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    Byju’s & WhiteHat Jr – A Peek Inside India’s Education SCAM 

    WhiteHat Jr. is an education scam invented by an Indian scumbag named Karan Bajaj.
    From now henceforth we will refer to him as scumbag Karan.

    In 2020, WhiteHat Jr. was acquired by another Indian named Byju Raveendran.
    We will refer to him as scumbag Byju aka tutulputul the billionaire in this article.

    What is Byju’s? Byju’s is an educational scam invented by Mr tutulputul billionaire here to scam people.
    The Byju’s scampire is so big, that it has various subsidiaries, one of them being WhiteHat Jr.

    Now the following leaks are so sensitive, that Mr tutulputul billionaire has been suing everyone who exposes his scamducation empire.

    Byju the tutulputul billionaire has sued two critics named Pradeep Poonia and Aniruddha Malpani for an insane amount of money.

    So what’s wrong with WhiteHat Jr?
    Well, I checked the site and it’s a typical Indian coding website that interesting enough, shows curriculum package priced in British Pounds!
    £ 139 /Month (Price Per Class £ 17), for Advance Coding with Space Tech

    If you look at the linked document above, apparently, kids in grades 10 – 12 can learn stuff like K-Means clustering and Machine Learning: Regression.
    Now I’m no computer genius, but doesn’t this stuff sound like something that would be taught in Universities?

    The tag-line under “Applied Tech Curriculum” states “Build AI-ready applications in the field of SpaceTech, BioTech, and Automobile”.

    And the achievements under the “Advance Coding with Space Tech”, which, let’s not forget, is for kids in grades 10-12, are “Deep Learning Applications and Top 1% Silicon Valley Mentorship.”

    Meanwhile the achievements for the “Data Analytics Certification” are “Data Science – Predictive Analysis certificate and Space Tech”

    At the bottom of their page, I see this:

    About WhiteHat Jr
    Today, in the computer age, not all schools teach coding in early childhood resulting in a major gap in the requirements of the new world and our children’s skills. WhiteHat Jr introduces and prepares your kid from 6-18 years for this new coding world. They learn fundamentals of coding–logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking–to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps. All classes are taught Live 1:1 Online in the comfort of your home by Top 1% selected teachers and subject matter experts.

    Coding For Kids
    Whether you are a student interested in the IT careers that you could explore with a coding qualification or just fascinated by the world of tech and coding courses, WhiteHat Jr offers a wide range of online coding courses that make coding accessible to kids and young teenagers. We’ve put together a simple guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions from parents and prospective students to help you understand the basics of what our kids programming courses cover, whether they are right for your kids and how best to navigate them.

    Curious about what is involved in courses for coding for kids?
    We have developed kids programming courses that allow kids, teens, and young adults to learn how to code at all ages with proper coding classes and in an environment that works for them – Online. The courses offered by WhiteHat Jr are designed to teach kids to code with core programming skills, and then improve the proficiency of the kids coding languages. Our facilitators align digital literacy into coding courses, as required by the existing skills of the learners. Since our curriculum is developed by industry experts and the most important activity of teaching coding is done by top 1% selected teachers, learners get state of the art education through our propriety, creative activity based curriculum.

    Are coding classes for kids suitable?
    When you’re a parent exploring the possibilities that coding classes for kids can bring, you ‘re probably wondering whether coding courses will suit your child. The benefits of learning to code courses extend far beyond future job opportunities. WhiteHat Jr teaches coding for kids in programs designed to stimulate creativity, problem-solving skills, and academic performance overall. Over the longer term, online coding courses are a great way to train learners for an increasingly tech-oriented world.

    What will you learn in a coding course for kids?
    WhiteHat Jr’s coding courses are oriented towards coding and programming. You will learn:

    The essentials of coding: Logic, Structure, Sequence
    How to create Websites, Animations & Apps
    How to manipulate data using programming languages
    How to be a problem solver
    How technologies converse with each other
    Start to learn coding with us!
    If you are a motivated parent and passionate about technology and where it can lead you to, then Join now. If you or your child would like to find out more about the opportunities provided by our coding programs, explore the kids programming courses offered by WhiteHat Jr and consider enrolling for a free trial. Remember, no coding experience beforehand is required.

    I’m confused.
    Scumbag Byju the tutulputul billionaire has finally managed to confuse me!

    Are these courses for kids or for grown men?
    ‘Cause I just linked the curriculum above and that shit looks like a University curriculum!
    And if these kids can build “AI-ready applications in the field of SpaceTech, BioTech, and Automobile”, then me, all my homies and the entire global hackerspace is out of a job, forever.

    Oh I’m going all in on this one!
    I’m going to break down their website word-for-word.

    Whitehat Jr has been featured in CNBC TV18, YOUR STORY, TechCrunch, and Business Standard.
    Now you know which media not to trust.

    Now according to this news article, WhiteHat Jr has been shwing ads of a 12-year-old kid (or 13-year-old) named Wolf Gupta who learnt AI to get Rs 1.2 crore job. WHAT THE FUCK IS A CRORE?
    According to the internet, 1 crore is 10M.
    Indians need to stop using the word crore. It’s fucking confusing and annoying.
    Anyway, this kid here learnt AI and earns 12M rupees from Google.
    That’s like $164,592.
    Wowowowowow! Somebody’s getting paid more than an Apple engineer! And it just happens to be a 12 year old! LOL

    Here’s another article that goes into the details of similar ads by Mr tutulputul’s education scampire.

    Now according to this article, and this one, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora and Twitter have aided WhiteHat Jr in censoring critics and suspending their accounts multiple times.

    But guess what?
    Now the news has crossed the corporate borders and into the free internet.
    Youtube, Twitter, LinkedOut, Reddit and Quora have no power here!

    Now I checked a few news articles and I saw this:

    Like Poonia, Malpani was also restrained from making defamatory commentary against WhiteHat Jr and its employees by the Delhi High Court.

    Unfortunately, the New Dehli High Court has no jurisdiction over here. Billioniare Byjus tutulputul and his scumbag failed writer Bajaj will have to shove their restraining orders up their hairy buttholes.
    ‘Cause when I’m done with the formal investigation, I’m going to have a few words for their mommas and grandmas who ain’t got no teeth!

    There’s nothing I hate more than censorship, especially when it’s a corporate rich jackass silencing the truth!

    Here’s a video which shows one of WhiteHat Jr’s student scamming other students to enroll so they can win a free macbook!

    Here’s a video of a parent grilling a WhiteHat Jr salesman.
    From the video above, it looks like WhiteHat Jr website has changed some details.
    Perhaps that’s in response to all the criticism.

    Here’s a video of a clueless chef endorsing the Indian scamducation.

    Here’s an idiot endorsing WhiteHat Jr’s scam. They’ve posted multiple videos of this guy on their channel. Perhaps they figured out that he’s just as dumb as he played in the movie.

    WhiteHat Jr’s website advertizes the following about it’s teachers.

    Our Expert Coding Educators
    Top 1% teachers selected by an industry leading 4-step teacher assessment process By top 1% of the early childhood coding experts
    WhiteHat Jr follows a rigorous 4-Step Selection Process for confirming teacher candidates so your kids are taught by the Top Early Childhood Coding Experts.

    Aaaaand here’s a video of one of these “expert coding instructors” who apparently makes up India’s top 1% teachers!

    If these are the kind of teachers who exist in India, it’s no wonder that the entire country runs on scams. ‘Cause the kids don’t learn jackshit in school. In order to survive, they join scammy companies to scam other people.

    Here’s a video revealing the work culture of Mr Byju’s tutulputul billionaire education scampire. This is the kind of work environment a new recuit has to face! In my opinion, the excellency of work culture is only established when the manager tells a new employee that he’s going to rip his asshole apart.

    Here’s another video of Byju’s manager insulting one of his scampire sales minion.

    Here’s another video in which both the manager and saleman are fighting for Mr Byju’s tutul putul education scam.
    The focus is only on REVENUE.
    The manager is frustrated because he’s also hearing from his superiors. He’s now taking his frustration out on his minion saleman and is almost on the verge of crying.
    He only wants NUMBERS. NUMBERS OF NAIVE INDIAN PARENTS WHO THEY SCAMMED. The company sets TARGETS for every saleman to achieve. The TARGETS is a FIXED NUMBER of Indian families who they have to call and scam until they enroll their poor kids into Byju’s education scam. The manager repeatedly says he only cares about REVENUE, nothing else.

    I’m just going to link these channels below. If anyone wants to spend more time looking into it.
    Pradeep Poonia 1.0

    Pradeep Poonia 3.0

    After a thorough review of WhiteHat Jr, Byju’s treatment of it’s employees and scumbag Karan’s attempt to censor the internet, where do I begin?

    I don’t want to begin.
    Doing this investigation brought my blood to a boiling point.
    So I’m going to end this one here, before billionaire Byju and scumbag Karan shit their pants and start crying like a bunch of lil bitches and classify this article as online bullying.
    I’m not going to insult their mommas, or their grandmommas; but I sure wish they’d swallowed that night. Hell, don’t you?

    I think this case study clearly shows the dangers of capitalism and the kind of shit that happens when corporate jackasses take over the education system.
    Is this the future Indians envision for their kids?
    No wonder every Indian dreams of getting the hell out that country. It’s a shithole. With shitty people who lack any morals or ethics to begin with. Oh they brag about religion or pretend to be religious, but this kind of stuff really shines the light into the Indian world.

    What I’d really like to know is if Billionaire Byju’s mom is goin’ to disown him after hearing all the crap her son’s been up to.
    Or if Kerry Bajaj would consider divorcing her scumbag husband who’s a disgrace to humanity.
    There’s a lot of spiritual bullshit on scumbag Bajaj’s website. His about page mentions “dharma” but his actions show that he’s adharma personified.
    Wait – I retract that. “My dharma is to be in business” – looks like this jackass knows jackshit about religion. He’s into business – the business of scamming innocent Indian parents and coercing them into signing up for the bullshit courses on WhiteHat Jr site where the teachers think the cloud is “imaginary” and data and information is stored in an “imaginary place”.

    Well, Karan Bajaj, this article is also imaginary since it’s stored in the “imaginary” cloud.
    I hope that’ll help you to sleep better.

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    Employment: Inside The Hiring Process 

    After my hopeless endeavors to land a job in a reputable company, I decided to find out what the deal was with all these companies and their hiring processes. Why didn’t I land a single interview?

    I got a job in Human Resources Outsourcing. It didn’t have much to do with my area of expertise. But I took it.

    LinkedIn doesn’t get you a job. It simply showcases your profile and achievements. In most cases, hiring agencies won’t be able to view your profile details without a premium account. You’re showcasing your profile to a very limited number of people, most of whom probably don’t matter. If you’re wondering why you’ve never received a job offer through LinkedIn, this is why. LinkedIn wants money just for people to view your profile and/or contact you.

    The other major players are Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter and Dice. Once you create a profile on these websites, they stay there forever. If you delete your profile, it still remains in their database indefinitely. And these companies share that data with each other and any other companies that will pay them for that data. Usually, companies will pay these websites for premium account access. While the data is supposed to be viewed only and used as required, other companies are known to siphon off the data and create their own databases. So you may sign up on one website, but don’t be surprised to find your profile on multiple databases owned by unknown third parties.

    Your data is shared with marketers, advertisers, partners, affiliates and law enforcement. Just read the privacy policies on these websites.

    Any company that hires you as a subcontractor is taking a big cut off of what could potentially be your salary. The subcontractors with the lowest salary gets the job. So, you may go for the interview along with a dozen others, but only the one with the lowest salary will get the job. If you ask for too much, the company loses money. But if you take whatever they give you, then you lose some money.

    The hiring process may be racist in the the US, Canada and Europe. You may not get a job simply because of your skin color, regardless of your expertise.

    The hiring process is also sexist and gender-biased. There are jobs for men and there are jobs for women. The job title should tell you that.

    The majority of profiles in North America consists of white people and Asians. I came across very few profiles of Black Americans.

    The majority of people aren’t happy with their jobs. They’re constantly looking out for offers and will go with whoever pays them more.

    Companies don’t hire people with frequent stints in their resumes. Nor do they hire people with gaps longer than 6 months in their resumes, regardless of how skilled they are.

    If you’ve held a job for longer than 2 years, the only jobs you should be interested in are full-time permanent jobs. Don’t ruin your resume with small contracts.

    There’s a lack of transparency from companies. I always wondered if the money was enough for people if there was no trust between the companies and the employees.

    There’s a lot of lies involved from the employer’s end. So much so that lying is a prerequisite for most jobs out there. If you can’t tell a lie, don’t even apply. And if you can’t live with lies, then you’ll have to quit just like I did. I never knew how cruel the corporate world was until I saw it happen before my own eyes. Corporations are money-grubbing sumbitches. There’s no other way to put it. There is no trust, no humanity and no compassion in the picture. It’s all about the money. And if you want to last in the picture for long enough, you’ll have to be one lying cruel sadistic bastard.

    When I look at most people wearing suits, flying business class and giving presentations, I always wonder what kind of monsters lie beneath the surface.

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    Employment – LinkedIn and Job Application Websites 

    I never created a LinkedIn account until a month into my first job.

    I didn’t want to create a LinkedIn account. I don’t think it’s particularly useful. But my manager forced me to create an account on LinkedIn. Several times after he asked me if I’d created my account, I finally conceded and signed up.

    LinkedIn doesn’t have my full name. I just used my first name, with no profile pic and a little brief of my skills. It did have my gmail address and phone number though. But those wouldn’t be particularly useful to them, given that I don’t use either.

    LinkedIn served no use to me. I didn’t get any job offers from there. I didn’t create any professional acquaintances either, and the few followers that I had just did it out of habit, in case I was ever useful to them. I wasn’t.

    Even while my account was active, my privacy settings on LinkedIn were pretty high. I never posted anything on LinkedIn, and while I was usually loggeed in at work, I seldom used it for anything other than look through my coworkers posts.

    I used to get dozens of emails everyday from LinkedIn. And this year, I finally decided to scrub my information and delete my account. One less thing to worry about.

    There’s a few other websites that I signed up for while I was desperately looking for a job some years back. I’ve written them down somewhere. My accounts and personal information still exists on those websites. I think I’ll make some time to delete those accounts this year.

    After posting my CV and resume on several websites and applying for dozens of jobs, I didn’t even get one interview. And only a few companies bothered to send me an email informing me that the position had been filled by someone else.

    A part of me still holds a grudge against those companies for not giving me a job. I know it’s petty and really foolish, but I can’t help it. I didn’t apply for a job at some silly no-name company in some remote town; I applied for jobs in the big leagues, because that’s where I thought I belonged.

    Anyway – back to LinkedIn; it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. I didn’t even know about that until now.

    Off to Part 2.

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