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    isvarahparamahkrsnah 6:07 pm on August 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Covid-19: Moving Forward 

    It’s been a while.
    I’ve been in self-isolation for 5 months.
    Nothing’s changed.
    If at all, the pandemic is continuing to ravage most nations.
    The worst part is, all my predictions stand true.

    Let me go back and confirm my journal predictions about the pandemic.

    Tuesday, 31st March 2020: My prediction still stands. 10K infected cases in 2 weeks. 1M countrywide in 2 months. 1B global in 2 months. Yep. That’s 1 Billion infected Covid-19 cases worldwide. It may take longer than that, but it’s definitely on the horizon

    Thursday, 9th April 2020: This pandemic is far from over.
    I predict a billion infections worldwide by the time it’s all over.
    This won’t be over by the end of April.
    It’s going to take several months.
    The governments will have no alternative but to lift their lockdowns and restrictions. People will keep getting infected.
    The statistics are there for everyone to read. Even after many countries imposed lockdowns and quarantine zones, the infected cases just kept rising… This is a classic case where, once you fail to act on time, nothing else matters. You’re done. The governments have failed. Now, they’re done.

    Sunday, 12th April 2020: These lockdowns will have to be extended until August at the very least; which would not be feasible for any country in the world. Either that or they lift the lockdowns to save the dead economy and the numbers will spike even higher.
    There’s no winning in this one. Not for the humans.

    Sunday, 3rd May 2020: With more freedom comes more cases of infection. Time flies, and it seems to me that this lockdown may be extended from August to December. The only way to justify such a long period of lockdown would be 1 Billion infected cases and over 1 Million deaths.
    Now these are ridiculous numbers, even to me, yet somehow, they don’t seem to be unrealistic.
    I did predict 1 Million infected cases in this country alone. And at this rate of spread, the pandemic might as well push through December.

    Sunday, 10th May 2020: Russia and India are quickly climbing to the top. My predictions for Russia go as far as 1M, matching the US. But India, is going to see 200M cases. Now I predicted that number weeks ago. And I don’t see things happening any other way. Just wanted to state it for the record.

    Monday, 18th May 2020: It’s time to focus on the Billion cases I forecast several weeks ago and watch how the world reaches that.

    Sunday, 24th May 2020: India has entered the top 10 Covid-19 race. All nations step aside. This is going to be historical. 400M cases for India.

    Sunday, 19th July 2020: So, 300M in India and a billion cases worldwide – my prediction still stands.

    Okay, so I’ve been pretty unclear of the total number of cases India might end up with. I started with 200M, then doubled it, then reduced it by 100M.

    Monday, 3rd August 2020: The number of cases are dropping.
    Yet individual reports on social media show that the cases are rising, hospitals are full and unequipped, and people are being turned away.
    I think the governments worldwide have gone on full China-mode damage control.
    But that won’t make the pandemic disappear.
    Until now, patients were being recorded officially. Moving forward, people will just get infected and die, and there will be no records to prove anything. Exactly like China did.

    Tuesday, 18th August 2020: The daily cases dropped the past 3 days and I thought the world was done with Covid-19. But nah, everything is just as it was for the US, Brazil and India.
    Oh well!
    Looks like India’s been leading the cases for a few days now, and will continue to do so for the rest of the year.

    Thursday, 27th August 2020: India is still the global leader in daily cases. How many weeks has it been? 2 or 3? Well, it looks like India will continue leading for the rest of the year.

    As of this writing, the world has crossed 25M cases with 848K deaths.
    That’s a lot of deaths. Looks like my prediction of 1M deaths will hit sooner than I’d thought.

    Looking at yesterday’s numbers (because today isn’t over), USA crossed 6M cases, Brazil sits at 3.8M cases and India has crossed 3.5M cases. If this keeps up, India will overtake Brazil in 2-3 weeks.

    India has been leading the world with over 70K cases daily. And as of today, it doesn’t look like India will slow down any time soon.

    In my posts on this site, I predicted 400M cases for India. So let’s give it an upper margin of 400M and a lower margin of the initial 200M.
    This is huge.
    What makes this a pretty big deal is that the pandemic isn’t over until the last nation in the world gets rid of any infected cases.
    As long as any nation has an infected person with such a highly contagious virus, nobody is safe. This has already been proven at the start of the pandemic.

    Why am I so focused on India?
    Because India is just about a 3rd the size of the USA, with a population that is 4 times that of US.
    The US is currently the world leader in the total number of cases, but for how long?

    Anyway, numbers aside, I’m tired of this self-isolation.
    I tried to keep myself indoors all the time but it hasn’t been possible. In fact, I’ve had more exposure to high-risk places and people than I would have had, had I stuck to my pre-pandemic life and moved into the temple.

    The reason for staying at home was to protect myself from exposure to high-risk situations but that’s become increasingly difficult with my responsibilities and activities.

    Everyday I have to drop off someone who works at one of the area’s largest hospitals. The smart Covid-19 precaution would be to stay as far away from hospitals as possible. Because hospitals have Covid-19 patients and all sorts of other patients as well. One could easily be exposed to some dangerous virus at any moment.

    So the risk is always there. Even when I go out to buy milk and groceries and fill up the gas.
    I’ve noticed most of the locals don’t even wear masks. So when they go to buy milk/groceries from the local stores, they could easily infect the shop-owners who could then infect other customers.

    The biggest problem that I’ve noticed is that people don’t know how to wear a mask. If someone doesn’t wear a mask properly, I don’t want to be near them.

    Anyway, my grandfather passed away recently. For 14 days I cannot even worship my deities at home. This is frustrating because now even my spiritual life has been impacted quite negatively.

    My life has become stagnant. Some people have suggested that I move elsewhere and get a job. Well, I had a job before and it sucked. I’m not a corporate guy. I’m not a capitalist. Unlike most people, money holds very little value to me. It’s still very crucial and I am still indirectly reliant on money to stay alive. But I don’t want to make it my primary goal in life.
    In the ancient times, people were self-sustaining because they had their own farms and livestock. They lived simple lives and didn’t have to work very hard to live pleasantly.
    I would very much appreciate such a life, especially in this day and age, even though it could be a difficult transition. I think in the long run, it would be beneficial and very healthy.

    I don’t want to announce my plans yet. But I’m moving away soon.
    I’ve had days when I was very frustrated and irritated for no apparent reason during these 5 months.
    I can’t sit at home and wait for the pandemic to get over when everyone else is continuing with their lives and making progress.

    We’re all going to die one day.
    I would hate to die like this. I’ve got so much potential and skills and talent. I could accomplish so much more before my time is up. And I want to set a record that will remain unbreakable for decades to come.

    This Covid-19 is scary. I haven’t read the news for the past 2-3 months. But I’ve been very careful about my hygiene. And I will continue to maintain my precautions and hygienic standards and hopefully, I will outlive this pandemic.

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 7:16 am on July 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Covid-19: India’s First Milestone 

    I didn’t really want to type another Covid-19 post. But one of the world’s alleged superpowers just crossed 1 Million cases of Covid-19. I think that deserves a post on it’s own merit.
    Congratulations to the most densely populated country on the planet.
    A few months ago, I’d predicted at least 300M cases in India. Now, I’m no astrologer, but for every Millionth milestone that India, and any other country reaches, I will push out, at the bare minimum, a post acknowledging the numbers.

    And before anyone calls me a hater, perhaps they should focus on the people who are actually to blame – the governments and the people spreading the virus.

    How do you achieve the feat of hitting 1M in mid-July from a few hundred cases in mid-March?
    It’s pretty simple actually. You take a nation full of self-absorbed morons who only care about their status and looking good in front of others, and you combine that with the ultimate ignorance and arrogance that can only be surpassed by a Brazilian or an American. And of course, the Chinese, except that the Chinese have mastered the art of lies, deception, murder and betrayal as well.
    The Chinese government led by Xi Jinping, is actually so dangerous, that they killed all the doctors, nurses, journalists and activists who leaked evidence regarding the Coronavirus when the Wuhan epidemic was initially discovered.

    If a pandemic consumes a nation, who is to blame?

    I believe the people are to blame. It’s the citizens who are to blame. Not all citizens, but the majority of them will directly, or indirectly, have contributed in some way or form to the spread of the pandemic.
    So the majority of people have nobody to blame but themselves.

    India is a third world country. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.
    Of the 1.3 Billion people, how many of them are wearing masks, isolating themselves and socially distancing themselves at home, on the streets, and at work?

    There are a lot of Indians walking on the streets without a mask on because they think they’re invincible to the Covid-19. These people think they’ve got some kind of superpowers or something.
    Reminds me of one recently deceased ISKCON sannyasi from Mayapur, India, who went to Florida during the pandemic on June 3rd, where he of course, contracted the Covid-19 and later died from it.
    Then there’s another Sannyasi in Europe who inspired devotees to gather in the temple and chant the Hare Krsna maha mantra during the pandemic.

    I think both the Indians and Brazilians have a lot in common when it comes to ignorance and arrogance.
    Perhaps the Americans aren’t too smart either since they thought it was okay to protest in large crowds but totally not okay to go to the gym during a pandemic.

    Does anyone still remember the leaked CCTV clips of various Chinese people spitting on elevators and spitting on their hands and rubbing them on door handles and so on?
    I’ve got a bunch of those videos stored somewhere so when the next ignorant moron comes and calls me racist or a hater, I can slam the evidence on them.

    The citizens elect the politicians. The politicians make policies that affect the nation.
    And if we have a look at the leaders of these nations, it is a sorry sight indeed.

    The best that Brazil could come up with is Jair Bolsonaro. That is the cream of Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro is the best Brazilian of all the Brazilians.
    This is what the entire nation of Brazil could come up with during their elections. They elected this fool. They voted him in. And look what’s happened to Brazil now. They’re close to 2M cases now. While the Indians celebrate their first M, Brazil is about to grab it’s second.
    And how did that happen? An absolute fool was the chosen leader of a great nation, he completely disregarded health experts, and now he’s down with the Chinese flu.
    Does anyone feel sorry for Jair Bolsonaro? Anyone?
    Someone send him a “Get well soon” card maybe?

    Then you have Trump, the greatest American of all Americans. Donald Trump defines the new generation of Americans. Long gone are the well-spoken, thoughtful, insightful, wise, respected leaders of the world’s greatest nation. Now you have a fool who gets mocked by every other American citizen on social media.
    And who elected this guy? Jehovah? Jesus Christ?
    Oh no! It was the people, the great American citizens who somehow wanted to make an already great nation great. How do they do that? How do you make a great thing great?

    The media doesn’t respect Trump. The politicians don’t respect Trump. Even the little kids don’t respect Trump.

    What good is a leader who isn’t respected by anybody?
    And I think leadership is about respect. One quality of a great leader is that everyone respect him. Not fear, but respect.

    Xi Jinping is not a respected leader. Xi is a feared leader. If you call him a fat ugly bear, he’ll get you killed. If you call him an incompetent moron who betrays his own nation, you might have to remain in hiding your entire life.
    That’s not respect. That’s fear, driven by cruelty. And it only lasts long enough to build indignition and rebellion that results in a bloody coup.

    If you wait for a dictator to grow invincible, you’ll never be able to get rid of him.
    The Chinese waited for too long, and now they’re paying the price of their laziness by kissing Jinping’s hairy butt on Wechat and watching the Chinese government’s propaganda on TV all day.
    Perhaps the Chinese could import a few dozen balls from the HongKong protestors before those become extinct too.

    Narendra Modi is on the way to culling India as well. And if the Indians don’t wake up now, they might end up losing their balls just like the Chinese did.
    There’s enough censorship on the Indian internet. I don’t know if Modi picked up a few tips from his Chinese neighbor’s walled garden, but it looks like the Indians don’t care about freedom anyway.

    And now that I’m discussing Modi, this is the guy who locked down the nation when there were a few hundred cases, and then reopened the nation when there were several thousand new cases daily.
    This man had no strategy going in. And he had no strategy coming out of the lockdown.
    And all these guidelines issued by the health ministry held as much value as a donkey’s balls does to a squirrel.

    However, Modi isn’t as dumb as Bolsonaro. Neither is he going senile like the silver-spooned Trump.
    In terms of intelligence, Modi is comparable to Vladimir Putin. The man knows how to survive and stay in power.
    But he knows that a third world country could never survive a long period of lockdown. So he pulled a genius move and let the country open up, leaving the people to fend for themselves. In this way, people can neither blame Modi if they caught the Coronavirus, nor could they blame him if they stayed home and became broke.

    Since the Covid-19 has been on the news since January, I’m beginning to think that it’s serving a purpose here. Quite clearly everybody is aware of the virus at this point. People are aware of how the virus spreads, and they are aware of how they can protect themselves.
    So, if somebody gets infected by the Covid-19, it raises the question – How?
    How did someone get infected by the Covid-19 if they had been taking all precautions?
    And if somebody is found infected due to negligence of the safety measures, then perhaps it’s time to rename to Covid-19 to the Stupid virus; if you catch it, you must have done something stupid.

    Does anyone remember back in March, when all the governments and various health organizations were insisting that masks don’t work? Does anyone remember health experts recommending healthy people NOT to wear masks unless they were tending to an infected patient?
    The official narrative keeps changing.
    Every day, doctors, researchers and scientists are discovering something new about the Covid-19. So officially, there is no concrete information available on how dangerous the virus is.

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