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The Price Of Becoming China's Bitch

Last year, when the pandemic began, WHO got down on their knees and began sucking off Xi Jinping and his CCP jackasses.

China triggered a global pandemic and got away with it.
China lied for weeks and claimed the coronavirus did not transmit human-to-human.
China silenced and killed dozens of Covid-19 whistleblowers and got away with it.
China pointed fingers at other countries and claimed they were the first source of Covid-19 and got away with it.
China blocked investigation into the source of the coronavirus in Wuhan.
Then China got brave and hijacked Hong Kong before the world’s eyes. China silenced and killed dozens of Hong Kong protestors and activists. Then China arrested the rest of them and cleared up the streets.

And now that Trump is out and Sniffin’ Joe is reading notes in front of the press like a 3rd grader, Xi Jinping has decided to establish world dominance.

President Xi warns China’s enemies will ‘have their heads bashed bloody’ as he ‘builds 100 new nuclear missile silos’

Xi Jinping says those who bully China will ‘get their heads bashed’ on Communist Party’s 100th anniversary

Xi Jinping said other countries will ‘crack their heads and spill blood’ if they come after China, a stark warning to mark 100 years of the Communist Party

Xi Jinping says foreign powers will find their ‘heads bashed and bloodied’ if they bully China

Apparently, telling China to release the Uyghurs from concentration camps and freeing them qualifies as bullying small-dicked Xi Jinping.
And telling China to Free Hong Kong and get the fuck away from Taiwan amounts to bullying.

Xi Jinping has grown incredibly powerful.
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China is asshoe!
Fuck China!
Fuck Xi Jinping!
Free Uyghurs!
Free Hong Kong!
Stay the fuck away from Taiwan!

If you think you can bash my head bloody, jokes on you. I invented torture!
I can take a baseball bat and bash Xi Jinping’s head to a pulp without flinching.
I can sit Xi Jinping’s big fat hairy ass on a bottomless chair and play golf with his nuts all day long!
Bunch of fucking stinky smelly bat-eating motherfuckers.
Gangsta Rap was invented in the United States of America! Does Xi Jinping think he can have his way around everyone? This stupid motherfucker!
Xi Jinping, you ain’t no gangsta. You’s a pussy ass bitch surrounded by bodyguards and slaves. Come at me with that fake shit and I’mma knock yo fat ass out. Kapow!

Taiwan Is An Independent Country

I was scrolling through 9gag and I see all these posts about John Cena apologizing to Chinese fans for calling Taiwan a country.

Taiwan is an independent country.
Taiwan is not part of China.
Taiwan will never be a part of China.

Hong Kong is an independent nation.
Hong Kong will never be a part of China.

Palestine is an independent nation.
Palestine was stolen by the Jewish Israeli thieves.
Jews should stop stealing Palestinian homes.
Are you a Jewish nationalist and patriot of Israel, land of the homes thieves? Good. Fuck off!

Remembering China’s Censorship: Li Wenliang

Today marks the first anniversary of he death of Dr Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who blew the whistle on Coronavirus.

I’m looking at the image of him on the news and he was wearing 2 masks!

Xi Jinping’s government didn’t blink an eye when labelling his death cause as Coronavirus, even though the man appeared to be wearing two masks.

Let the world remember this day in history as the day that China killed the man who told the truth.

And let the world mourn the fact that Xi Jinping is still alive, after causing the deaths of so many innocent people.

Let the world pray that Xi the fat chinese bastard burn in eternal hell, if there is any such thing.
And I wait for the day someone brave enough pulls a Gaddafi on Xi Jinping.

Covid-19: China Blocks Investigation

Well well well!
A few weeks ago, I watched a clip on Liveleak that showed Chinese officials blocking the road that led to the entry of some caves that supposedly held some clues to origin of the CHINESE VIRUS.

That’s one for Xi Jinping’s nuts.

I just read an article from Al Jazeera about China’s stubborn refusal to let WHO expert teams investigate the origins of the Chinese virus.

Meanwhile the Chinese crooks have propagated multiple lies about the origins of the Chinese virus; claiming it originated in the US, Italy, Australia and so on.

It’s 2021. It’s been an entire year since the Chinese virus destroyed millions of lives. Yet the WHO still hasn’t been able to clamp down on the source of the Chinese virus.

The article mentioned bureaucracy and I wanna say that bureaucracy and censorship go hand in hand. Bureaucracy and oppression go hand in hand. Bureaucracy and corruption go hand in hand. Bureaucracy is a codeword for “fvkcing wit people”.

Why is China blocking investigations into the origin of the Chinese virus?
Why are Chinese officials harassing and intimidating journalists and reporters?
What is China hiding from the rest of the world?

The truth will come out. Even if it takes a decade, you know someone somewhere will find out the secrets of the Chinese virus and leak that information.
Until then, I’ll be stomping on Xi Jinping’s wrinkled nuts.

Covid-19: India’s First Milestone

I didn’t really want to type another Covid-19 post. But one of the world’s alleged superpowers just crossed 1 Million cases of Covid-19. I think that deserves a post on it’s own merit.
Congratulations to the most densely populated country on the planet.
A few months ago, I’d predicted at least 300M cases in India. Now, I’m no astrologer, but for every Millionth milestone that India, and any other country reaches, I will push out, at the bare minimum, a post acknowledging the numbers.

And before anyone calls me a hater, perhaps they should focus on the people who are actually to blame – the governments and the people spreading the virus.

How do you achieve the feat of hitting 1M in mid-July from a few hundred cases in mid-March?
It’s pretty simple actually. You take a nation full of self-absorbed morons who only care about their status and looking good in front of others, and you combine that with the ultimate ignorance and arrogance that can only be surpassed by a Brazilian or an American. And of course, the Chinese, except that the Chinese have mastered the art of lies, deception, murder and betrayal as well.
The Chinese government led by Xi Jinping, is actually so dangerous, that they killed all the doctors, nurses, journalists and activists who leaked evidence regarding the Coronavirus when the Wuhan epidemic was initially discovered.

If a pandemic consumes a nation, who is to blame?

I believe the people are to blame. It’s the citizens who are to blame. Not all citizens, but the majority of them will directly, or indirectly, have contributed in some way or form to the spread of the pandemic.
So the majority of people have nobody to blame but themselves.

India is a third world country. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.
Of the 1.3 Billion people, how many of them are wearing masks, isolating themselves and socially distancing themselves at home, on the streets, and at work?

There are a lot of Indians walking on the streets without a mask on because they think they’re invincible to the Covid-19. These people think they’ve got some kind of superpowers or something.
Reminds me of one recently deceased ISKCON sannyasi from Mayapur, India, who went to Florida during the pandemic on June 3rd, where he of course, contracted the Covid-19 and later died from it.
Then there’s another Sannyasi in Europe who inspired devotees to gather in the temple and chant the Hare Krsna maha mantra during the pandemic.

I think both the Indians and Brazilians have a lot in common when it comes to ignorance and arrogance.
Perhaps the Americans aren’t too smart either since they thought it was okay to protest in large crowds but totally not okay to go to the gym during a pandemic.

Does anyone still remember the leaked CCTV clips of various Chinese people spitting on elevators and spitting on their hands and rubbing them on door handles and so on?
I’ve got a bunch of those videos stored somewhere so when the next ignorant moron comes and calls me racist or a hater, I can slam the evidence on them.

The citizens elect the politicians. The politicians make policies that affect the nation.
And if we have a look at the leaders of these nations, it is a sorry sight indeed.

The best that Brazil could come up with is Jair Bolsonaro. That is the cream of Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro is the best Brazilian of all the Brazilians.
This is what the entire nation of Brazil could come up with during their elections. They elected this fool. They voted him in. And look what’s happened to Brazil now. They’re close to 2M cases now. While the Indians celebrate their first M, Brazil is about to grab it’s second.
And how did that happen? An absolute fool was the chosen leader of a great nation, he completely disregarded health experts, and now he’s down with the Chinese flu.
Does anyone feel sorry for Jair Bolsonaro? Anyone?
Someone send him a “Get well soon” card maybe?

Then you have Trump, the greatest American of all Americans. Donald Trump defines the new generation of Americans. Long gone are the well-spoken, thoughtful, insightful, wise, respected leaders of the world’s greatest nation. Now you have a fool who gets mocked by every other American citizen on social media.
And who elected this guy? Jehovah? Jesus Christ?
Oh no! It was the people, the great American citizens who somehow wanted to make an already great nation great. How do they do that? How do you make a great thing great?

The media doesn’t respect Trump. The politicians don’t respect Trump. Even the little kids don’t respect Trump.

What good is a leader who isn’t respected by anybody?
And I think leadership is about respect. One quality of a great leader is that everyone respect him. Not fear, but respect.

Xi Jinping is not a respected leader. Xi is a feared leader. If you call him a fat ugly bear, he’ll get you killed. If you call him an incompetent moron who betrays his own nation, you might have to remain in hiding your entire life.
That’s not respect. That’s fear, driven by cruelty. And it only lasts long enough to build indignition and rebellion that results in a bloody coup.

If you wait for a dictator to grow invincible, you’ll never be able to get rid of him.
The Chinese waited for too long, and now they’re paying the price of their laziness by kissing Jinping’s hairy butt on Wechat and watching the Chinese government’s propaganda on TV all day.
Perhaps the Chinese could import a few dozen balls from the HongKong protestors before those become extinct too.

Narendra Modi is on the way to culling India as well. And if the Indians don’t wake up now, they might end up losing their balls just like the Chinese did.
There’s enough censorship on the Indian internet. I don’t know if Modi picked up a few tips from his Chinese neighbor’s walled garden, but it looks like the Indians don’t care about freedom anyway.

And now that I’m discussing Modi, this is the guy who locked down the nation when there were a few hundred cases, and then reopened the nation when there were several thousand new cases daily.
This man had no strategy going in. And he had no strategy coming out of the lockdown.
And all these guidelines issued by the health ministry held as much value as a donkey’s balls does to a squirrel.

However, Modi isn’t as dumb as Bolsonaro. Neither is he going senile like the silver-spooned Trump.
In terms of intelligence, Modi is comparable to Vladimir Putin. The man knows how to survive and stay in power.
But he knows that a third world country could never survive a long period of lockdown. So he pulled a genius move and let the country open up, leaving the people to fend for themselves. In this way, people can neither blame Modi if they caught the Coronavirus, nor could they blame him if they stayed home and became broke.

Since the Covid-19 has been on the news since January, I’m beginning to think that it’s serving a purpose here. Quite clearly everybody is aware of the virus at this point. People are aware of how the virus spreads, and they are aware of how they can protect themselves.
So, if somebody gets infected by the Covid-19, it raises the question – How?
How did someone get infected by the Covid-19 if they had been taking all precautions?
And if somebody is found infected due to negligence of the safety measures, then perhaps it’s time to rename to Covid-19 to the Stupid virus; if you catch it, you must have done something stupid.

Does anyone remember back in March, when all the governments and various health organizations were insisting that masks don’t work? Does anyone remember health experts recommending healthy people NOT to wear masks unless they were tending to an infected patient?
The official narrative keeps changing.
Every day, doctors, researchers and scientists are discovering something new about the Covid-19. So officially, there is no concrete information available on how dangerous the virus is.