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I Have An Online Stalker

I’ve had a stalker for a while now. Maybe 9 months? More or less. And this stalker is a woman; a married woman. I met her on an IRC channel, and we became friends. But this IRC channel had a lot of assholes in it. A bunch of people didn’t like me. Some would try …

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The Calm Before The Storm

Since my appearance on the internet about 2 years ago, I’ve come across several assholes on the internet. And my character and personality has evolved with time, influenced by the events, people and experience. I decided to take a step back, and look at myself. Is this the person I wanted to be when I …

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Tildeverse, Gopherspace and Geminispace

It’s been a while since my last article. I know I said I would post an article everyday for the month of July, but hey – I had a headache for a few days and then went exploring through the internet. And guess what I found?! It’s been totally worth the wait. Let’s start with …

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