Tag: climate change

Turkey Is Burning

I’m going to take it a little slow with the news for the rest of the year. Latest headlines have been about wildfires in Turkey. Now why is Turkey burning? What did the Turks do to have large portions of their forests and scrublands go up in flames? Climate change. 2021 is the year that …

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China Is Drowning

About a week ago, I posted an article about floods in Europe. Well, it’s China’s turn now. I’ve watched a couple of videos of the floods in China, and the situation seems pretty bad. But there is a bigger problem to worry about: Government censorship. It has come to my notice that Xi Jinping’s government …

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Scientists, Researchers and their Stupid Studies

Alright. I’ve been seeing a bunch of annoying news headlines for several years now. And since no one has said anything, I’m going to let ’em have it. ALL SCIENTISTS AND RESEARCHERS GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW! I’m going to set the records straight once and for all. I just saw this article titled Scientists …

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