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Nigeria Bans Twitter

Recently, Twitter decided to delete a tweet from the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

The tweet said

Many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of e destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the Nigerian Civil War. Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand.

Now, first of all, I would like to say, FUCK TWITTER.
Fuck twitter, fuck facebook, fuck their founders and leadership and management. Fuck their employees! Basically, fuck everybody.

Now, am I allowed to say that?
Of course I’m allowed to say that! Fuck Twitter. And fuck Jack Dorsey!

Twitter is a corporate entity that has become so massively empowered, that they’re censoring everybody left and right. Twitter isn’t a free speech platform. Twitter is a surveillance platform for mind-controlled idiots to discuss insignificant bullshit.

Earlier this year, both Twitter and Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s accounts. Now I’m no fan of Trump. But I opposed the suspension of his accounts because it was a clear indication of how powerful these corporate surveillance platforms were becoming. To think that a President of the world’s top nation would be suspended by some bullshit corporation! Can you imagine that?

There is a clear control of narrative here, where Twitter as a corporate entity, decides what you can say and not say. Now a decade ago, those lines were drawn finely regarding the anti-hate speech, violent content, x-rated stuff, illegal content, etc.
But now, Twitter’s like Xi Jinping’s offshore company, where they’re like, “Hey bwoy! You better watch yo goddamn mouth!”

There’s a lot of porn on Twitter now, isn’t there? All the Onlyfans superstars are jiggling their titties and clapping their ass cheeks on it. That is accepted.

Now, Muhhamadu Buhari’s tweet was a subtle threat. And a threat from the President isn’t a good thing.

But, this is Twitter. And I hate Twitter so much, that I support Nigeria’s stance on this once.
Can you imagine what I would’ve tweeted if I were in Buhari’s position? Just think about it.

I’m just here to celebrate the fact that Twitter got it’s ass checked by the Nigerian government. It’s high time somebody put Twitter in it’s place and Nigeria stepped up!
This is how it’s done folks! You wanna censor me? Get the fuck outta my country!

Nigeria has one of the largest populations in Africa. So Twitter is losing ground here.
Muhammadu – 1
Twitter – 0

Activism In Shithole Countries: Examining The Case Of Disha Ravi

A few days ago, an Indian activist named Disha Ravi was arrested by the cops and put behind bars for editing and circulating a document tweeted by climate activist Greta Thunberg relating to India’s ongoing farmer protests.

Here’s what the cops had to say:

Disha Ravi, arrested by CyPAD Delhi Police, is an Editor of the Toolkit Google Doc & key conspirator in document’s formulation & dissemination. She started WhatsApp Group & collaborated to make the Toolkit doc. She worked closely with them to draft the Doc. @PMOIndia @HMOIndia

Delhi Police has taken cognizance of a ‘Toolkit Document’ found on a social media platform that predates and indicates a copycat execution of a conspiracy behind the 26Jan violence. The call was to wage economic, social, cultural and regional war against India.

Now I was really curious about this document, and wanted to see what’s in it.
So I did a lil research and found this link.

Now I scrolled through the document in question and found nothing terrible that could warrant the arrest of the document’s authors, publishers or readers.
But maybe it’s just me, right?
Maybe I’ve grown accustomed to living in a world of free speech and this issue is beyond my grasp.

So I put myself in the shoes of a filthy curry-munching Indian pig and tried to decipher all the problems I would have with this document.
And these guidelines listed in the document could be the answer:

1. Tweet your support to the Indian Farmers. Use hashtag #FarmersProtest #StandWithFarmers
2. Call/Email any of your govt representatives and ask them to take action, Sign online Petitions and take action to Divest from fossil fuel industries.
3. Organise an on-ground action near the closest Indian Embassy, Media House or your local Govt. office on 13th/14th February, 2021. Share pictures on social media using the hashtag #FarmersProtest #StandWithFarmers

1. Share solidarity Photo/Video Message on social media with hashtags #FarmersProtest #StandWithFarmers
2. Digital Strike: #AskIndiaWhy Video/Photo Message
3. Keep tweeting – Feel free to tag @PMOIndia, @nstomar (Minister of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare), your own heads of state & others who ought to take note, like the IMF, WTO, FAO, World Bank
4. Read more about the issue – https://ruralindiaonline.org/en/stories/categories/farming-and-its-crisis/
5. Physical Actions – Near Indian Embassies, Govt. offices, Media houses
6. Watch out for (or Join) the Farmers’ March / Parade (a first of its kind) into Delhi and back to the borders.
7. Call/Email any of your govt representatives and ask them to take action, Sign online Petitions and take action to Divest from fossil fuels.

So what’s the problem?
I gather that the Indian cops
a) Don’t like people tweeting about issues affecting the country.
b) Don’t want Indians calling their govt representatives about these issues.
c) Don’t want any on-ground action in front of any government building.

a) reminds me of China.
b) reminds me of the typical lazy Indian politicians who want to make as much money as they can and do absolutely nothing to help the citizens.
c) reminds me of the pressure the politicians must be putting on the cops to silence the dissenters.

For anyone who hasn’t been to India, this is your introduction to the great religious nation – of con artists, scumbags, pedophiles, rapists, crooks, thieves and assholes.

You can never get anything done in India. Why? Because it is a country where retarded nationalism is glorified above everything else.
Everyone is required to praise this great nation of filth instead of cleaning the filth up.
If you speak out against anything done wrong in that country, you’re a traitor.

I scrolled through some Twitter threads that mentioned Disha Ravi and it’s amusing to see the number of people calling her a traitor and terrorist and comparing her to Osama Bin Laden.
That’s India for you. Everyone will jump into the hate train without doing any research. India is full of blind nationalist sheep herded by wolves. The common man is too stupid to think for himself.

A good citizen in India is one who sees no wrong, hears no wrong, and does absolutely no wrong.
India is the next China.

India’s a country where activists are arrested, jailed and killed, while rapists are set free.

India’s a country where activists are seen as a bigger threat than rapists, wife-beaters and pedophiles.

India’s a country where cops will cremate rape victims in the middle of the night, after locking their families up.

This is why there will be no progress.
India is the country where slogans are passed around like prasadam, but no action is ever taken.

Now I’ve been to India before. And my experience was terrible.
The news articles tell me that it’s not getting any better. So, when will the government start censoring the media? ‘Cause we all know that’s the next step to controlling a nation – censoring Twitter is just the beginning.

Anyway, here’s my message for the activists in India: Get the fuck out. Get out whilst you can. Nationalism and activism don’t bode well together.

For those who can’t get out, well, it’s 2021. What’s your excuse for being a clueless privacy idiot in this modern age?

The world is changing. It’s changing fast.
Human rights are being taken away. Freedom is no longer a fundamental right.
Freedom of speech isn’t a right anymore; it’s a privilege. And Indians, Arabs, Chinese, Russians and many others no longer have access to it.

I think privacy 101 should be an activist’s introduction to the censorship regimes that most of us now live in.

Remembering China’s Censorship: Li Wenliang

Today marks the first anniversary of he death of Dr Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who blew the whistle on Coronavirus.

I’m looking at the image of him on the news and he was wearing 2 masks!

Xi Jinping’s government didn’t blink an eye when labelling his death cause as Coronavirus, even though the man appeared to be wearing two masks.

Let the world remember this day in history as the day that China killed the man who told the truth.

And let the world mourn the fact that Xi Jinping is still alive, after causing the deaths of so many innocent people.

Let the world pray that Xi the fat chinese bastard burn in eternal hell, if there is any such thing.
And I wait for the day someone brave enough pulls a Gaddafi on Xi Jinping.

Covid-19: China Blocks Investigation

Well well well!
A few weeks ago, I watched a clip on Liveleak that showed Chinese officials blocking the road that led to the entry of some caves that supposedly held some clues to origin of the CHINESE VIRUS.

That’s one for Xi Jinping’s nuts.

I just read an article from Al Jazeera about China’s stubborn refusal to let WHO expert teams investigate the origins of the Chinese virus.

Meanwhile the Chinese crooks have propagated multiple lies about the origins of the Chinese virus; claiming it originated in the US, Italy, Australia and so on.

It’s 2021. It’s been an entire year since the Chinese virus destroyed millions of lives. Yet the WHO still hasn’t been able to clamp down on the source of the Chinese virus.

The article mentioned bureaucracy and I wanna say that bureaucracy and censorship go hand in hand. Bureaucracy and oppression go hand in hand. Bureaucracy and corruption go hand in hand. Bureaucracy is a codeword for “fvkcing wit people”.

Why is China blocking investigations into the origin of the Chinese virus?
Why are Chinese officials harassing and intimidating journalists and reporters?
What is China hiding from the rest of the world?

The truth will come out. Even if it takes a decade, you know someone somewhere will find out the secrets of the Chinese virus and leak that information.
Until then, I’ll be stomping on Xi Jinping’s wrinkled nuts.

No Free Speech In Vietnam

I just read this article on Vietnam Express about the 3 men who were jailed for opposing the Vietnamese government.

A court in HCMC on Tuesday sentenced three men to 11-15 years in jail for acting against the Vietnamese government.

Pham Chi Dung, 55, was handed a 15-year jail term while accomplices Nguyen Tuong Thuy, 71, and Le Huu Minh Tuan, 32, were both sentenced to 11 years in prison.

They were charged with “making, storing, spreading information, materials, items for the purpose of opposing the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.” Under Vietnam’s Penal Code, anti-government propaganda can be punished by up to 20 years in jail.

The three will be put under house arrest for three years after completing their sentences.

This is a start.
But I think the Vietnamese government will catch up with China in say, 10 years?
That’s when activists will just disappear without a trace.