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Covid-19: The Wonderful Glories Of India

A few weeks ago I published a few articles detailing the rise of the second wave of the pandemic in India. Since then, there have been headlines after headlines exposing the horrible situation in India on the news. I avoided all that because the levels of stupidity in India reached the lethal limit of my …

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Stating The Facts

Some Indian guy went on my blog and posted an article beneath my article about Surleen Kaur and the ISKCON hypocrisy. Clearly this guy was irked by a lot of the facts that I’d stated and he was trying to downplay them. I’m going to make a few comments here. You appear to profess yourself …

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My grandfather passed away the day before Radhastami. When I heard he was seeing the Yamadutas, I thought they’d toy around with him for 2 weeks before snatching his soul away. So when he died just two days after my prediction, I was a little surprised. We all knew his time had come; we just …

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