven’t watched this guy’s channel. I mean, why should I? He’s talking about privacy on the world’s most invasive platform. And I don’t think he’s making money either. Probably has a patreon or something like that.

Why are these privacy experts using Twitter and YouTube? I thought about it. They have a message for the people. They want to inform and educate the people. It’s a noble cause.
But if you want to make an impact on your audience, you’ll have to switch platforms some day. This is inevitable. People can only take you seriously for so long before they begin to have doubts on your authenticity. Show them how it’s done. Create a GNU Social account and make your regular posts there. Peertube has been around for over a year now. Post your videos on a peertube instance.

Why does a large portion of the privacy community gather on Reddit? There have been alternatives for a while now. Why haven’t they made a switch?
How much sense does it make, to discuss your methods of evading surveillance on the largest surveillance platform on the internet?
Does the NSA, FBI, CIA, FSB, GHCQ not browse the /r/privacy subreddit? Is that it?
Does Reddit not know the various methods used by a certain community of privacy enthusiasts to evade it’s tracking mechanisms?

What’s the use of preaching about animal rights and veganism if, at the end of the day, I go home and have nice steak for dinner? Do animal rights not matter while I’m eating the steak?

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now. I decided to type my thoughts on this matter, quite aware that there will be no change whatsoever. It’s just that the hypocrisy in the entire situation is quite intriguing. And it’s going to hurt the cause. You can’t expect to change the general population by constantly mingling with them and acting like them. You have to take a stand; stand out from the rest, do what’s right and show them how it’s done. Otherwise it’s just another show. I believe Hollywood has better actors.

About Me

For the past few years, I’ve been on a journey – a journey of self realization.

I believe, in order to define who someone is, it’s very important to understand their values and priorities.

1. I am an activist. An activist that leads by example. An activist that does what he says.
2. I am an anti-capitalist. The world runs on money. Unfortunately, money has made people so greedy, they’re willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to make a few bucks off of it.
3. I am an anarchist. The modern governments are cesspools of greed and corruption. Modern politicians are incompetent morons that lack any morals, virtues or leadership skills. Therefore I declare them incapable of ruling over me.
4. I am a privacy advocate. Online and offline, over the years, privacy has become a priority in my life.
5. I support freedom of speech. I hate censorship.
6. I support environmental protection. My main propositions for environment protection are:-

  • Ban all fireworks
  • Reduce the consumer load on the electric grid by removing all unnecessary lighting in metropolitan areas
  • Ban mining
  • Ban logging
  • Ban environmental pollution

7. I support animal rights. All animals have a right to live and prosper unless they pose an active threat to human life.
8. I am a vegetarian. I support a plant based diet.
9. I support Free and Open Source Software.
10. I support open, decentralized and federated services that should be available to all.
11. I am anti-nationalist.
12. I am an anti-fascist.
13. I am anti-racist.

I grew up in a relatively poor home. The lack of money made me appreciate everything I had. I am a simple guy; a minimalist. I’m not rich; neither do I desire to accumulate wealth.

Unfortunately, I am now living in the cyber-age. Everything and everyone is now connected to the internet.

One day, I hope to move away to some cabin in the mountains, where I will finally have some real freedom.