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    Covid-19: 1 Million Dead 

    The world crossed a million deaths two days ago caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how temporary our lives are on this planet, for lack of a better adjective.

    What is the purpose of human life? Do people know? What is the aim of human life?
    Why were we born on this planet? Why do we suffer? Why do we feel pain and misery?

    Nobody knows when they’re going to die.
    Nobody knows how much longer they have to live.

    People like to assume that they’ll live for 100 years.
    But as we grow older, we all realize that’s not true.
    We know our bodies so well. Each one of us can feel the effects of old age.
    Yet we are so attached to our bodies, we think we’re immortal.

    Have you ever been to a funeral?
    Have you noticed how sad, quiet and solemn everyone is?
    Have you noticed how quickly their moods change when they go back home?

    Human beings are forgetful.
    Even though people visit a funeral or two each year, they never stop to think how how short and fragile life really is.
    Everyone’s so busy with their lives – their work and family and relationships and plans. Nobody has the time to stop and reflect why they’re doing all that.

    Those who do think about the fragility of life, don’t have a solution for it.
    And so they accept defeat and resign to the small comforts of the material world. But only for so long.

    Once you start thinking about death, the thought will always remain in the back of your mind.
    I’ve never stopped thinking about death. Ever since the first funeral I went to. I saw this young man who was much younger than me, lay there, still and lifeless. I saw his parents weep and mourn the death of their first-born.
    I saw his classmates bring flowers to the funeral.
    Everybody was sad and quiet.
    And then they all went back home.
    That was a decade ago.
    I wonder if anyone still remembers him. Time flies. Life changes for everyone. The dead are forgotten sooner or later.

    All the 1M people who died of Covid-19 had dreams. They all had plans for future. They all had loved ones, families and friends. They had jobs and houses, farms and cars. They had hobbies and different talents.
    And they all died.
    How was it? Was it a quick and painless? Was it slow and agonizing? What were they thinking, in those final moments of their lives?
    They were stuck alone, locked up in isolation, far away from the reach of their loved ones, surrounded by doctors and nurses wearing body suits, prying and prodding from a distance, helplessly watching them die.

    And then, they were rolled up in sheets of plastic and thrown in freezer trucks, stacked in piles for several days on end.
    Those in China were incinerated.
    Those in Equador were dumped in the middle of the streets by their families, because everyone was afraid of the Coronavirus.

    How many of them received proper burials?
    And how many were tossed into mass graves and buried far away from civilization?

    When the epidemic spread through China, I was watching clips of people dropping on the sidewalks and having seizures. Nobody went near them to help them. Everyone watched them from a distance, horrified, phones in hand, filming them.
    What went through the minds of the infected ones?
    There they lay, on the sidewalks, spasming and gasping for air, until they lost consciousness and died.
    It must be painful to be gasping for air when your lungs are already filled with liquid. It’s the same kind of feeling a drowning person goes through. There is no help. You just have to wait for your body to give up and let go.

    What were the dying people thinking?
    Were they thinking about their husbands? Their wives? Their children? Their careers? Their wealth? Did they wish they’d written their wills? Did they want to live longer? Did they want to spend one last moment with their loved ones? Did they regret anything they’d done earlier? Did they wish they could’ve done something different?

    Who are the one million people? Does anybody know? Do you know?
    Do you care? Would you like to know who they were, what their names were, what they did, how many kids they left behind, and what their dreams and goals were?

    What can we learn from the death of these 1M people?
    What have you learned?

    Does anybody care about the 1M dead people?
    Or is everyone so engrossed in their own lives that they’re too busy to care about their own families, let alone random strangers on some other part of the world.

    Are the 1M dead in a better place right now? Can anyone vouch for that?
    A lot of atheists don’t believe in afterlives and reincarnation. So for them, that is the end of the road. Everything’s finished.

    There’s a lot going on in the world right now. There’s so many things happening all at once. And I think people need to decide what’s important and what their priorities in life are.

    The first instinct of an intelligent man, should be survival.
    There’s a lot of people taking life for granted, walking around without masks and living their lives to the fullest, as they like to say.
    I think people – the entire human civilization needs to take a step back and figure out what they value the most.
    You can go and work in the office, you could go and protest something, you could go out for dinner in a public restaurant, you could hang out with friends and go to the club and party all night. Each of these activities carry a risk.
    What you really need to figure out is, is that risk worth your life?

    What does the latest research on Covid-19 say? I don’t know. I stopped reading because it was too much information to digest. But from the last time I read a scientific journal, they were talking about Covid-19 effects on the internal organs such as the liver, stomach, kidneys, the heart, and even the brain. Immunity doesn’t last long enough. People who were once infected can be infected again. Many have had reoccurring infections and died.

    These are dangerous times. One mistake could cost you your life. Have you prepared for death? Have you thought it through? Have you accomplished all your goals in life? Is this the end of the road for you?

    I think I wrote an article about death about a few weeks ago. I suggest checking that out for my thoughts on death.

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    My grandfather passed away the day before Radhastami.
    When I heard he was seeing the Yamadutas, I thought they’d toy around with him for 2 weeks before snatching his soul away.
    So when he died just two days after my prediction, I was a little surprised.
    We all knew his time had come; we just didn’t know exactly when.

    Now this article will include some fundamental religious beliefs and teachings from the Vedas. So if you’re an atheist or nonbeliever, skip this one.

    The Lord states in the Bhagavad Gita As It Is that we are souls. We are not this human material bodies.
    Our identification with the gross material bodies is the cause of suffering and illusion under the three modes of material nature.

    The Lord states that just like a person changes clothes from dress to another, the soul changes bodies from one form to another. As such, there is no cause for lamentation.

    Furthermore, The Lord states that the soul is indestructible. The soul can neither be destroyed by fire or air or water or earth or ether. The soul cannot be destroyed by any weapons.

    So why should a person lament when his time arrives? Why should a person fear death?
    Death is but a process by which a person discards his old body and attains a new one.

    Due to the influence of the age of Kali, most people cannot understand this simple concept due to their ignorance.
    And therefore, they are always hankering after material things and trying to satisfy the body.

    A wise man knows to not mourn the dead, as the soul never dies.

    When a person dies, his body stays right here, in front of all his family members and friends and relatives. The body is right there, in front of their eyes.
    So who do they cry about? “Oh! He has left us! He has left us!”
    Who has left them? The body of the deceased is right in front of them.
    Who are they lamenting for?
    What are they grieving for?
    It is the soul. The soul is the driver of the body. The material body is just like a car. Without the driver, a car is nonfunctional.

    The material body is made up of matter. Matter has no life. Matter has no consciousness. Matter is useless.

    The soul is important. The soul needs nourishment.
    Without spiritual cultivation, one cannot satisfy the soul. And if the soul is not satisfied, one can never be happy.
    This point can be proven by all the rich and wealthy, by the famous and popular, by the beautiful and handsome, by the intelligent and the foolish – no one is really happy regardless of how rich they are, or how beautiful they are, or how smart they are, or how famous they are… If a person does not practice spiritual life, they can never be happy.

    Everyone in this material world is hankering after material things. Due to their ignorance, they think that by acquiring the said material things, they will become happy. But, they are never truly happy.
    Material happiness is fickle and temporary.

    A person will always experience cycles of happiness and distress, heat and cold, pain and pleasure and so on.
    This material world is full of dualities. And one should remain equivocal and undisturbed by the material dualities.
    Only then, can one practice devotional service and become happy.

    Anyway, my grandfather’s dead. I didn’t attend his funeral due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I figured if there were too many people at the funeral, it would be quite risky.

    Am I sad that he’s dead? No. Am I sorry he’s dead? No. Do I feel any pain or grief caused by his death? No.
    I am quite unaffected by his death.
    On the contrary, I was angered by the timing of his death as it would mean that I could neither go to the temple nor perform deity worship at home for the next 2 weeks.

    I wasn’t close to the old man. I knew nothing about him and he knew very little about me.
    And that’s my relationship with all my family members and relatives.

    Material detachment is very important for spiritual growth and understanding. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to remain detached to most of the material things.

    One has to understand that when one dies, everything they have a relation to in this world will be left behind.
    You were born naked, without any material possessions, and you will leave this world the same way.
    Nothing in this world matters when death arrives – not your family, not your wife and lovers, not your children and grandchildren, not your money and jewellery, not your bank accounts and business shares, not your cars and land, not your house and TV – you will leave everything behind.

    At the time of death, it doesn’t matter if you’re beautiful or ugly, educated or illiterate, rich or poor, kind or selfish – none of your material qualities and qualifications matter.
    The only thing that’s worth something is your spiritual life. The only thing that’ll save you from the Yamadutas is your devotional life.
    Unless one remembers The Lord, has faith in the Lord and has led a virtuous pious life in the service of the Lord, one is sure to see the Yamadutas at the time of his death.

    So, the question is, how much preparation have you made for death?
    We all know we’re going to die one day; we just don’t know when.
    So, instead of hankering after material possession and pleasures, we should be focusing our time on the service of the Lord.

    A wise man knows that hankering after material pleasures is a waste of time.
    The human body is like a cage, and the soul is like the bird inside the cage.
    Instead of pampering the cage, a wise man knows to feed the bird inside the cage.
    Then he will become happy.

    Hundreds and thousands of people die every single day in the material world.
    Yet the rest of the population continues to hanker after sense enjoyment without any thoughts about their own fate.

    It is time to wake up. It is time to understand and realize one’s true position and identity in this material manifestation. It is time to search out for the real knowledge of the Vedas. It is time to make the best out of this human form of life as it is the only chance that we have to get out of the cycle of birth, death, old age and disease.

    Otherwise, people will continue to go through life after life; as cats, dogs, hogs, trees and fish. And they will continue to suffer in this material world lifetime after lifetime.

    I hope the readers of this article will take some time to ponder on it’s contents. This is a rare case where I’ve discussed the reality of this material world and the practical understanding and solution to our problems.

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