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My Laptop Review: 6 Months Later

I’ve written a bunch of articles regarding my experience with my new laptop. I think we’ve finally come halfway through it’s warranty period, and I wanted to share some insights after extensive daily usage. At the price point at which I got this machine – $800 in early 2021, it was just too damn expensive, …

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Linux Nerds: Don’t Buy An AMD/NVIDIA Laptop

Do you love Linux? I love Linux. But Linux has a problem. Well, there are 2 problems. One, you cannot access the NVIDIA X Server Settings. And two, the laptop reboots with the screen at maximum brightness. Supposedly this has something to do with Linus Torvald’s new screen brightness scheme. But I’m blaming this on …

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I Got A New Laptop

Bam! Here we go! I finally got a “brand new” laptop. I spent a lot of time procrastinating on the announcement because I was working on some other things. Like my previous netbook, I will not be revealing any specifics at this point. As far as I can remember, I’d never mentioned specific details regarding …

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