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A Brief History Of Krsnah Desktop OS

I’ve procrastinated writing this article for almost 7 months now. With the next generation of my personalized OS looming in the horizon, I need to get this done right now. Otherwise it’ll never be done. What is Krsnah Desktop OS? Krsnah Desktop OS is a full-fledged OS based on Linux. Just like it’s sister OS …

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Krsnah OS: End Of Support

Alright! That’s it! I’ve had enough of this Linux ecosystem because updates keep breaking everything. The Linux ecosystem sucks! Let me say that again: LINUX SUCKS! I don’t care what distro you are on. I don’t care if you’re running Linux or Unix or Microdick Windows okay? They all suck! Last month I updated Krsnah …

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Linux: Your Distro Sucks!

I just posted an article about my Lenovo netbook. To be quite fair, it is the slowest and worst netbook in the history of computers. And it just had to be my luck to be gifted one when my HP laptop died. My netbook is so bad, that even a beggar on the streets would …

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