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    Taiwan Is An Independent Country 

    I was scrolling through 9gag and I see all these posts about John Cena apologizing to Chinese fans for calling Taiwan a country.

    Taiwan is an independent country.
    Taiwan is not part of China.
    Taiwan will never be a part of China.

    Hong Kong is an independent nation.
    Hong Kong will never be a part of China.

    Palestine is an independent nation.
    Palestine was stolen by the Jewish Israeli thieves.
    Jews should stop stealing Palestinian homes.
    Are you a Jewish nationalist and patriot of Israel, land of the homes thieves? Good. Fuck off!

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    Israel – Worse Than China 

    I’d like to thank home-stealer Yakub for bringing the Jewish settlers into focus.

    I’ve watched a number of news stories and documentaries about the Jewish settlers in Jerusalem to have a better understanding about the current crisis in Israel.

    It surprises me that the people who’ve been carrying the holocaust shield have been secretly carrying out the same activities in Israel, right under the noses of the whole world.

    If you look at the atrocities the Jews faced under Hitler’s regime, and compare them to the atrocities the Jews are carrying out on the Palestinians, you’ll notice quite a number of similarities.
    The only thing missing now, are gas chambers, exterminations and concentration camps for the Palestinians.

    Does anyone want to take a wild guess on how long before Israel builds concentration camps for the Palestinians?
    You know they’ve already thought of it.
    They just want it to be a super-secret operation so the world doesn’t pounce on them and call ’em out for it.

    The Jews have already stolen Palestinian homes and kicked them out.They’ve invaded mosques, they’ve built barriers, road-blocks and checkpoints.
    A Palestinian can’t even even move around without showing an ID.
    Jews don’t need IDs. Palestinians need an ID, plus they need to be always above suspicion. One wrong move at any moment could end a Palestinian’s life.

    The Jews are very racist people. I thought the Indians and the Chinese and the Africans were racist; how wrong I was!

    Watch this video to see how the Jews treat immigrants.
    This is Israel’s official take on immigration.
    Israel doesn’t want any immigrants. In fact, they’ve been too busy trying to eradicate the presence of Palestinians for decades.

    This is where the $3.3 Billion annual foreign aid from the US goes to.
    Till 2018, the US has given Israel $236 Billion. And the US continues to give Israel an annual $3.3B.

    What’s the population in Israel? 9.3 million people.
    Why does a country with 9.3 million people need foreign aid of $3.3 billion every year?
    Where’s that money going? Has anyone ever wondered?
    This is a country which won’t accept any migrants and it’s actively trying to eradicate the Palestinian population by all means necessary.

    All that money is going into enriching the lives of the Jews whilst tormenting and eradicating the Palestinians.

    The Israeli military is one of the most powerful in the world right now.
    How did they become so powerful? Through foreign aid.
    They became powerful by getting handouts every year whilst avoiding scrutiny by flashing the holocaust card to anyone who dared question them.

    Question: What’s the Jewish free pass to commit crime and steal houses?
    Answer: The holocaust

    The Palestinians are being thrown out of their homes, with no money or place to go.

    Have you ever been on 4chan?
    If you browser the /pol/ board, you’ll see a number of racist posts about Jews.
    I rarely visit /pol/ because there isn’t as much news as there are racist slurs.
    But I’ve come to think of it, that these posts have a background. There’s some truth to the matter, which is obscured by the racial slurs and profanity all over the threads.

    /pol/ is where I discovered that there’s a thing called JIDF – Jewish Internet Defense Force. It’s not some bullshit acronym made up by some trolls. This is real stuff. I just watched a documentary on Anti-Zionist Jews and some rabbi confirms that Jews use propaganda all the time.

    So Israel actually has a team of Jews who sit on the internet all day publishing propaganda, defending Israel and ridiculing any opposition.
    This is where America’s tax dollars are going to, with all those billions in foreign aid.

    Israel already has a huge prison for refugees in the Negev desert.
    I think with the billions in foreign aid pouring in every year, they probably have an underground concentration camp by now.
    Hello China! Didn’t think of that, did you?
    I’m pretty sure China will now copy the idea and build some underground concentration camps to get the Uyghurs off the radar.

    If they haven’t already by now, I predict that Israel will build underground concentration camps and dump all the Palestinians down there by the end of this decade.

    Question: What do the Jews and Chinese Han have in common?
    Answer: They’re both racist and want to eradicate minorities from their land.

    Chinese have always been upfront about their racism. Everyone knows the Chinese don’t like mixing with others.
    But the Jews are like chameleons. They managed to keep their racist crimes off the radar for decades and keep getting away with it.
    Until the big fat hairy rotund Jewish bastard Jacob ruined it for everyone.
    That’s it Jewish settlers! You can all pack up and go back to your countries because Yakub here fucked it up for everybody else with his tactless admission of stealing a house.
    Oh wait! That’s legal in Israel!

    Only in Israel can a man travel from half way across the world to kick you out of your home and move in.
    In any other part of the world, the intruding settler would’ve been knocked the fuck out with one punch.
    And that speaks volumes on the justice system in Israel. There is no justice if you’re Palestinian. According to the Jews, Palestinians are born criminals, and they have to spend their entire lives justifying their innocence.

    Israel is worse than China. At least the Chinese have some plan to integrate the Uyghurs back into the Chinese society. The Jews have no such plans. The Jews just went into the homes and kicked the Palestinians onto the streets and told them to fuck off. Man, that’s rough!
    Another big difference is that the Chinese don’t flash a victim card on every opportunity. The Jews always cry victim. And that can be very annoying.

    There’s a lot of generalizations been made here. Of course not all Jews are bad people. Not all Jews are racists. Not all Jews are settlers. Not all Jews hate the Palestinians. And not all Jews play the victim. There are many Jews who, no doubt, are wonderful human beings. There are many Jews who understand the current situation in Jerusalem and sympathize with the Palestinians. And that’s what I want to end this article with. I’m not accusing all Jews of being bad apples. I wouldn’t want to offend any Jews who aren’t involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict in any way.

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    Rise Of The Jews: From Victims To Perpetrators 

    It’s article time!
    Let’s gooooo!
    I’m back baby!
    Here with another controversial topic – but I’m all about the facts.

    I’m going to get straight down to business!

    A few weeks ago, a video surfaced online showing a big fat hairy rotund bastard stealing a Palestinian woman’s house.
    In the video, the woman can be clearly heard saying, “Yakub, you cannot steal this house! This is my house!” to which the man responds, “If I don’t steal it, somebody else is going to steal it! If I leave, you won’t be able to come back! Why are you yelling at me? I didn’t do this!”

    Now this woman called him Yakub, which I guess is how the Jews and Palestinians pronounce Jacob.

    But whether it’s Yakub, or Jacob, I think we can universally agree after watching the video, that what the world has on it’s hands, is a Jewish problem.

    And that’s what I was going to title this article – The Jewish Problem. But I’m aware that a lot of people would cry, “Racist! Take him down!”

    So I want you to step back, take a deep breathe, and analyze the current conflict in Jerusalem.

    What’s happening in Jerusalem right now, is that Israeli soldiers are forcing people out of their homes, and Jewish settlers from across the world are moving in.
    This guy Jacob, is from Long Island, New York. I assume he’s an American citizen. Now what the fuck is a citizen of America doing in Jerusalem, stealing people’s homes?
    Think about it for a second. If you think what’s happening is okay, then you are part of the problem here.

    I watched a Vice News interview that Jacob conducted recently, where he identifies himself as Jewish. Not American. But Jewish.
    It’s an interesting observation how someone from another country would still identify himself as part of a race.
    The conclusion is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, there’s a high likelihood that you will identify yourself based on your race, rather than your nationality.

    It’s also interesting how delicate the situation in Jerusalem has become, globally. Everybody is afraid of talking the truth or stating the facts because for one, the truth is quite muddy regarding the Israel – Palestinian conflict and two, the Jews have been internationally known as victims since the World War. And anyone who speaks out against a Jewish crime is labelled racist, or worse, a Nazi.

    Jesus was crucified by the Jews, wasn’t he?
    Just an interesting fact that gets overshadowed by the holocaust.

    I’m not against the Jews, nor am I going to dickride the Palestinian bandwagon. I’m just here to point out some interesting facts that everyone else might be afraid to talk about.
    That’s who I am. That’s what I’m about.

    Many of you readers may not know, but my ancestors are Indian. Irrespective of what country I currently live in, you don’t see me defending Indians left and right, do you? No!
    In fact, most of my articles about India have been very critical.
    I’m not here to ride the nationality bandwagon or suck on the race cock. I don’t give a fuck about my race. And I care even less about my nationality. I’m not patriotic to any country – not the one I was born in and grew up in, and not the ones I’ve lived in either.
    I’m not one of those sentimental fools who would be duped by politician’s bullshit speech on patriotism.

    It’s sad that I have to reveal personal information just to justify a bunch of facts and defend myself from any potential racist labels.
    This is what the world has come to folks – if you speak the truth, you will be branded racist, or sexist or some other -ist.

    I’m all about the facts. I was when last year, a bunch of BLM rioters thought it was cool to burn down buildings and loot shops and destroy people’s property.
    I clearly stated that stealing was wrong then.
    And I’m saying right now, in this case, that stealing is wrong now.
    I don’t care if it’s a black man stealing or a Jewish man stealing – it’s wrong. And just because you’re black or Jewish and your ancestors were oppressed, doesn’t mean you can go around breaking windows and stealing shit!

    I’m looking at the list of recommended videos on YouTube and it appears that the Jews have been stealing homes for years now. The news calls them settlers. I call them the Jewish problem, because that’s what it is. It is a problem created by a large number of bad apples created in the Jewish community, that are stealing homes in broad daylight, with no repercussions.
    Not all Jews are home thieves. Just like not all blacks are violent criminals. But to disregard the facts that these thieves and criminals exist is foolishness.

    Black crime is a problem in America, just like rape is a problem in India. We all have to agree that the problem exists, and not cover it up by crying “Racist! Racist!” whenever someone points out the problem.
    One of the biggest problems in India is rape. It is an Indian problem. And stating so, is not racism. It’s just plain facts bruh!
    I got relatives in India. The young women are still not allowed to go out at night because of – you guess it – rapists roaming in the darkness of the night.

    Every time I’ve spoken out about the issues in India on IRC, there’s always been some cunt, some cocksucker, that’s said I was being racist. Imagine that! This is how fragile the world has become today.

    Stealing homes is a Jewish problem just like raping women is an Indian problem. Not all Jews are stealing homes, just like not all Indians are raping women. But the problem exists within these races, within these cultures, justified by history and religion and gender bias and so on. These problems should not be glorified or justified. They should be eliminated.

    The Israeli army went into the Al Aqsa mosque and threw grenades to stop crowds during the time of Ramadhan. That’s plain wrong. You can’t justify that no matter what.
    If I was sitting in the Gurudwara and some cunt threw in some grenades, I’d take a sword and chop his head off.
    Is that extreme? Yes. But so is throwing grenades at me and inciting violence.

    So this is a problem. The world must acknowledge it. Criminals should stop hiding behind the racism shield. They should step out, acknowledge their crimes like real men. That’s the way forward.

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