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Covid-19: The Wonderful Glories Of India

A few weeks ago I published a few articles detailing the rise of the second wave of the pandemic in India. Since then, there have been headlines after headlines exposing the horrible situation in India on the news. I avoided all that because the levels of stupidity in India reached the lethal limit of my …

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Facebook And Twitter’s Trump Ban – Analyzing The Corporate Agenda

So Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended. Well, that’s what it said when i visited it. I’m not on Twitter. I rarely check anyone’s Twitter. Has Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account? This guy is still the President. If Twitter can ban his account, then who’s safe? There’s a lot of people who share Trump’s …

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Covid-19: India’s Eighth Milestone

On Thursday, 29th October 2020, India officially crossed 8M cases of Covid-19. I would like to congratulate the relevant authorities on a good job stifling the numbers. It is Sunday, 1st November at the time of this writing. And India is supposed to have crossed US by the Covid-19 numbers. And I think the entire …

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