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    List Of Countries That Censor LGBTQ+ Through Apple’s App Store 

    Below is a list of countries that censor LGBTQ+ apps on Apple’s App Store (ranked from the highest censored to the less censored):

    Saudi Arabia, China (mainland), United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Niger, South Korea, Gambia. Liberia, Senegal. Uganda, Zimbabwe, Angola, Benin, Chad, Malawi, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Congo – Brazzaville, Eswatini, Mauritania, Botswana, São Tomé & Príncipe, Tanzania, Yemen, Guinea-Bissau, Kuwait, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Pakistan, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Brunei, Cape Verde, Guyana, Laos, Lebanon, Mauritius, Russia, Seychelles, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Bhutan, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Micronesia, Nepal, Suriname, India, Moldova, Palau, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Montserrat, Albania, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Cambodia, El Salvador, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Lithuania, Macao SAR China, Malta, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines, Solomon Islands, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands, Ukraine, Venezuela, Bermuda, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Latvia, North Macedonia, Panama, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Uruguay, Bahamas, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, Fiji, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Portugal, Taiwan, Vietnam, Czechia, Greece, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Chile, Argentina, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland

    Below is the list of apps that were censored (ranked from most censored to less censored):

    weBelong – Find Your Community, Hinge: Dating & Relationships, #open ENM + Polyamorous Dating, Qutie – LGBT Dating, Adam4Adam Gay Dating Chat A4A, Trans – Transgender Dating, NUiT Astrology Match/Dating, Talko: Lesbian Dating & Chat, Feeld: For Couples & Singles, Butterfly Transgender Dating, Fiorry: Transgender Dating, Vent – Express your feelings, HER:Lesbians LGBTQ Dating App, SURGE – Gay Dating & Chat App, Daddyhunt: Fun Gay Dating, Blued – Gay Chat & Gay Dating, Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat, OkCupid: Online Dating App, Sowlmate: Self-Care & Diary, Transgender Dating & Chat App,LESARION – lesbian dating, Wapo Gay Dating & Chat For Men, Wapa : Lesbian Dating & Chat, Lesly: Lesbian Dating & Meetup, Sapio — Intelligent Dating, the L (formely Rela), EDGE Gay/Lesbian News, GagaOOLala – Find Your Story, EDGE Gay/Lesbian News, GayRoyal – Dating & Chat, DIGSSO – GAY SOCIAL NETWORK, Kindu For Couples, Loov: Bisexual & Casual Dating, Grindr – Gay chat, Jack’d – Gay chat & dating, Rumpur: Gay Dating, GROWLr: Gay Bears Near You, Hornet – Gay Social Network, Threesome, Adult Swingers App, Lesbian Dating App – Wonder, Ace Date- Live. Chat. Meet., Tser: TS, Transgender Dating, Gays dating app – CHAT & DATE, CYBERMEN, Thurst.




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    Covid-19: India’s Seventh Milestone 

    3 days ago – on Friday 9th October 2020, India crossed 7M cases.
    That’s 13 days from the previous milestone.

    Why have the number of daily cases in India dropped significantly while the country has opened everything up?
    Have Indians acquired some magical immunity that the rest of the world is incapable of?
    Or, is the Indian government intentionally screwing the numbers up to avoid overtaking the US by November 1st?

    The US just crossed 8M cases.
    India seems to be lowering the numbers slowly, to avoid global suspicion.

    Are the government’s trustworthy at all?
    Look at Brazil!
    Brazil crossed 5M cases and dropped it’s numbers so fast, it should’ve been some miracle by Christ standing over Rio.
    3139 cases yesterday. Only 3K!
    And the day before that, it was 34,650.
    Did nobody look at the numbers and question, “What the fvck’s going on?”
    Will Jair Bozonaro share the secret of dropping the cases with the rest of the world?
    Where did he learn that trick? Did he learn it from Putin?

    So this is what’s going on with the pandemic.
    China covered up their numbers.
    Russia followed suit. Along with Spain, Italy, France and Ecuador.
    Now Brazil’s tired of being 3rd so Bolsonaro the bozo decided to drop the numbers all at once so some other countries could either catch up or take over.

    Meanwhile the rest of the countries will by now have caught on to the fact that many world leaders are covering up their numbers.
    If China had been honest about their numbers, this trend wouldn’t have become so widespread.

    We can all thank China for spreading the Coronavirus and covering up their numbers shamelessly.
    Thank you China!
    Thank you Xi Jinping for teaching the world a lesson on how to be dishonest!
    Let’s have a round of applause for China.
    Perhaps we can have a barbecue with fried dogs, raccoons, snakes and the world’s favorite – bat soup! It’s time to celebrate!
    Maybe we can go on a tour of the Uighur museum afterwards – the world’s first zoo of human right violations where we can be entertained by a bunch of enslaved uyghurs dancing and clapping whilst singing the Chinese National anthem. And we can feed them with the Hans’ favorite delicacies consisting of roasted pets to show our appreciation for the Chinese national heritage.

    China has gotten away with a lot of dirty deeds. And the rest of the world has determined that they too could get away with the same kind of sh!t if they tried.
    From the China firewall to the extravagant surveillance systems to banning free speech to modern day slavery. China is the real world leader in screwing the citizens.
    Where did they get that idea from? Next door neighbor Kim Jong Il. And the cancerous disease spread over to Russia as well.

    India is not far behind.
    The crap that started in North Korea is spreading slowly like a cancerous growth.

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    Covid-19: India’s Fifth Milestone 

    Yesterday – Tuesday, 15th September 2020, India crossed it’s 5th milestone.

    That’s just 10 days from the previous milestone.

    I believe the highest record so far has been 97K cases in India.
    I’ve been waiting for the 100K daily grand record.

    Where are all the news articles screaming about the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 in India?
    Everyone was making a big deal out of China, Iran, Italy, Spain and New York.
    Now the world has moved on.
    There are no more lockdowns. Nobody cares about social distancing and stupid white circles chalked out outside stores and in the malls.

    I remember many so-called “experts” proclaiming the peak of the pandemic in May, June and July.
    It is now mid-September. While the US, Brazil and Russia may have seen their peak number of cases in June and July, India was just getting started.

    I’m trying to understand what mother nature is doing to the course of the pandemic.
    It seems like nature is playing a trap game with the human species.
    The pandemic keeps at bay long enough for people to go about their daily lives and then bam! One person gets infected as the others scurry away.
    Everyone goes into hiding for a while and then people start creeping out again, disobeying social distancing rules, not wearing masks etc.
    Bam! Another one gets infected with Covid-19.
    Mother nature could play this game all year long. And the ignorant who would think it was all over may end up sustaining life-long health issues or quite possibly, just die and free up some space on the planet.

    I see so many countries with less than a 1000 new cases daily.
    I think this is a dangerous bait laid out by nature to lure out the fools.
    Some 300 new cases in a day doesn’t seem like much when compared to 90K in India.
    But how does that pan out in the long run if there’s just a few hundred cases everyday?
    It means the pandemic may never come to a complete stop.
    In India, this is laid out as ~90K cases daily. Because in a population of 1.3B people, 90K seems like a handful.
    Some countries don’t have enough people to survive the pandemic.
    Israel has just over 9M people. Imagine how long it would take to turn the country into a mass graveyard. If Israel was running India’s numbers of 90K cases daily, the country would be empty in 100 days. Can you imagine that?
    Look at the population of various countries.
    Many small countries and tiny islands would be wiped out within a single day.

    This really helps put things into perspective.
    Humans think they’re so tough and strong and mighty, but they’re all completely dependent on mother nature’s mercy.
    A single blow could wipe out the entire planet’s population.

    Why is it just the humans who have to suffer from untreatable diseases? Other species don’t have to fear pandemics.
    Then again, every species has it’s own dangers. And each of them is comparative to the pandemic in magnitude.

    So what lessons have humans learned from the pandemic?
    I don’t think people have learned any valuable lessons from the pandemic. That’s why it’s been going on for so long. People have become so ignorant to the force of nature, that most of them have refused to change their sinful behavior.
    And some geniuses think they can find a vaccine or cure for Covid-19. From where? Where will you find the cure from? Where will you obtain the vaccine from? Everything we humans have is provided by mother nature. Nobody here has created anything.
    Human beings are not creators. They’re users. They’re utilizing what’s been provided to them by the earth.

    I’ve zoomed out to the bigger picture.
    Some of this may seem like nonsensical mumbo jumbo from a religious nutjob. But it’s not. It takes a big brain to think about the grand scheme of all life. In contrast, it only takes a small-minded self-absorbed dimwit to focus on temporary useless material things.

    As of this writing, India has 97,859 new cases today.
    Nobody’s stopped to ask why. Why is this happening?
    Everybody’s asking when it will stop. But that’s the wrong question to ask. The correct question in everyone’s minds should be, why did the pandemic even start?

    This universe runs on cause and effect. Everything in the material world runs on the basis of cause and effect. Nothing has ever happened just randomly, without any reason.
    So why the pandemic? Why did it happen?
    I have a feeling that this is one of those diseases that will never have a cure. There will never be a vaccine for the Covid-19.

    For the idiots who think Russia’s found the vaccine, well, perhaps they’d like to wait for another year before they start realizing it was all a media op. Just like the race to the moon, the race to the Arctic and Antarctica, and now, the race for the Covid-19 vaccine. The Russians don’t care about the vaccine. They only care about being labelled the first ones to have found it.
    If they’d really found one, now would’ve been a good time to send some to India so they could save some lives. Unless, of course, Russia’s waiting for the pandemic to wipe out 400M Indians before sending them some help.

    Anyway, I think I’m going to start exploring some spiritual explanations and solutions to real world problems. The scientists have been doing research on the Covid-19 since January but they still don’t know crap about the virus and what it really does.
    Since modern scientific research has failed to provide concrete answers and solutions, I might as well start detailing the answers and solutions from the scriptures.

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    The State Of Post-Snowden Surveillance And Censorship 

    One thing that Edward Snowden may not have foreseen during his leaks in 2013, is how little impact it would’ve had for the majority of the population in general. In fact, it was just like any other major news story that’s happened since. People watched the news, got a little agitated, and once the crisis had settled down, everyone was back to their normal lives.

    If a survey was conducted for every citizen in every country across the globe, on how the Snowden leaks had impacted their lives, I believe less than 1% of people would provide some positive feedback. And this can be observed practically all over the internet. How many people have sought an alternative to mainstream social media? How many people have taken steps to protect their privacy online? How many people have taken steps to circumvent government surveillance and censorship mechanisms? I believe it’s just a few hundred thousand people scattered across the world, in different continents and countries.

    I live in a geographical region with millions of people. And out of those millions, I can confidently say that I’m the only one who’s done extensive work to counter the government surveillance and censorship.

    It’s not that people don’t know what’s going on. A large percentage of the population has access to smart devices and use the internet everyday. They’ve read the news headlines. They’ve seen the articles about government surveillance, oppression and censorship. But have they done anything about it? No!

    Privacy is hard work. It’s not going to be handed over on a silver platter. You have to do your research. You have to find out how to secure your privacy. You have to get technical – for the majority of people, that’s where the problem lies.

    How many people have you seen browsing the web without an adblock in 2020? I’ve come across so many people who still don’t know how to install an adblock extension on their browser so they can stop wasting time looking at ads throughout the day.

    If someone can’t figure out how to use an adblock, do you really think they’ll ditch Windows OS, install a Linux distro, root their phones and install a custom ROM, ditch Facebook and Twitter and sign up for a Fediverse account? Do you think they can ditch Whatsapp and switch to Signal? How many news articles have covered Telegram’s blunders? Yet how many people still use it?

    What we have is a population that can’t be bothered to do anything about the government surveillance, oppression and censorship. They’re just going to cry, whine and go back to using the very tools that the government uses to spy and control them.

    Another factor that’s contributed to this mess, is the ever-decreasing IQ of people these days. Has anyone seen some of the dumb things people do these days? And it begins with an idea. They think of something stupid, they write it down, and then they go ahead and do it. At no point in this period of time, do they stop and think, “Hey! Wait a minute! This is a really stupid idea!”

    A lot of countries now have data retention policies in place. That means the government has access to data that all ISP’s must retain for a specific period of time. It’s usually ranging anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

    The United States now requires visa applicants to submit their social media details. From a security standpoint, this is a genius move; from a privacy standpoint, not so much.

    The Indian government blocked internet access in Kashmir for several months last year. A lot of people have praised and supported the Indian government’s ban on TikTok and several other Chinese apps. This is purely a political move based on the current border problems between India and China. Had China provided the Indian government access to all it’s user data before the current political turmoil, I’m pretty sure TikTok would still be running on several million Indian smartphones. And the Indian government would proudly siphon off all the data to identify all the bad citizens speaking out against the government.. That’s right. If you’re an Indian citizen, you might want to watch whom you criticize on Twitter because you could be arrested and roughed up in jail.

    And now everybody’s criticizing China for establishing totalitarian laws to control Hong Kong. Perhaps these people need to look at their own countries to see if their government has given them enough freedom and privacy.

    Recently the Pakistan government decided that all VPN users would have to register their VPNs with the ISPs who would provide all customer data to the government.

    In countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Eritrea, North Korea, and China, the majority of the population have been conquered to use self-censorship and silence toward the government. Many of these countries have already banned VPNs.

    As each year passes, while the citizens are too busy engaging in silly protests and looting, their governments secretly pass on new laws and ramp up the surveillance and oppression systems even further. I’m looking at you, Americans. How’s the Earn It Act coming along?

    I read posts by people complaining that various government agencies had ramped up surveillance to identify the BLM protestors. Is that even surprising? If they were going to start looting stores and burning cars, I think they should’ve expected some sort of response from the government. Do people not think ahead anymore?

    The Americans carry an attitude around themselves, acting like they DESERVE some things. And they’re spreading that attitude across continents to other countries. But how’s that working out? Not so well I believe. As much as you may deserve whatever you think it is that you deserve, if you aren’t making smart decisions, you’ll end up in the same place where you started. And all that noise on Facebook and Twitter won’t amount to anything at all.

    The people aren’t smart anymore. They’re becoming dumber and dumber with each passing year. They’re showing their arrogance by posting their selfies carrying firearms, and posting threats to harm other people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    When Edward Snowden looked through the surveillance documents and decided that it was finally time for him to leak them to the press, he had a plan in mind. Even with the urgency of the situation and the short amount of time that he had left, the man planned his way through it. He had a course of action – a smart one. Edward Snowden didn’t go on a Twitter rant threatening the NSA and urging his followers to burn down the government buildings. And I think this defines the difference between civilized smart people and idiots.

    I believe things are only going to get worse. I believe the majority of the governments have already tapped into social media. And now they’re going to tap into or ban VPNs. And then, they’re going to censor all speech against the regimes. Finally, people will start getting picked up in unmarked black vans and disappear. All countries should take note of this. The quality of politicians has already dropped to a despicable low. Just look at the current world leaders – Unhinged Trump, that Covidiot Bolsonaro, Kim Jong the family killer Un, Xi Winning the Poo ping. It’s such a shame that a bunch of morons have managed to acquire the highest leadership positions in the world. And as the citizens continue to criticize and mock these fools, it’s only a matter of time before they snap and do the unthinkable.

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    Covid-19: Uncertainty 

    Since the lockdown began, my internet connection has stopped working about half a dozen times. Now this is highly unusual considering that the internet rarely goes down. And I’m beginning to suspect that the ISP is either testing some new surveillance equipment or conforming to secret government orders to keep the internet babble under control.

    I live in a region where civil unrest is fairly unusual. But once it sprouts up, it can result in complete chaos and destruction within hours. It is a highly populated region, and a couple of thousand deaths don’t mean nothing. The value of human life in this country is basically nonexistent.

    The news media used to provide a live update page online to report the Covid-19 related events as they happened in real time. Then they stopped on May 9th, 10th, 11th… and I stopped checking the news. Now they’re live again.

    One of the politicians recently went live on National TV, only to announce that he would make some major announcements on another date. What kind of politician does that? Only a selfish egomaniac who wants people’s attention.

    What’s going on in the rest of the world?

    Russia just had a fireworks display in Moscow. I don’t understand why Putin would celebrate a victory in a war that occurred 75 years ago. It’s been over two weeks since Russia’s constant of 10K new cases daily. It seems incredibly stupid to have a fireworks show when your country ranks 3rd on the Covid-19 charts.

    Some states in US have began lifting restrictions, hence the increase in new infections – currently at 12K new cases.

    Some protestors in Spain are not wearing masks. Neither are the bikers in the UK nor the patriots in Belarus. France is now letting kids play in the parks. Protestors in Germany gather without masks.

    Brazil’s new health minister has resigned. It took this man several weeks to realize that Bolsonaro was retarded. Brazil is currently 6th on the charts. Jair Bolsonaro needs to watch some Gaddafi clips. The favelans and the Libyans seem to share similarities in their brutality.

    Kim Jong Un disappeared and then reappeared.

    China has been stuck at 82K cases since the global pandemic began. They have controlled the pandemic no’s by killing all the journalists and medical workers who exposed the truth to the world.

    Meanwhile in Somalia, some Ethiopian soldiers shot down a Kenya Airways plane carrying humanitarian supplies. I was wondering, who have been the Presidents of Somalia, and what have they been doing until now? And I could ask the same question regarding 100 other countries with incompetent governments and corrupt leaderships.

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