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MeToo: The ‘Cos Is Back Baby!

Bill Cosby is free free free! Shocked? Confused? Outraged? That was my reaction too when news broke that grandfather pimp Bill the rapist Cosby had been released from prison. So why was Bill Cosby freed? In a verdict issued on Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s highest court found there was a “process violation” because Mr Cosby’s lawyers had …

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Teenage Rapists: The New Menace To Society

Now I’ve discussed the rape problem in India in some articles. In fact, there’s an article that I just couldn’t get myself to write yet because of the gory details. Every time I read a news article about some poor woman being raped, it makes my blood boil. In contrast to all my previous articles …

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Pedophilia And India’s Broken Legal System

I was scrolling through 9gag and I saw this post: Holding Girl’s Hands, Opening Pant Zip Not Sex Assault: Bombay High Court Excuse me?! So I did a quick search and it’s true. The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court has ruled that holding the hands of a minor girl and opening the zip …

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