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Facebook And Twitter’s Trump Ban – Analyzing The Corporate Agenda

So Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended. Well, that’s what it said when i visited it. I’m not on Twitter. I rarely check anyone’s Twitter. Has Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account? This guy is still the President. If Twitter can ban his account, then who’s safe? There’s a lot of people who share Trump’s …

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Capitol Hill Riots: Analyzing The Double Standards

Recently, there were riots at the Capitol Hill. A lot of things happened. I’m sure everyone’s aware of the details. Now, I wasn’t interested in the Capitol Hill riots. Y’know why? Because I knew it wouldn’t end well. Before I lay out my thoughts on the event, I’d like to plug in an article I …

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Covid-19: India’s First Milestone

I didn’t really want to type another Covid-19 post. But one of the world’s alleged superpowers just crossed 1 Million cases of Covid-19. I think that deserves a post on it’s own merit. Congratulations to the most densely populated country on the planet. A few months ago, I’d predicted at least 300M cases in India. …

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