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    Covid-19: Reap What You Sow 

    In the previous article, I showcased the bright side of politicians and the general masses. I thought it’d only be fair to show some more insight into the recent surge in the statistics.

    19th April

    13th April

    11th April

    2nd April

    30th March

    29th March

    29th March

    29th March

    28th March

    25th March

    21st March

    20th March

    17th March

    17th March

    8th March

    Kumbha Mela

    Kumbha Mela

    Indian zombies


    Naked Indian Zombies – NSFW

    Naked Indian Zombies – NSFW

    The best thing about these videos, is that they almost provide a first-hand POV into the events that may/may not have contributed to the pandemic.

    As you may have noticed, most of the people aren’t wearing masks. There is no social distancing.
    If you thought the American protests were bad, well, the Indians aren’t doing much better either, are they now? Even worse, a group of them prefer to walk around butt naked waving their pencil dicks at the camera.
    There have been some nude protests in some countries. Well, apparently India’s the OG with all the zombie babajis flaunting their ugly bodies.

    And no, this isn’t some anti-religious sentiment. I’m an ex-monk. I understand the religion better than you do.
    The point here isn’t the naked babajis or the angry farmers. This is about large masses of people flaunting Covid-19 precautions and restrictions, and deliberately spreading the virus because of their ignorance and stupidity.

    Y’know I’d feel sorry for the innocent guy who slipped once and caught the virus due to his bad luck. And I’d shed a tear for the poor family members who might get infected through him.

    But how do you feel sorry for this level of ignorance?
    It’s been one year since the pandemic began. How can people be so ignorant in the face of a virus that made doctors cry and nurses weep?
    So many Indians acting like there’s no virus on the loose, going about their daily lives, wasting time on useless endeavors.

    The government can lie and fake the numbers, but people will keep dying.
    It’s not too late for the people to get their shit together. But, from what I know, people will continue being reckless until the government steps in and imposes a total lockdown.
    And for now, their government doesn’t seem to be keen on doing that.
    I think their government wants to cull the population before it imposes the next lockdown. The advantage of that will be that people will be more compliant and obedient.
    At the time of this writing, 23rd April, India has 345K new cases for the day.
    It looks like everyday is going have a higher record.

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    isvarahparamahkrsnah 5:47 pm on June 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Poisoned Fruits 

    I live in a country where fruits are seasonal. And those that aren’t, are either imported, or altered with chemicals.

    I ate a lot of strawberries and grapes during the winter.

    Soon after the summer started, I switched to sweet melons, watermelons, and mangoes.

    Bananas – those are available all year round.

    But I’ve always been suspicious about these fruits. Not just the fruits, but the vegetables too. And the milk packets from the factories. But especially the fruits.

    The bananas don’t last more than 3 days. On the fourth day, even if the skin looks green, the fruits inside is already rotten.

    The mangoes look suspicious.

    My childhood was filled with mango trees. The mangoes took a few days to ripen, and always had that fresh wholesome taste.

    The mangoes from these markets though, look processed. Processed with a bunch of chemicals. They don’t last long. Sometimes the skin is green, but the insides are completely ripe.

    What’s going on in the world today? When I was a child, I could eat fresh wholesome natural fruits.

    Now, every fruit in the market is either soaked in chemicals or injected with chemicals. The news media has covered this. But nobody seems to care. Somewhere in the food chain, between the farmers and the vendors, the fruits are being poisoned with chemicals.

    These chemicals are being used to ripen the fruits faster than their normal times, grow bigger than the normal sizes, or shinier and more luscious to look at.

    I just had a first hand experience today. And it’s worried me. A watermelon was leaking some soapy yellowish liquid from a tiny hole. I was shocked. I’d just cut a watermelon and eaten a huge portion. Now I was looking at the last one, leaking some soapy fluids from a hole in it. The hole was tiny enough to be an injection entry point. Whoever injected the chemicals must have used a whole lot of it.

    I did some research on the internet. And the findings have left me traumatized. I don’t think I could eat another fruit in this dumpster of a country without wondering if it’s been filled with chemicals.

    I don’t know the side effects of these chemicals. I don’t know which chemicals were used to begin with.

    This is the current state of 3rd world countries. If the pandemic, riots, diseases and starvation doesn’t kill you, eating some chemical-laden fruits will.

    The world is being driven by greed. And who says only the rich are greedy? The poor are greedy too. They’ll use any chemicals they find to inject into your fruits and sell them to you. Hell, they’ll even use sewage water if it makes your watermelon taste sweeter.

    I’ve stopped eating sweet melons. I had an incident a few weeks ago, where I had a stomach ache the entire night, after eating sweet melon. I’m sure it must’ve been injected with some chemicals too.

    I’m angry.

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