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    China Is Drowning 

    About a week ago, I posted an article about floods in Europe.
    Well, it’s China’s turn now.

    I’ve watched a couple of videos of the floods in China, and the situation seems pretty bad.
    But there is a bigger problem to worry about: Government censorship.
    It has come to my notice that Xi Jinping’s government is censoring all social media and the news channels to downplay the situation in China.
    Unfortunately, this will not bode well for them.

    I think it’s time for the world to recognize climate change as a global threat, as extreme weather situations become more commonplace across the globe.

    The first time I began paying attention to climate change was when there was snowfall in the desert in the Middle East.
    Snowfall in the hottest deserts in the world? That can’t be good, right?

    Everyday, there’s some thunderstorms, some flash floods, some mudslides and landslides, some hurricanes and cyclones, some tornadoes, some wildfires, some earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in some part of the world; yet 90% of the population has failed to recon the power of nature.
    That’s just my assumption. But I am rarely wrong, so, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

    I have personally witnessed the power of thunderstorms myself. I know how quickly it can go from beautiful rain, to a fucking nightmare.
    Think about all the Chinese men and women trapped in the train in some flooded tunnel, standing for 24 hours with water reaching their chests, waiting for someone to rescue them, running out of hope…

    None of us give a fuck about extreme weather until we’re in the face of it.

    The logical part of me questions why all this is happening. Why are there floods in China? A quick duckduckgo search reveals that China has built too many dams on it’s waterways. Another search reveals that China has been engaging in water wars by blocking water from going downstream to it’s neighboring countries and causing droughts.
    This is nothing new. The strategy has been tried in the Middle East with the River Tigris and Euphrates, and you know what? It didn’t end well.

    I’ve always been a huge proponent of believing in mother nature’s mysterious ways. Some things just have no explanation. The floods in China isn’t one of them.

    At what point in time did human beings begin to think they were so powerful, that they could alter nature and take command of it?
    The human species is as insignificant as it gets. And in the universal picture, we are just a speck of dust. If the entire human species was wiped off the planet today, there would be no loss. The plants and animals would take better care of the planet than we ever have. And that’s just sad. The human species is truly pathetic. We pride ourselves with our culture and education and luxury and technology, but deep down inside, we are just a bunch of fucking idiots who can do more damage than any plant or animal in existence.

    When is Xi Jinping going to drown? That’s what I’d like to know.

    Man needs to live in harmony with nature. Like the Aborigines. We need to remember that the earth is taking care of us, not vice versa. And if we’re going to pollute the earth and try to destroy it with our retarded endeavors, then we will have to bear the brunt of our actions. That means more floods, more landslides, more earthquakes, more tsunamis and overall, a complete beatdown at the hands of mother nature.

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    The Price Of Becoming China's Bitch 

    Last year, when the pandemic began, WHO got down on their knees and began sucking off Xi Jinping and his CCP jackasses.

    China triggered a global pandemic and got away with it.
    China lied for weeks and claimed the coronavirus did not transmit human-to-human.
    China silenced and killed dozens of Covid-19 whistleblowers and got away with it.
    China pointed fingers at other countries and claimed they were the first source of Covid-19 and got away with it.
    China blocked investigation into the source of the coronavirus in Wuhan.
    Then China got brave and hijacked Hong Kong before the world’s eyes. China silenced and killed dozens of Hong Kong protestors and activists. Then China arrested the rest of them and cleared up the streets.

    And now that Trump is out and Sniffin’ Joe is reading notes in front of the press like a 3rd grader, Xi Jinping has decided to establish world dominance.

    President Xi warns China’s enemies will ‘have their heads bashed bloody’ as he ‘builds 100 new nuclear missile silos’

    Xi Jinping says those who bully China will ‘get their heads bashed’ on Communist Party’s 100th anniversary

    Xi Jinping said other countries will ‘crack their heads and spill blood’ if they come after China, a stark warning to mark 100 years of the Communist Party

    Xi Jinping says foreign powers will find their ‘heads bashed and bloodied’ if they bully China

    Apparently, telling China to release the Uyghurs from concentration camps and freeing them qualifies as bullying small-dicked Xi Jinping.
    And telling China to Free Hong Kong and get the fuck away from Taiwan amounts to bullying.

    Xi Jinping has grown incredibly powerful.
    But so, have I.
    Want to know the secret Xi Jinping?
    My dick is bigger than yours!

    My dick cost a late night fee
    Your dick got the HIV
    My dick plays on the double feature screen
    Your dick went straight to DVD

    My dick – bigger than a bridge
    Your dick look like a little kid’s
    My dick – large like the Chargers, the whole team
    Your shit look like you fourteen

    My dick – locked in a cage, right
    Your dick suffer from stage fright
    My dick – so hot, it’s stolen
    Your dick look like Gary Coleman

    My dick – pink and big
    Your dick stinks like shit
    My dick got a Caesar do,
    Your dick needs a tweezer, dude

    My dick is like super size
    Your dick look like two fries
    My dick – more mass than the Earth
    Your dick – half staff, it needs work

    My dick – been there done that
    Your dick sits there with dunce cap
    My dick – V.I.P.
    Your shit needs I.D.

    It’s time that we let the world know
    Dude, you gotta let your girl go
    D.S. is the best in the business
    P.S. we got dicks like Jesus

    It’s time that we let the world know
    Dude, you gotta let your girl go
    D.S. is the best in the business
    P.S. we got dicks like Jesus

    My dick need no introduction
    Your dick don’t even function
    My dick served a whole luncheon
    Your dick – it look like a munchkin

    My dick – size of a pumpkin
    Your dick look like Macaulay Culkin
    My dick – good good lovin’
    Your dick – good for nothin’

    My dick bench pressed 350
    Your dick couldn’t shoplift at Thrifty
    My dick – pretty damn skippy
    Your dick – hungry as a hippie

    My dick don’t fit down the chimney
    Your dick is like a kid from the Philippines
    My dick is like an M16
    Your dick – broken vending machine

    My dick parts the seas
    Your dick farts and queefs
    My dick – rumble in the jungle
    Your dick got touched by your uncle

    My dick goes to yoga
    Your dick – fruit roll -up
    My dick – grade -A beef
    Your dick – Mayday geek

    My dick – sick and dangerous
    Your dick – quick and painless
    My dick – ’nuff said.
    Your dick loves Fred

    It’s time that we let the world know
    Dude, you gotta let your girl go
    D.S. is the best in the business
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    It’s time that we let the world know
    Dude, you gotta let your girl go
    D.S. is the best in the business
    P.S. we got dicks like Jesus

    China is asshoe!
    Fuck China!
    Fuck Xi Jinping!
    Free Uyghurs!
    Free Hong Kong!
    Stay the fuck away from Taiwan!

    If you think you can bash my head bloody, jokes on you. I invented torture!
    I can take a baseball bat and bash Xi Jinping’s head to a pulp without flinching.
    I can sit Xi Jinping’s big fat hairy ass on a bottomless chair and play golf with his nuts all day long!
    Bunch of fucking stinky smelly bat-eating motherfuckers.
    Gangsta Rap was invented in the United States of America! Does Xi Jinping think he can have his way around everyone? This stupid motherfucker!
    Xi Jinping, you ain’t no gangsta. You’s a pussy ass bitch surrounded by bodyguards and slaves. Come at me with that fake shit and I’mma knock yo fat ass out. Kapow!

    • Tim Cook 1:27 am on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Imagine being a US company like Apple and still becoming China’s bitch… I feel that everyday when hearing about how negotiations go for supplies and assembly.

    • Sundar Pichai 1:31 am on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What if we create a deep fake porno of Xi Jinping and his daughter Xi Mingze having some fun together? Wouldn’t that be a scandal in and of itself? Xi might let a nuclear weapon go just for that, the hot-headed fella…

      • isvarahparamahkrsnah

        isvarahparamahkrsnah 2:30 pm on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The only thing Xi will let go is diz nuts

    • Fu Xuejie 5:07 am on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I am Li Wenliang’s wife. The most detailed investigative report into the virus that my husband tried to raise awareness of, and for which he was censured by the PLA and due to which he died, is here: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/06/the-lab-leak-theory-inside-the-fight-to-uncover-covid-19s-origins

      Please read it and try to understand the level of obfuscation that the CCP is attempting. I suppose by posting this comment my life is in danger, as are the lives of my two sons. My youngest was the last gift he left me before he passed away due to COVID-19 (back then, it was called 2019-nCoV).

      • isvarahparamahkrsnah

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        Hello. Thanks for the link.
        I’ve mentioned your husband in some of my articles. His death will not go in vain.

    • Sundar Pichai 6:56 am on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I am the CEO of Google, but I hail from the peaceful state of Tamil Nadu. Google had to leave China under pressure and due to the Chinese hack of the Gmail accounts of human-rights protestors, but I can assure you, our current state-of-the-art AI image stitching techniques can easily achieve the creation of a Xi-Jinping-Xi-Mingze deepfake incestuous porno that could lead to an explosive reaction — as explosive as what happened when Sony tried to create a movie on Kim Jong Un. I cannot personally put my name on it, but I am hoping I could send you the file and you can publish it on here under your own name. What do you say? Do you want a threesome with Xi Jinping *AND* Xi Mingze? Do note, Xi Jinping’s wife was a beautiful opera singer — she’ll be the cuckold watching the three of you on camera.

      • isvarahparamahkrsnah

        isvarahparamahkrsnah 2:24 pm on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t want to be anywhere near an old fat naked hairy pig named Xi Jinping. However, I’ll take his wife and daughter. Thank you.

    • Xi Mingze 7:30 am on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      My daddy will cum for you… and I will too…. threesome!!!

      • isvarahparamahkrsnah

        isvarahparamahkrsnah 2:25 pm on July 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I prefer you and yo momma.

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    Covid-19: The Mutants King 

    China has produced a virus that is always mutating and evolving, thus rendering all efforts to curb the pandemic, useless.
    Thanks China!

    Before we even get started, what’s this shit about China demanding a nobel prize for discovering Covid-19? The balls on these motherfuckers! Can you believe these assholes? First they create a pandemic, then they keep it hush for several months, and then they demand a nobel prize for discovery!
    Hey China, why don’t you discover diz nuts!

    A lot of people in this world have a short term memory; that is, bad things happen to them, then they recover, move on and forget all about it.
    Not me! Nah uh! I remember every detail!
    I remember writing articles which analyzed China’s brutal disgusting activities after starting the pandemic.

    Recently, there have also been news headlines of several Chinese government officials defecting to the US and leaking Xi Jinping’s Covid-19 recipe.
    Dong Jingwei is a name that’s come up on several articles.

    There’s also been news of a Chinese military scientist who filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine before the virus was declared a global pandemic and then died mysteriously a few months later.
    His name was Yusen Zhou.

    Another interesting name that’s appeared on the news is Shi Zhengli. The media call her batwoman for working on coronaviruses in the Wuhan lab. I’m just going to call her Lady Covidstein.

    Then there’s articles about the Pentagon donating millions in charity to an organization that funded the Wuhan Lab.
    There’s hundreds of other articles that claim that Covid-19 was engineered in Wuhan Lab.

    Then there was news of a leaked document titled ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species Of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons’ written by Chinese scientists and health officials. At this point, what difference does it make, whether the virus was engineered or was natural? The only thing that’s important is that it came from China! And China has been desperately pulling all moves to try and cover that up!

    There’s just too much new information and discoveries everyday to keep track of it all.
    Ain’t nobody got time for dat.
    The mere avalanche of news articles covering the pandemic are enough to make the general public just give up and say, “Fuck it, y’know, who cares?”

    I, for one, have spent less and less time on the Covid-19 news. I do look at the articles. I just don’t have time to catalogue and comment on them all.

    Now that we’ve covered a few important developments in the Chinese Virus, let’s break into the variations and mutations.

      Covid-19 alpha – first discovered in UK, US, Germany, Sweden, Denmark
      Beta – South Africa, UK
      Gamma – Brazil
      Epsilon – US
      Delta – India, UK
      Delta plus – India, Nepal
      Kappa – India
      Eta – Nigeria, UK, Mayotte
      Zeta – Brazil, US, Canada, Suriname, Argentina
      Theta – Philippines, Japan, UK, Malaysia
      Iota – US
      Lambda – Peru

    And this is as far as scientists have discovered and managed to name. If you look at this site which documents the full list of variants, you quickly realize that using the Greek alphabet naming style was a bad idea. There just aren’t enough alphabets to name all the variants.

    An important analysis in this is that not all vaccines are effective against all variants. In fact, some fully vaccinated people have been infected by some of these variants. This is still an ongoing research process and will be for the rest of the decade.

    I think, that at some point, scientists will be forced to develop new vaccines to counter each mutant and variation. There just isn’t any way for one vaccine to combat all mutants.
    So if you thought a vaccine card was bad, tsk tsk! Wait till you see the vaccine book!
    I think, by the end of this decade, everyone will have to carry a little book with tens of pages to cater to all the dozens of vaccines administered for each variant!
    But, that is still a hypothesis.
    Maybe some genius scientist will create a super vaccine that will be effective against all possible mutants! Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Speaking of seeing, what happens if someone gets infected by multiple mutants of the virus? Does he turn into a zombie or die immediately?
    What happens when you combine all mutants in one vial? Does it create a frankenstein virus? Perhaps Shi Zhengli will be able to answer that.

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    Israel – Worse Than China 

    I’d like to thank home-stealer Yakub for bringing the Jewish settlers into focus.

    I’ve watched a number of news stories and documentaries about the Jewish settlers in Jerusalem to have a better understanding about the current crisis in Israel.

    It surprises me that the people who’ve been carrying the holocaust shield have been secretly carrying out the same activities in Israel, right under the noses of the whole world.

    If you look at the atrocities the Jews faced under Hitler’s regime, and compare them to the atrocities the Jews are carrying out on the Palestinians, you’ll notice quite a number of similarities.
    The only thing missing now, are gas chambers, exterminations and concentration camps for the Palestinians.

    Does anyone want to take a wild guess on how long before Israel builds concentration camps for the Palestinians?
    You know they’ve already thought of it.
    They just want it to be a super-secret operation so the world doesn’t pounce on them and call ’em out for it.

    The Jews have already stolen Palestinian homes and kicked them out.They’ve invaded mosques, they’ve built barriers, road-blocks and checkpoints.
    A Palestinian can’t even even move around without showing an ID.
    Jews don’t need IDs. Palestinians need an ID, plus they need to be always above suspicion. One wrong move at any moment could end a Palestinian’s life.

    The Jews are very racist people. I thought the Indians and the Chinese and the Africans were racist; how wrong I was!

    Watch this video to see how the Jews treat immigrants.
    This is Israel’s official take on immigration.
    Israel doesn’t want any immigrants. In fact, they’ve been too busy trying to eradicate the presence of Palestinians for decades.

    This is where the $3.3 Billion annual foreign aid from the US goes to.
    Till 2018, the US has given Israel $236 Billion. And the US continues to give Israel an annual $3.3B.

    What’s the population in Israel? 9.3 million people.
    Why does a country with 9.3 million people need foreign aid of $3.3 billion every year?
    Where’s that money going? Has anyone ever wondered?
    This is a country which won’t accept any migrants and it’s actively trying to eradicate the Palestinian population by all means necessary.

    All that money is going into enriching the lives of the Jews whilst tormenting and eradicating the Palestinians.

    The Israeli military is one of the most powerful in the world right now.
    How did they become so powerful? Through foreign aid.
    They became powerful by getting handouts every year whilst avoiding scrutiny by flashing the holocaust card to anyone who dared question them.

    Question: What’s the Jewish free pass to commit crime and steal houses?
    Answer: The holocaust

    The Palestinians are being thrown out of their homes, with no money or place to go.

    Have you ever been on 4chan?
    If you browser the /pol/ board, you’ll see a number of racist posts about Jews.
    I rarely visit /pol/ because there isn’t as much news as there are racist slurs.
    But I’ve come to think of it, that these posts have a background. There’s some truth to the matter, which is obscured by the racial slurs and profanity all over the threads.

    /pol/ is where I discovered that there’s a thing called JIDF – Jewish Internet Defense Force. It’s not some bullshit acronym made up by some trolls. This is real stuff. I just watched a documentary on Anti-Zionist Jews and some rabbi confirms that Jews use propaganda all the time.

    So Israel actually has a team of Jews who sit on the internet all day publishing propaganda, defending Israel and ridiculing any opposition.
    This is where America’s tax dollars are going to, with all those billions in foreign aid.

    Israel already has a huge prison for refugees in the Negev desert.
    I think with the billions in foreign aid pouring in every year, they probably have an underground concentration camp by now.
    Hello China! Didn’t think of that, did you?
    I’m pretty sure China will now copy the idea and build some underground concentration camps to get the Uyghurs off the radar.

    If they haven’t already by now, I predict that Israel will build underground concentration camps and dump all the Palestinians down there by the end of this decade.

    Question: What do the Jews and Chinese Han have in common?
    Answer: They’re both racist and want to eradicate minorities from their land.

    Chinese have always been upfront about their racism. Everyone knows the Chinese don’t like mixing with others.
    But the Jews are like chameleons. They managed to keep their racist crimes off the radar for decades and keep getting away with it.
    Until the big fat hairy rotund Jewish bastard Jacob ruined it for everyone.
    That’s it Jewish settlers! You can all pack up and go back to your countries because Yakub here fucked it up for everybody else with his tactless admission of stealing a house.
    Oh wait! That’s legal in Israel!

    Only in Israel can a man travel from half way across the world to kick you out of your home and move in.
    In any other part of the world, the intruding settler would’ve been knocked the fuck out with one punch.
    And that speaks volumes on the justice system in Israel. There is no justice if you’re Palestinian. According to the Jews, Palestinians are born criminals, and they have to spend their entire lives justifying their innocence.

    Israel is worse than China. At least the Chinese have some plan to integrate the Uyghurs back into the Chinese society. The Jews have no such plans. The Jews just went into the homes and kicked the Palestinians onto the streets and told them to fuck off. Man, that’s rough!
    Another big difference is that the Chinese don’t flash a victim card on every opportunity. The Jews always cry victim. And that can be very annoying.

    There’s a lot of generalizations been made here. Of course not all Jews are bad people. Not all Jews are racists. Not all Jews are settlers. Not all Jews hate the Palestinians. And not all Jews play the victim. There are many Jews who, no doubt, are wonderful human beings. There are many Jews who understand the current situation in Jerusalem and sympathize with the Palestinians. And that’s what I want to end this article with. I’m not accusing all Jews of being bad apples. I wouldn’t want to offend any Jews who aren’t involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict in any way.

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    Covid-19: It Can Only Get Worse 

    A lot of countries, and by countries, I mean the people, and their governments, were toying with the pandemic. “Just two more weeks,” they said.

    India just crossed 315K new cases in a day.
    Masks off! More weddings and crowds and loitering on the streets! Uttarayan! Holi! Kumbh Mela!
    Let’s go India! You can do this!

    If there are any other countries that are thinking of playing around with the Coronavirus like it’s their grandma’s panties, take a look at India right now.
    India will get through this just fine. 1.3B people. Like I said last year, even if 300M folks died, India would still keep going.
    The rest of you fuckers, would be wiped off the face of the earth.
    So, you can hold your protests, and riot on the streets and have Covid parties all you want, but just know, unlike India and China, you don’t have the balls to procreate a future generation. This very well might be your last one. So tread carefully.

    My predictions for November 2020 will come true. Even if delayed by a few months, I was quite accurate in my analysis and hypothesis. Now it wasn’t Nov 2020, but it will be some other month this year, perhaps Nov 2021?
    Let’s just say I made some premature predictions and prophesies. Or, we could say that I made accurate predictions but the Indian government rigged the numbers!

    What’s on the news?
    Fake Covid-19 vaccines have been discovered by Pfizer in Mexico and Poland.
    It’s business baby! First, it was the governments that tried to take advantage of the pandemic. Then the corporations. And now, it’s the drug dealers. The problem started at the top, and trickled down to the bottom.

    AstraZeneca vaccine was suspended in 18 countries. Thailand, Luxembourg, Sweden, Slovenia, Latvia, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Ireland, Bulgaria, Iceland, Norway, Denmark.

    Double and Triple mutant variants of the Coronavirus found in India.
    Oh well, those cow dung baths and cow piss shots couldn’t help much, could they?

    French variant of Covid-19 undetectable in PCR test.
    Well, only the Chinese variant is superdetectable from a mile away – because Coronavirus came from China. Even a blind man in the Amazon forest would’ve seen the pandemic emerging from China.
    But nobody talks about China because that’s racist. Bunch of fucking bullshit!

    Baltimore Mayor begs residents to stop shooting each other so hospital beds can be used for Coronavirus patients.
    Now this headline is from early 2020, but can still be applied to this day.
    People never change.
    What’s the latest shooting case in America?
    Never mind!
    I don’t give a fuck.
    I stopped following the weekly shootings after the Floyd riots last year.
    Seriously, try something new. Find a hobby or something. These shootings have become stale and boring.
    Maybe it’s just karma in another form after Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria etc etc.
    Americans are too busy meddling with other countries’ affairs yet they can’t sort out their weekly shootings, eh?

    Anyway, one of the things I’ve been really curious about is, what happened to all the surveillance apps that every government rolled out within weeks after the pandemic began, to track and monitor infected people?
    Surely, if everyone had downloaded the Covid-19 surveillance apps, then people would be safe?

    Didn’t India make their app mandatory for everyone who wanted to go outside their homes? What’s the name? Aarogya setu? What happened to it? Weren’t the cops going to check people’s phones to see if they had the app installed?
    Their site shows 176M downloads. That’s like 13% of the population.

    I’m looking at this graph in an article from the Financial Times which compares the official count of Covid-19 deaths vs the number of cremations of Covid-19 victims over the same period.
    Some districts have cremations as high as 100x the official count.
    Now, what’d I say about the lying governments?
    And this one is about India. Anybody who’s been to India knows you can’t trust the government or politicians on anything.
    So my guess is that the government faked the numbers, the general dumbass population got a false sense of security and became reckless, and the infections spread like wildfire.

    I believe India shall see a daily rise of 500K cases in less than a week, that is, if the government doesn’t manipulate the statistics once again.

    I saw a screenshot of an Indian newspaper on 9gag. “Patients gasp for breath, netas hold up o2 tanker for photo op. Politicians in Indore stopped than tanker carrying 30 tonnes of oxygen twice for photo ops and a puja before it could be unloaded.”
    Puja means worship. Indian politicians worshiped a tank of oxygen.
    This is how you know my predictions will come true. Because this is the type of big brains you’d expect in the Indian government – worshiping oxygen tanks and Covid-19 vaccines. That’s right. When the first batch of vaccines arrived in Indian hospitals, they decided to worship the vaccines. Because that’s how people get immunity – by worshiping vaccines. And if you worship a tank of oxygen, you will never need a breathe of oxygen again!

    I’m seeing news headlines of shortage of Covid-19 vaccines in India.
    Whilst Modi was enjoying the publicity stunts by exporting vaccines to other countries, he must’ve forgotten the pandemic was still a real problem in India.
    Ironically, the Indian government has opened up vaccination for everyone 18+ on some bullshit platform called CoWIN. If they’re implying that the ‘rona is winning in India, they’re absolutely correct. If they’re implying that they’ll win the battle against the ‘rona, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious! Have you read my articles about the current state of India?
    You don’t win a battle against a deadly virus by crowding everywhere, wearing masks below the nose, going to every wedding in a 100 mile radius, and having the hygiene standards of a pig.
    Where’s the lockdown in India? There is no fucking lockdown. They’ve imposed night curfews which are pretty much useless because most of the population sleeps at night anyway.

    Yesterday I read a headline about J&J trying to get approval for rollout in India.
    At this point, I’m convinced India will be the new test bed for every vaccine manufacturer.

    I think we’re all on a deadline here. India is a perfect example of how quickly shit can hit the fan when we don’t take precautions. Even if you take all the precautions, if someone around you does not, they increase your chances of being infected as well. And that’s scary.

    Every family, every neighborhood has that one dumbass who will definitely get infected because they’re a fucking idiot. And everyone that idiot visits or gets in close proximity with might just get infected as well. All it takes is one small slip, one mistake, and you’re truly fucked.
    If you’re wearing a mask but the moron who comes close to you isn’t wearing one, or is wearing it improperly, then they’re putting you at risk.

    So, even if you’re just going to get groceries, or pay your bills, or shopping for some essentials, it’s a high-risk manoeuvre at best.

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