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  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 7:16 pm on July 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    The Pegasus Shitstorm 

    It’s been a while since I checked on the latest Covid-19 news. So I thought, why not update myself and perhaps write an article if there’s anything major happening?

    Forget the pandemic. What do I see all over the news? Pegasus! Pegasus! Pegasus!

    Pegasus sounds familiar. Where have I heard that name before? And wallah! I look at my database and I see a few files about Pegasus.
    So it’s nothing new.
    Pegasus has been around for a few years now. But the mainstream media is just catching up after discovering that dozens of journalists were targeted by the spyware.
    HA HA HA!

    I spent over 2 hours going through Pegasus files all over again. And I got a fucking headache from it. Did you come here to learn the intricate details of Pegasus? Nyet! Do your own fucking research!

    It’s not just journalists who are worried now. Just for the record, dozens of journalists have been victims of the Pegasus spyware. Less than a dozen people even remember the history of those innocent folks. So let’s not act like this is brand new information, okay? Journalists have been killed with the help of Pegasus spyware.
    And now, it’s the turn of politicians, royal family members, business executives, human rights activists and government officials who have been targeted through Pegasus over the last few years.
    What goes around, comes around. Let’s celebrate! Everybody gets a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! You get a Pegasus! Everybody gets a Pegasus! Hurray!

    So now they’re all worried. When was Pegasus information first leaked? 2016? Yet everybody sat on their big fat fucking asses all through 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020! How convenient!

    Edward Snowden warned people, waaaaay back in 2013, that the governments in multiple countries were conducting mass surveillance on innocent citizens. The headlines ran for a few weeks then everybody fucked off.
    It’s 2021. This Pegasus spyware does nothing special that was not already revealed in 2013. Yet all the journalists are busy typing away dozens of articles on Pegasus. They’re milking the Pegasus cow for views but most of them are too fucking stupid to include any solid information.

    As a private journalist, I want to extend a big fuck you to all the mainstream media journos. You imbeciles had a ton of data to work with, yet your articles are pure horseshit.

    I’m going to link the Forensic Report by Amnesty for the cake.
    And a shoutout to Washington Post for a fair attempt to write a decent article detailing the Pegasus spyware. The rest of the journos can fuck off. I skimmed through a dozen articles and was immensely disappointed.

    Indian journalists are shitting bricks right now. Apparently over 1000 phone numbers in India appeared in the leaks.
    Now the Indian government is vehemently denying any involvement in the Pegasus surveillance scheme. Hopefully, the Indian journalists still have a few working brain cells to understand that their government is lying.

    India has been steadily climbing up the surveillance and censorship ladder over the past decade. The intelligent few probably got a whiff of this as early as 2015. The rest of the nation can prepare to become the next China.

    Here are some of the victims of Pegasus:
    Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Pakistan, France, Hungary.
    If you live in any of the above mentioned countries, you’re about to experience Xi Jinping’s regime without visiting China.

    One of the most disturbing information in the recent leaks is the emergence of zero-click attacks. Technology has advanced so far, that a user need not even touch their phones to be infected with Pegasus.

    iPhones are generally known to be secure in the privacy community. Unfortunately, the Pegasus leaks have confirmed that iPhones are just as vulnerable to spyware, as Android phones.
    Many spyware companies have found different ways to infect Linux machines with spyware as well.

    One of the reasons spyware like Pegasus has managed to thrive for so long is that most modern phones and operating systems have been designed and built for surveillance, not privacy. This corporate greed by phone manufacturers has led to the growth of spyware companies like the NSO.

    Perhaps it’s time to go back to Nokia 3310 and MS DOS.

    As for the Pegasus shitstorm on the news? Boo fucking hoo! Why don’t you journos release the leaked data to the public so we can go through it ourselves?
    The mainstream media is holding the leaked Pegasus data hostage, and feeding the public tiny crumbs of useless news articles everyday. They’ll probably keep this going in the news until some other shit comes up. Then bye bye Pegasus! And bye bye privacy! What? Were we supposed to start securing our devices? Not today!

  • isvarahparamahkrsnah

    isvarahparamahkrsnah 2:32 pm on June 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    1984: Germany Edition 

    It’s here!
    It’s officially here!
    Germany has joined a list of the 1984 coalition of government surveillance and federal thought police!

    The CDU and SPD have agreed on a law which allows the state to spy on innocent people (e.g. accessing WhatsApp messages), who have never committed a crime. It was passed in parliament on the 10th of June. To do this, German security agencies want to, among other things, force companies like Telekom or Vodafone to make their systems less secure or will hide security flaws in operating systems (e.g. iOS, Windows) and apps. This will make it significantly easier to hack devices and will negatively impact German IT infrastructure. Additionally, Internet Service Providers like Telekom can now be forced to manipulate downloads (e.g. software updates) to install spyware from the state, further eroding trust in digital technologies.

    The Stasi are back! This time, they’re electronic! No physical traces! No faces, no masks, no papers!
    It’s even better!

    With the current state of Microsoft Windows, the German spies are about to enter the infinite spectrum of surveillance orgasms.

    This is just another one of those headlines which will be forgotten in less than a week.
    People will cry and whine and bitch about it. Some may even create some useless petitions. But everybody will fuck off within a week. Nothing will change.

    We are living in a fucked up shitty world where the biggest criminals on earth i.e. the politicians and their conglomerates of useless government branches commit the most absurd crimes in the history of humanity, and get away with it in plain sight, while the general masses watch in helpless horror.
    This is truly, the peak of civilization!
    We’ve got Xi Jinping and his shithole country of loonies eating bats and creating viruses. Then there’s the Middle East where TOR and VPN users are hunted down like rats. We’ve got Russia and India, where the governments put journalists in body bags for speaking the truth. Then there’s the grand old USA, where the politicians hypnotize the idiots with nonsense distractions so they can fuck ’em in the ass, the good ol’ ‘merican style!

    When is Merkel going to ban VPN and TOR in Germany? I’m just curious. ‘Cause it’s only a matter of time before every German citizen jumps on the VPN bandwagon to flee the Stasi.

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