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    AMD & NVIDIA: The Enemies Of Linux 

    I just can’t get a break from these dumbass computer hardware manufacturers and their stupid fuckups.

    One of the reasons I wanted a new laptop was to be able to run almost any Linux distro without any issues.
    But that doesn’t seem to be the case, does it?

    I’ve been waiting for several weeks for AMD to fix a backlight issue problem where the screen brightness is 100% on every boot.

    Here’s an example of the error:

    systemd-backlight@backlight:amdgpu_bl0.service – Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of backlight:amdgpu_bl0
    Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-backlight@.service; static)
    Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Tue 2021-03-02 05:41:00 EEST; 5min ago
    Docs: man:systemd-backlight@.service(8)
    Process: 331 ExecStart=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-backlight load backlight:amdgpu_bl0 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
    Main PID: 331 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)

    Now this problem has been mentioned on several sites – on the kernel site, on AMD’s site, on systemd’s site, and on several distro forums.
    Nobody seems to be doing anything to fix this big fucking problem.

    So my question is, how long will I have to wait for some googley-eyed nerd to sort out whatever’s causing the problem?

    I don’t wanna be blinded by my screen when I turn the laptop on every dawn.
    Every week I checked the site for any updates, and all I see are more users having similar problems.

    So this is my understanding on the issue: Nobody is doing anything to fix a simple backlight issue. Several users have come up with their own hacks but I’m not looking for hacks. I want a perfectly running Linux OS when I do my upgrades.

    I’m not a patient man. Never was.

    Here’s my advice to anyone looking to purchase a laptop and run Linux on it – go for an Intel chip. Fuck it. But a laptop cooler or a mini fridge to put your laptop in, while you’re using it. At least you won’t be blinded by the fucking screen every time you boot or wake the damn thing up.
    Since both AMD and NVIDIA want to fuck around with the Linux users, fuck them both! Intel’s dropping their own GPUs soon. So wait for them and get an Intel CPU with an Intel GPU! How about that, eh?

    I want all the nerds from all sides to get together – have a meeting, and figure out what’s causing this fucking problem and fix it.

    Imagine my horror when I’d just got a brand new fucking laptop, installed my OS in it, upgraded the kernel and wallah! Blinding screen on every boot.

    This problem will have to be fixed. I’m stuck with this machine for the rest of the decade. I don’t want to endure a stupid fucking backlight brightness problem for 10 years.

    I’m raising awareness here.
    This is me, calling out all the nerds and stating the problem.
    This isn’t me, coming out, guns blazing, blowing craters up your asses.
    But my next article, will be a volcanic eruption. Linus Torvalds – that’s your cue.

    While I’m at it, here’s another problem: Why am I not seeing higher boost clock speeds on Linux? Is it AMD’s fault or the Linux kernel’s?
    I haven’t looked into it yet. But before I get down to it, I suggest ya’ll look into it first.

    Now, onto NVIDIA.

    Everyone says AMD GPUs just work on Linux.
    So why don’t NVIDIA’s?
    Why doesn’t the NVIDIA X SERVER Settings work?
    Now my laptop has a dedicated GPU that does fuck-all when running Linux.

    The nouveau nerds are saying NVIDIA has closed sourced their graphics cards. That’s why I’m unable to make use of them.

    Here’s my message to NVIDIA: NVIDIA you chinga a tu madre fuck you motherfuckers hija de su pinche, perra, aguanga, desgraciada madre!
    Open source your goddamn drivers and make sure they’re working like a charm on every goddamn Linux distro on this planet.
    Until that happens, I’m going to be writing an article every month, reminding the entire world just how much NVIDIA SUCKS.

    Linus, are you taking notes?

    AMD, lower your goddamn prices. Just because you’re making better chips than Intel doesn’t mean you should start raping your customers’ wallets.
    If AMD’s 6000 series chips aren’t priced appropriately, I’ll be posting a dozen articles discussing why AMD’s chips aren’t worth the prices, but not without a detailed description of Lisa Su’s adventures with a chimpanzee.

    Linus, the backlight.

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    Laptop Standards: CPU 

    In the previous article, I rambled about displays and GPUs.

    I’d like to talk about CPUs briefly.

    If you’re getting a new laptop, go for a hexa core or octa core.

    The current standard on laptops is quad core. Most of the laptops you’ll see around have a minimum of 4 cores.
    But this bar has already been raised.
    By the end of this year, 6 cores and 8 cores will be the new baseline.

    If you’re making a purchase decision in 2021, let 6 cores be your baseline, if you want to be future-proof.

    Dual cores are dead and gone.
    If your laptop has a dual core, you’re living in the past.

    Quad core is being phased out by 6 core and 8 core chips.
    Every new laptop will now have 6 cores or 8 cores.

    Hyper-Threading is a thing.
    It was a thing when I got my first laptop, and it’s still thing today.
    Always select a CPU that supports hyper-threading. So a 6 core processor will have 12 threads and an 8 core will have 16.
    It’s better and faster than a 6 core with 6 threads or an 8 core with 8 threads.

    Always choose a higher TDP. It means you’ll have more power to run your chips at higher clock speeds.
    15W TDP is a damn shame. Always go for a 35W or 45W CPU.
    Now all this info is only for CPUs that were made in the past 4 years or so.
    And I’m making recommendations based on AMD’s site, because it’s simple and they make good valued CPUs.

    When I looked at Intel’s website, I was bewildered by the sheer number of processors they had. It left me confused and thought about seppuku.
    When it comes to Intel, you never really know which processor is the best because there is no simply and easy way to find out.
    And I guess this has been Intel’s way of conning people and robbing them of their money.

    If you’re getting a laptop with a CPU only, then one fan will suffice.
    But if you’re getting a laptop with a dedicate GPU, you’ll need at least two fans to provide an optimal cooling solution.

    Most laptops with dedicated GPUs now have 2 cooling fans, while some new ones have 3.
    If your laptop has only one fan with one or two cooling pipes, chances are, it’ll overheat and you’ll experience thermal throttling.

    Intel’s chips are said to run hotter than AMD’s. So unless you live in Siberia, you might wanna go with AMD.

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    Purchasing A Laptop: Considering My Requirements 

    I’ve wanted a laptop to replace my Lenovo S20-30 netbook for about 2 years now.

    During the first 2 years of the netbook, I kinda pushed myself to accept and deal with it. But then, I got tired of optimizing my OS to run on the netbook.
    Multitasking was a nightmare, and it was just a terrible terrible netbook.

    Last year, I finally considered getting another laptop.
    But first, I needed to get my requirements right.

    So what were my requirements?

    I’d like to consider myself a moderately informed person. I’m not a nerd, but I do know my way around computing devices.

    Now I’m a minimalist on a tight budget. That was my first consideration. I didn’t want to buy a laptop that was overpriced.

    So here’s the key points I thought of, when considering my next laptop:

    1. An octa core CPU, no older than Intel’s 8th Gen, with hyperthreading

    2. A decent GPU that could run GTA V smoothly. Why GTA V? Because it’s the only game with decent graphics that I watched on YouTube.
    I wasn’t going to play GTA V. I wanted a GPU that would help with video editing. And I figured, if it could run GTA V, it can edit videos, right?

    3. 16 Gigs of RAM, dual channel, upgradeable

    4. 500 Gigs of m.2 NVMe/PCIe SSD storage

    5. Dual fans to keep it cool. I’d seen a lot of laptops with 2 fans, and I thought, why not get one myself? It’s better than 1 fan, I’ll tell you that!

    6. Simple design, easy repairability, and upgradability

    7. Full metal body – aluminium, magnesium alloy, or carbon

    Now these are a perfect specs for a powerful machine that could push through a decade.
    In my opinion, any laptop that can’t last a decade isn’t worth purchasing.

    So I’d decided my specs. Now it was time to start hunting for the perfect laptop.

    Here’s what I found out:

    1. There weren’t many laptops with 8 core processors, especially older ones. The new ones were quite expensive.
    Most laptops came with 4 cores or 6 cores. New 8 core chips were too expensive.

    2. Intel’s chips seemed to run hotter than AMD’s. They often experienced thermal throttling and cooling issues. They were also more expensive.

    3. NVIDIA’s GPUs don’t have a proper naming system. It’s all over the place. If you’re looking for the fastest GPU, you’ll have to look it up manually and compare the results.

    4. Any laptop with 16 Gigs of RAM was overpriced. Most laptops shipped with 8 gigs that you could upgrade later. Since I was coming from a 2 Gigs soldered RAM package, 8 Gigs looked pretty good to me.

    5. Many laptops came with multiple storage options. You could get an SSD and add a HDD later and vice versa.

    6. Design, upgradability and repairability varied with each laptop. Before purchasing, make sure you looked ’em up on YouTube.

    7. Most laptops were made of plastic. Metal framed laptops were either terribly-spec’d and cheap, or incredibly-spec’d and expensive. There were no middle grounds.

    8. Most sellers think a dedicated GPU means gaming laptop. That’s how they price their products and will often con you. Beware! Just because a laptop has a dedicated GPU doesn’t make it a gaming or content-creator’s laptop. The branding is just the manufacturer’s way of robbing people.
    Any laptop can be used for gaming or content creation, as long as it’s spec’d properly.
    When I went to the stores and asked for a laptop with dedicated graphics card, the salesmen immediately jumped on the gaming laptop section, which was, of course, overpriced.

    9. A lot of stores still showcase Intel’s laptops. AMD is still not popular in the market. Sometimes, and especially if you’re explicitly asking for an AMD laptop, the stores may quote a higher price. Beware!

    10. When looking at a CPU, pay attention to the TDP. It’s a good indicator of how powerful a modern CPU is, especially when you consider how U-series processors are everywhere. U-series and Y-series processors aren’t for people with serious computing requirements.

    Here’s what I wish I’d known earlier:

    1. NVIDIA GPUs don’t run well on Linux. If you’re a privacy oriented guy who uses Linux, look for an AMD CPU & AMD GPU combination.

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    Apple M1: The Greatest Chip Of The Decade 

    The M1 is an ARM based SoC designed by Apple inspired by their ARM A14 chip.

    It has four high-performance Firestorm and four energy-efficient Icestorm cores.

    The Firestorm cores have 192 KB of L1 instruction cache and 128 KB of L1 data cache and share a 12 MB L2 cache.

    The Icestorm cores have a 128 KB L1 instruction cache, 64 KB L1 data cache, and a shared 4 MB L2 cache.

    The Icestorm “E cluster” has a frequency of 0.6–2.064 GHz and a maximum power consumption of 1.3 W.

    The Firestorm “P cluster” has a frequency of 0.6–3.204 GHz and a maximum power consumption of 13.8 W.

    The M1 comes with unified 8 GB or 16 GB RAM. The RAM and the SoC are combined into a single chip.

    The M1 has an integrated Apple-designed 7-core/8-core GPU.

    And that’s the specs sheet.

    This chip is faster than any Intel and AMD chip of it’s class.
    In fact, this chip is in it’s own class with it’s 5 nm architecture.

    This chip is also faster than any NVIDIA and AMD dedicated graphics card in a special way.

    The M1 can consume a maximum of 14W.
    In fact the M1 Macbooks don’t even come with a fan! My crappy Lenovo S20-30 netbook also came without a fan but it had a crappy slow piece of Intel garbage.

    The battery life for M1 powered laptops is the outstanding.

    The M1 Macbook Air was reportedly launched at the price of $999.
    At this price point, I’d say this was an acceptable deal, BUT the Macbooks aren’t great.
    Don’t get me wrong – the M1 chip is the greatest, so far. If I had the money, I’d buy a laptop with an M1 chip.
    But Apple Macbooks aren’t a great purchase for consumers. And for several reasons; one being, very poor maintenance, repair and upgradability options.

    The M1 is a trendsetter. It’s a spaceship in a world of supercars.

    I’m excited to see what the competition will now bring on the table.
    It’ll take AMD perhaps another 5 years to get their equivalent of an M1 chip.
    It’ll take Intel 10 years or more. Because Intel sucks and FUCK INTEL!

    Everyone was talkin’ about how cool AMD chips are. I mean, look at this! It’s more powerful than anything AMD came up wih and doesn’t even need a fan! If AMD is cool, then Apple’s M1 is ice-cold. And Intel – oh bugger! Intel may shut down by the end of this decade. Their CPUs are way overpriced and Intel HD Graphics is completely useless when the M1 is taken into consideration. And the Iris crap isn’t any better. No praise for Intel and their new generations of the same overpriced bullshit every year!

    I mean, look at the performance vs power consumption here, both on the CPU and integrated GPU.
    The Zen 3 products are the last great thing from AMD for the next few years. Because now they’ll have to go back to the drawing board, and redesign an entire new SoC that can compete with Apple’s M1. And compatible graphics cards that can go along with those.
    Because that’s where the money is.

    The M1 chip just falls short of AMD and Nvidia’s most powerful dedicated GPUs that were released late last year. That’s a big deal. Apple singlehandedly designed a chip with an integrated GPU that beat all the dedicated GPUs before it’s launch.

    Nvidia will have to go back to the drawing board as well. Every company that wants to survive will have to do something! And if they don’t, rest assured that Apple will gain a whole lotta new consumers. Well that can’t be good for AMD, Intel or Nvidia, right?

    Fanless SoC that runs like a beast! The entire motherboard is so small, they make desktop computers look like dinosaurs.

    Now I don’t like Apple’s tiny motherboards and terrible upgrading designs. I hope the other companies would make better choices.
    Imagine a 16 core M3 chip, with a fan and the same chassis as today’s average laptops. The thing would be a beast with the best cooling possible.
    And I hope there would be upgrading options with RAM slots in addition to the integrated RAM. That’d be nice.

    I think this new decade will bring along some of the most powerful chips we could ever have imagined. And the longer those are delayed, the larger Apple’s customer base will grow.

    Apple’s 8 core M1 chip is already here.
    Now we just have to wait and see when they’ll release a 12 core M2 and 16 core M3..
    By the time those come out, if AMD and Nvidia haven’t released something as good, then dedicated graphics cards will become obsolete.
    I mean, if there was an option for the M1 chip in a Lenovo, Asus or Dell laptop when the M1 Macbooks came out, I’d have bought one.

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    My Lenovo Netbook Review 

    I have a Lenovo S20-30 netbook.
    It’s time for the grand reveal!

    When my HP laptop was dying, I asked someone to buy me a new laptop.
    At the time, Windows laptops with a touchscreen were a big hype so I really wanted one.
    And of course I wanted a bigger screen, faster CPU and more RAM than my HP laptop.
    But this is the surprise I got.

    An 11 inch netbook with Windows 8.1 with Bing preinstalled.

    CPU: Intel Celeron N2830 dual-core processor (Bay Trail-M Series)
    Clock Rate: 2160 – 2410 MHz
    Level 1 Cache: 112 KB
    Level 2 Cache: 1 MB
    Number of Cores / Threads: 2 / 2
    Power Consumption (TDP = Thermal Design Power): 7.5 Watt
    Manufacturing Technology: 22 nm
    Max. Temperature: 105 °C

    GPU: Intel Integrated HD Graphics
    Codename: Bay Trail
    Architecture: Gen. 7 Ivy Bridge
    Pipelines: 4 – unified
    Core Speed: 311 – 750 (Boost) MHz
    Memory Bus Width: 32/64/128 Bit
    Shared Memory: yes
    DirectX: DirectX 11, Shader 5.0
    Technology: 22 nm
    Supported Technologies: Wireless Display, Quick Sync, Speedstep

    RAM: 2048 MB, DDR3, Single-Channel, Soldered

    Ports: 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, 1 headphone jack, SD Card reader

    Display: 11.60 inch, 16:9 display ratio, 1366 x 768 pixel, Chi Mei N116BGE-L32, TN LED, reflective

    Storage: Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD5000LPCX-24C6HT0, 500 GB, 5400 rpm

    Networking: Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet (10/100MBit/s), Broadcom BCM43142 (b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4), Bluetooth 4.0

    Soundcard: Intel Valleyview SoC – HD Audio Controller

    Battery: 36 Wh Lithium-Ion, lasts 3 hours max,
    Lifespan: 1 Year

    Camera: Potato webcam

    Speakers: Stereo

    Keyboard: Chiclet, Keyboard Light: no

    Preinstalled bloatware: Cyberlink PowerDirector 10, McAfee LiveSafe-Internet Security (trial version), MS Office (trial version), Nitro Pro 9, Superfish

    Price: $300

    Now, I’ve listed the specs according in order of priority. I’ve tried to be as civil as possible, without making this personal.

    And now I’m going to critique this piece of crap. Are you ready?

    CPU: This is the worst CPU that I’ve ever used in my entire life. Like what year was this made for? 1978?
    Intel, I’ve got some words for you.
    Intel, Fuck You! Fuck you Intel! Fuck you for producing this garbage processor that is slow as fuck and can’t even run Windows.
    Do you know how fucking slow this is? I had to install Linux on the damn thing! I had to learn Linux. I tried and tested like a dozen distros over and over and over, again and again, every year. And at the same damn time, I had to learn how to create my own distro, a slick and smooth and fast one that could run on this piece of crap that you MONKEYS dare call a processor.

    When was this piece of junk created?
    Now I’m curious. I wanna know what year it was that Intel thought was a great year to create a dual core CPU with only 2 fucking threads.
    Oh gee! It’s the year 2014! Everyone’s running computers with quad core CPUs with 2.4Ghz min. base clock and 4.0 Ghz boost clock.
    I wonder what kind of processor we could create that would please our customers?

    Cache? Who needs cache?! Let’s put a 1Mb cache and call it a day!
    What was this processor designed for? Running a fridge? Opening and closing your doors? Beeping an alarm when the intruders break your windows?
    What the fuck, can a CPU with 1Mb cache, accomplish by the modern standards?

    Y’know back when I was a Windows nerd, I saw these Windows for embedded systems. These are the systems that ran on things like vending machines and billboards.
    Hey Intel! Is that what you designed the N2830 CPU for?
    Then why the fuck did you sell that processor to laptop manufacturers?!

    The N2830 CPU cannot run modern applications on Windows. It can barely run the Windows OS.
    And to think that Intel engineers would come up with this garbage processor is a disgrace to humanity.
    To think that Intel would release such a CPU into the consumer market is utterly despicable!

    I’m glad AMD has taken the consumer market.
    I’m glad AMD is whooping Intel’s ass like the little bitches they are.
    It’s a thin piece of comfort, but it’s comfort nonetheless!
    You know I hope AMD takes over the entire planet, and I hope Intel goes bankrupt and shuts down and I hope all the Intel engineers go fuck themselves for designing this piece of shit processor.

    GPU: Intel Integrated Graphics has been a running joke for a decade. And if AMD hadn’t stepped up and pulled out that Vega card, Intel would still be fucking everyone over with their piece of crap Intel UHD.
    Intel UHD is a joke.
    If anybody has a computer with Intel UHD alone, they just got smacked in the eyes by Intel’s nutsack.

    The S20-30 can’t play 1080p YouTube videos. The best you can watch is 720p.

    Now, onto Lenovo.
    Lenovo, get your asses ready. You know it’s coming. It’s coming down hard!

    2GB of soldered RAM!
    Can you believe this shit?!
    Who came up with the idea of pairing 2 gigs of soldered RAM with Intel’s pile of crap?
    Who is it?
    Give me a name!
    Who is the Lenovo engineer, that came up with this marvelous idea?
    I wanna know his name. I wanna know his address. So I can pay him a visit an solder his asshole shut.

    If you design this kind of garbage, you do not deserve to be called an engineer.
    You should be called a monkey. A retarded monkey.
    This was 2014, you stupid moron! You knew this kind of shit wouldn’t run Windows OS!

    2 USB ports on either side of the netbook.
    What was this netbook supposed to run? Chrome OS?
    Put everything in the cloud? Google cloud storage? Microsoft OneDrive?
    Y’know the laptop had Microsoft OneDrive. But it was so slow, it was unusable.

    The SD card reader didn’t work.
    It detected my card like twice when I was using Linux and that too disappeared.
    But the SD card on my HP laptop was flaky too, so I’m not gonna blame ya’ll. These SD card readers all seem to be crap.

    The display was terrible. This was hands-down the worst screen to be ever put on a laptop. The worst!
    The touchscreen was laggy, so that was a useless feature too.
    The screen was so reflective, I could use it as a mirror.
    Absolutely terrible!
    The resolution was terrible and you could count the pixels if you stared at the screen.
    Who put that screen on there? Who the hell approved such a screen? That screen was so terrible, it could make people go blind.
    Lenovo! Are you smelly jerkoffs trying to blind the world?
    Shame on you!

    The storage was okay.
    My HP laptop had a similar storage setup so I’m not mad about that.
    But if these pricks from Lenovo had put in an SSD, it would’ve made the netbook run a little faster.
    But oh no! They had to cheap out on everything! Sons of bitches!

    The WiFi card gave me a lot of issues on Linux. Bluetooth didn’t work on any of the distros.
    Thumbs down for that.
    And fuck you!

    The sound was okay, I guess. I’m no audiophile.

    The battery lasted for about 3 hours when it was new.
    When you think of the hardware it was powering, Lenovo may have as well just popped a cell phone battery in there.

    The speakers were terrible. Tiny sounds that made it seem like a cell phone from the late 00’s was playing.

    The webcam was terrible. Then again, all laptop manufacturers still use potato webcams. That’s shameful. In this decade, if you put a 720p webcam on a laptop, you’re evil. You should be shot in the leg for pixelating people’s faces. That’d bring you back to your senses real quick.

    The keyboard was okay. A little hard to get used to in the beginning but I managed to make it work.

    The bloatware was unnecessary.
    When you design a laptop that can barely run Windows, adding a bunch of garbage software only makes it worse.

    The netbook came with Lenovo superfish. I guess that’s because all their moms’ vajayjays smell like fish.

    The build was plastic. I don’t mind the plastic except that the screw holders broke off and I had to use cellotape to keep the laptop together.
    The hinge lasted surprisingly well. even though I left the display open for about an year. That faired pretty well compared to HP.

    Overall, this was a terrible terrible netbook. I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. It was that bad. I wouldn’t give it to ISIS. I wouldn’t want Kimmy Jong Un to use it. I wouldn’t even give it to a child to play with it as a toy.

    ‘Cause I have one more thing to say to you.
    Fuck you for manufacturing this piece of crap.

    And that marks the end of my rant.
    I would never ever purchase another Lenovo laptop, just as a matter of principle. Even if it was a $2000 X1 Carbon. Wouldn’t do it.
    And I wouldn’t advice anyone to buy one either. Doesn’t matter if it’s a thinkpad or thonkpad or thotpad. If it’s Lenovo, stay away. While you may get a good product, there’s some consumer that probably got fucked over by Lenovo. And that doesn’t sit right with me.

    I wouldn’t buy a HP either. Just putting that out there. I’m not going to talk about my HP laptop experience here. But maybe sometime, if someone wants to hear it.

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