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    Covid-19: The Great Pandemic 

    Remember when old folks mentioned The Great Depression?

    I believe we now have The Great Pandemic.

    During my lifetime people have talked about SARS, swine flu, MERS, Ebola, and Zika.

    But this – this isn’t SARS or MERS or Ebola. No no no. This is far more dangerous. And I think we’ve just scratched the surface of a very bad nightmare.

    When the news of the pandemic spread early last year, I thought the R factor was 4. Some doctors, scientists and researchers calculated it to be somewhere between 1.5 – 2.5. Another had it at 5.7.

    If the R factor lowered, it means there were external factors that either slowed the spread of the virus, or people had gained immunity.

    And I don’t think people have gained immunity towards this one, vaccinated or unvaccinated. But the only way to know this, is to test it on humans. Luckily, there are a lot of stupid people in this world, so one can judge the spread of the virus by observing people’s behavior and the statistics.
    This is why health officials have recommended people to keep wearing masks even after being vaccinated. Because they don’t know for sure, if the vaccines will provide 100% immunity to other strains of the virus.

    But there are some governments who decided to manipulate the numbers, to give people a false sense of confidence. China, Russia, Brazil, Ecuador, India…and the list goes on.

    Now we have a problem, don’t we? 2 weeks turned into 2 months, then 6 months, and now, it’s been more than a year.

    When the government manipulates the numbers, it doesn’t magically end a pandemic.
    The governments are only buying time. They’re buying time to keep the economy running, at the expense of people’s lives.

    How many people have died in this pandemic? So far, it’s only 2,877,768, IF, I were to believe those numbers. But China stopped counting after 87K. They wanted me to believe that 1.4 billion people, somehow managed to thwart a virus that was consuming a population of 332M like a bowl of fruity pebbles. Because China has higher living standards than America. 4,636 deaths in China. Compared to 569,282 deaths in America, so far.

    Now let me tell you something folks. No matter how bad things get in the USA, it’ll still be not as bad as China. America still has some accountability and transparency in the system. Even with all the school shootings and racism and riots and murders, Americans still have some accountability in the system, when it comes to the lives of their citizens.

    China is completely opaque. The government is all-eyes everywhere. Yet the citizens don’t have a clue as to how badly they’re getting fucked by Xi Jinping. You can’t pick a booger from your nose in China without someone noticing. Yet their government managed to detain over a million Uyghurs in concentration camps without so much as a whiff from the public.

    21 million cellphone users disappeared in China during the start of their epidemic. Yet some pricks in the mainstream media, tried to explain it away by saying those were the users who cancelled their subscriptions.
    Who cancels their subscription in the middle of an epidemic? What sort of person goes, “Oh gee! There’s an epidemic that’s dropping people on the streets around me! Let me cancel my mobile subscription since I no longer have anyone to call or any news to surf at this particular point in time!”
    Does it make sense? If your nation was put in a state of emergency, would you want to call people, get in touch with your family and friends, check the news, and keep your cellphone near you at all times, OR, cancel your mobile subscription and throw your cellphone in the garbage?

    To put this into perspective, let me tell you about myself!
    I have NO ONE, absolutely NOBODY to call or text. I don’t even pick up my phone most of the time. I may have called like 10 people since the pandemic began. Most of those calls were one time only. I’ve gone months without recharging my phone. Yet, I – a person who has absolutely nothing to say on the phone – still haven’t cancelled my mobile subscription.
    I’ve got no job, no money, yet my phone number is still active, and accessible to be spied on, by the government.

    21 million Chinese people, cancelled their mobile subscriptions within a period of a few months! In the middle of a horrifying epidemic where people were spasming in hospital beds, and dropping in the middle of the streets – 21 million folks thought of cancelling their mobile subscriptions; that they had no use for them. Not even to call an ambulance or check on their spasming friends and relatives. Not to even inform anyone they’d lost a family member or friend.
    Now this, is what I call the pinnacle of BULLSHIT. This is top-tier bullshit, Grade A bullshit, only the best bullshit- made in China, served by retarded mainstream journalists in other countries.

    When it comes to pandemics, I have a rule – DTA : Don’t Trust Anybody, especially if they’re some corporate journalist crook who has a story to submit on a deadline.

    The news has become a business. A business for advertisements. A business for waging political warfare. A business for manipulating the emotions of people. A business for serving propaganda. A business for causing riots or maintaining peace. A business for serving useless fucking information that nobody asked for. A business for making money. The mainstream media has become a misinformation weapon. Nobody cares about the truth. Nobody cares about humanity. It’s all about the money!

    Have you ever scrolled down a news website? And you scrolled and scrolled, headline and headline, until you asked, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NEWS? And what the hell is this fucking bullshit? There’s a lot of useless information in the news. It’s 1% news, 99% load of crap that you were better off not wasting your time clicking on.

    If the mainstream media served actual fucking news, there’d be 3 or 4 new articles daily, at most. On some days, there would be no new articles. At least that’s the way I feel about it.
    I’m sure a lot of people feel different about this.

    So, back to the pandemic.
    I spent a huge portion of my time last year documenting one country in particular during the course of the pandemic: India.
    And my reasons were simple. I’d been there. I’d seen their lifestyle. I’d seen the unhygienic ways of millions of people. I’d experienced the culture of not giving a fuck. And I knew, if there was any country that’d be a perfect petri dish for the Coronavirus, it was India.
    And I was right. Until November last year. At it’s peak, India hit a million new cases in 10 days. That’s an average of ~143K cases daily.
    What’s the highest number of cases the US has had? I believe at some point last year, it had an average of 200K daily?
    That was peak transparency. At a period of time when India was at it’s peak hypocrisy, covering up the cases, manipulating the numbers, faking statistics, to avoid overtaking the USA for it’s number 1 spot.

    By all means of mathematical analysis and prediction, India was supposed to overtake the US by November 1st 2020.
    That was exactly my point in selecting India for a case study.
    And India lied. People died, India covered it up.

    My disappointment was immeasurable. India was cheating. Just like China, Russia and Brazil. But while Russia and Brazil tried to make the numbers believable, India’s numbers dropped from 100K to 20K in a few weeks, with no lockdown measures, no mask enforcement, a raging protest in it’s capital, and basically, total freedom.
    In fact, I was beginning to think that maybe India was the land of the pious. Maybe Covid-19 wasn’t going to infect religious people who didn’t consume wild animals like in China.
    But I was wrong. India is the land of rapists and liars. The dropping Covid-19 numbers were just a big lie by the government to keep the economy running.
    Did you know that a woman gets raped in India every 15 minutes? Just think about it for a sec. Let it sink in.

    Did you know that India has the highest number of scam call centers in the world? Scam call centers are a legitimate business in India, complete with the paperwork needed. A scam call center in India looks just like a regular office on the inside. You wouldn’t know all the employees sitting at the computers were scamming innocent Americans unless you looked at their screens.
    “Hello sir, you have a virus in your computer…”
    It’s a lie. Don’t fall for that bullshit.
    And stop using Windows. Use Linux.

    There’s a documentary about rapists in India – India’s Daughter. I highly recommend watching it, for what it’s worth.
    The documentary has been banned in India. Of course. India is China’s younger sibling in the world of surveillance and censorship.

    Recently it was brought to my attention that India’s numbers had spiked again.
    Two days ago, India had 103K cases, as opposed to 47K in the US, and 31K in Brazil.
    So, what happened?
    I’ll tell you what happened.
    While the Prime Minister’s government was busy shilling their vaccine donations and exports worldwide, the number of people showing up in hospitals doubled, then quadrupled. There’s no way in hell, they’d be able to explain the crowded hospitals and morgues without raising suspicion. They especially wouldn’t be able to explain the sudden rise in funerals across the country from all the maskless people dropping dead due to Covid-19.
    That’s where you get 103K from.
    That’s also where the government begins to consider a lockdown as an insurance policy.

    Unfortunately for Indians, their government has imposed a night curfew. What the fuck is a night curfew good for, when most of the people will be fast asleep?
    Several countries in Africa have also placed night curfews to curb the pandemic.
    Is it just me, or do these governments have a bunch of retards making all these dumb policies?

    I come here for a lockdown, alright? A proper lockdown with some proper restrictions. Like in the movie Contagion.
    Have you heard of it? No? ‘Cause you were too busy fucking scrolling through Facebook, weren’t ya?
    Do you call yourselves politicians? Fucking nonces.
    A lockdown, right, is a fucking lockdown! Like a prison.
    Fucking embarrassing.
    Waste of my time.
    Fucking waste of my time!

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 7:17 pm on July 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Self-Isolation: The Road Ahead 

    It’s been 11 weeks since the lockdown begun. And while the majority of the country has opened up, I chose to remain in isolation.

    I went to the temple earlier this week, just to check things out, see how everybody’s doing, and get a feel for what lies ahead.

    It appears to me that I will have to remain in self-isolation for the remainder of this year. A part of me had seen this coming, but a part of me wasn’t prepared for the foreseeable future.

    I knew this pandemic wasn’t going to go away in a month or two. And I knew from the very beginning about the number of casualties this pandemic would claim. I had made my predictions and published them for the record. Two months ago, I’d been talking about a daily record of 50K+ new cases in my geographical region. I said I was waiting for it, and I said it was going to happen. It was inevitable, just like the sun rises every morning, the Covid-19 cases would rise to 50K+ in a day. And while my geographical region hasn’t seen that rise yet, the US has made the record. 1st July 2020, 51,097 new cases in the US alone.

    A lot has changed within the last two months. The world went from fear of the Coronavirus to completely disregarding any safety precautions against the virus. I don’t want to get into the details of who did what and why they did it. The bottom line is this: people did stupid things, and they were rewarded with the appropriate results.

    I must say, I’ve lost the feeling of sympathy that I used to have toward people; well, most of it anyway. I’ve seen people make a lot of stupid and reckless choices during the pandemic. I believe a lot of people had the option to educate themselves about the Covid-19 during the initial hit in China. But I don’t think they did. I’m not sure if people think they’re immune to the virus, or if their sheer ignorance and arrogance makes them think they won’t catch it.

    And this is personal. Just like the black people know if they don’t speak out against police brutality, their friends, family and even they could end up facing police brutality.

    I know if people don’t stop acting reckless and isolate themselves, pretty soon, they’ll all be infected by the Covid-19. It’s just a matter of time before everyone around me gets infected, thus putting my health at risk.

    I don’t want to get infected by the Coronavirus. I don’t want to suffer. I don’t want to experience any health problems. I just want to be healthy and live my life. I’ve had my share of suffering in the past. I’d rather not go through it again. And if some moron thinks that they can just go about acting the fool and get infected, and then come around and pass the infection to me, then they have no idea what a man can do for survival.

    My survival instincts are much higher than the average guy. I can sense the danger before I see it. I plan things meticulously. I want to make this clear: when everybody’s dead and gone, I’m going to be around to live my life the way I wanted to. If anybody wants to outlive this pandemic, they’ll have to be really smart about it.

    Recently, a video surfaced showing a Covid-19 response team throwing dead bodies into a pit in India. This is who human beings really are, deep down inside. If you’re in India, you’ll just be tossed into a burial pit along with a dozen other folks. If you’re in New York, you’ll be left lying in a refrigerated truck for months. And if you’re in Ecuador, you’ll just be abandoned in the middle of the streets. What’s going on in Brazil? How are they dealing with 1000 dead in a single day? I don’t know. But I will look into it.

    I’ve stopped digging deep into the Covid-19 events for the past few weeks. Hell, I haven’t visited Liveleak in a while. There’s just too much dehumanizing content out there. It becomes hard to digest everything going on across the globe at once.

    This post was supposed to be about me. But as usual, I got sidetracked into other things. Anyway, the plan is this: I’ve been stuck alone for 11 weeks and counting. My time hasn’t really been that productive during this period. With all the events going on, I’ve lost my mental focus on getting productive work done. So here’s my new goal: Post at least one article daily, start posting videos on Peertube, and make use of the fediverse accounts, which, quite frankly, have been lying dormant because I’ve just been too lazy to begin using social media again. Once I begin doing something, it’s easier to continue the journey. The difficulty lies in getting started.

    The thing about me is – I don’t want to waste my time blabbering nonsense on the internet. I want to put meaningful content out there; something to ponder on. Everything I post on the internet has to make sense. It has to have a purpose. At the very least, I want my viewers to learn something new, or get new ideas from it.

    There’s no doubt that writing has always been therapeutic for me. Loners like me either have to write, or engage in some physical activity to keep their minds healthy. Otherwise the lack of human contact starts to have an adverse effect.

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