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Covid-19: The Great Pandemic

Remember when old folks mentioned The Great Depression? I believe we now have The Great Pandemic. During my lifetime people have talked about SARS, swine flu, MERS, Ebola, and Zika. But this – this isn’t SARS or MERS or Ebola. No no no. This is far more dangerous. And I think we’ve just scratched the …

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Self-Isolation: The Road Ahead

It’s been 11 weeks since the lockdown begun. And while the majority of the country has opened up, I chose to remain in isolation. I went to the temple earlier this week, just to check things out, see how everybody’s doing, and get a feel for what lies ahead. It appears to me that I …

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Poisoned Fruits

I live in a country where fruits are seasonal. And those that aren’t, are either imported, or altered with chemicals. I ate a lot of strawberries and grapes during the winter. Soon after the summer started, I switched to sweet melons, watermelons, and mangoes. Bananas – those are available all year round. But I’ve always …

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