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    Facebook And Twitter’s Trump Ban – Analyzing The Corporate Agenda 

    So Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended.
    Well, that’s what it said when i visited it.

    I’m not on Twitter.
    I rarely check anyone’s Twitter.

    Has Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account?
    This guy is still the President.
    If Twitter can ban his account, then who’s safe?

    There’s a lot of people who share Trump’s political beliefs. Are they going to be banned too? If not, why?

    Three days days ago, Trump’s Facebook was banned.

    I think Facebook has paved the way for corporate social networks to ban anyone who doesn’t follow their political ideologies.

    From an anarchist’s perspective, this is dangerous for everybody.

    I am an advocate for free speech.
    I want to hear my fellow anarchists’ opinions.
    I want to hear what the liberals have got to say.
    And I want to hear what the conservatives have got to say.

    Freedom of speech provides the platform for an open debate.
    If people are silenced, then there is no freedom. Everyone will hide their real thoughts and opinions.
    That’s how you create a mass of brainwashed robot-like citizens, like in China and North Korea.
    Has anyone been to China?
    There are no opposing views in China. It’s just one mass of 1.4B people choking on Xi Jinping’s stinking nuts.
    Is this what America wants?

    Does America wants a population of 332M asleep on Jack Dorsey’s dong?
    Does America want 332M people constantly surveilled and watched by Mark Fuckerberg’s corporate platforms?
    The lobbyists have granted these capitalist corporate conglomerates a massive amount of liberty to dictate people’s lives. And fundamentally, that’s not how it should be.
    Twitter and Facebook aren’t supposed to tell me what to do and what to think.

    A social network should be dictated by it’s base users, not the other way around.
    That’s how the Fediverse was created. People wanted an alternative platform that would replace Twitter. That’s how Gnu Social was born. People wanted something that worked like Facebook, but federated. That’s how Diaspora was born. Nobody on Diaspora tells you what to think and what to say. You can speak your mind. That’s the beauty of it.
    People wanted to write blogs, so there was Plume, and so on.

    How do corporate platforms operate? Facebook and Google push their crappy products on users. Here! Try this! Try that! Use this! Use that!
    I’ve been using YouTube for a long time. It keeps pushing me with stupid banners and ads that cover the entire screen to sign in and use YouTube TV and YouTube Music. I don’t wanna use all that crap!

    They literally force people to use their crappy products. Want to view a Facebook profile? Sign in or Sign up!
    Want to read more than one article on Medium? Register an account!
    As soon as you create an account, they’ll create an advertisement profile for you. They’ll track you and show you stupid crap that they think you wanna see.

    YouTube has had a history of censoring videos related to Covid-19. Facebook has done the same.
    Why are they deleting relevant important information? Why are they forcing the mainstream propaganda on people?

    They ran the Russian interference propaganda for 2 years straight after Trump won.
    They ran the impeachment bullshit for 4 years straight – up until the very last minute! Trump’s almost on his way out yet they still publish articles about impeaching him. What the actual fuck?!

    Try posting a video titled “Chinese Virus” on YouTube. Try posting a video about Li Wenliang, Dr Ai Fen, Chen Quishi, Fang Bin… they’ll be discarded so fast, they’ll never reach a dozen views.
    Try making videos about capitalist corporate surveillance. Your channel will NEVER EVER hit the front page.

    These corporations don’t care about the people. They care about profits.
    Ban Trump on his way out? Profit!

    They think that banning Donald Trump on his way out will make them popular and win over people’s hearts and minds.
    And they might!
    There’s a lot of stupid folks on the planet.

    But what I see is censorship.
    I see a bunch of capitalist corporate crooks playing a game of chess.
    They’re doing what’s best for them – what’s profitable for them.
    They’re creating a monopoly where they’re the overlords and everyone answers to them. But they answer to nobody.
    Anyone remember the Mark’s response to the senators in 2018?
    And there have been multiple hearings since then.

    Anyway, I recommend people to switch to the Fediverse. Stop using capitalist corporate platforms that profit off of your data.
    And don’t go with the herd mentality. Don’t let CNN or Fox Spews tell you what you should think about events. The mainstream media should only deliver the news, not biased opinions.
    Let the viewers form their own opinions.
    Don’t tell me, “Trump said this…” and then proceed to tell me why Trump is wrong.
    I’ll decide whether Trump is wrong or right.
    There is hardly news anymore. News is being replaced with biased opinions. Everyone has their own agenda.

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    isvarahparamahkrsnah 7:19 pm on December 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Best YouTubers In 2020 

    I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos this year.

    I’m going to list a couple of YouTubers who have kept me entertained and informed this year.

    This list is in no particular order. I’m just going to start off with the people I watch regularly.

    1. Ally Law

    It’s a madness!
    I’ve rewatched some of Ally’s videos dozens of times because they make me feel alive.

    2. Usamalama

    Usama’s videos comprise of action with amazing background music. And the voice-overs and short explanations in his videos are fabulous.
    Usama’s the kind of guy you’d want to be friends with irl.

    3. Doug DeMuro

    If you love cars, Doug’s the man to watch.
    He pays attention to detail and has a lot of knowledge about cars.
    I like watching Doug review cars that I’ll never be able to drive.

    4. Dave Lee

    Dave Lee is the best laptop reviewer.
    I’ve watched him for a couple of years now and plan to buy a laptop based on one of his reviews.

    5. JerryRigEverything

    Zack is the best smartphone reviewer – from the inside.
    Ever wondered what smartphones look like inside? Want to repair a smartphone? Plan on buying a new smartphone? Zack’s teardowns offer a lot of insight and puns.

    6. MightyMom

    MightyMom’s family videos are entertaining.
    Her videos seem more spontaneous and life-like than some of the other planned “fun” family videos on YouTube.

    7. MightyDuck

    He doesn’t post regularly like his mom.
    But his videos are as entertaining and funny.

    8. Lukeafk

    This guy’s funny. He’s found his niche and does really well at it.

    9. ScottySire

    Scott’s videos really sparked my interest this year.
    He’s a nice guy.
    It’s a nice change from all the planned stuff from the rest of the vlog squad.

    10. Paul Joseph Watson

    Need a reality check?
    This guy delivers it.

    I can’t stand political commentators or right-wing/left-wing bandwagon pricks.
    Except for this guy.

    Yeah. This will probably be the most disputed one but I’ve watched most of his videos this year. And they’re good. They carry logic and facts, not just mere sentiment and sensationalism.

    So this is my list. The top 10 list.

    I’m going to include more YouTubers whom I’ve watched on and off.
    I’m going to mention why I watched them and why I stopped watching them.
    They still post great content; just not the stuff I wanted to watch this year.

    11. Casey Neistat

    I watched all his videos. But he doesn’t post regularly so…

    12. Sara Dietschy

    I prefer her vlog content.

    13. Miraie

    I liked his vlogs. He stopped making them after moving back.
    Now he makes has music videos.

    14. Trisha Y

    Post more vlogs please.

    15. Bubba Town

    Bubba Town turned into George’s second channel.
    And I don’t see as much of the others.

    16. George Janko

    I look forward to the family vlogs.

    17. Mark Dohner

    I like Mark.
    I’ve watched most of his videos this year, although I don’t know why.
    Basically, I just watched a guy living out his dream.

    18. Adelia Clark

    Adelia and Mark go well together.
    I skipped some of her videos.

    19. Pierson Fode

    Pierson, Adelia and Mark go well together.
    What am I doing here? Pairing up Youtubers I like seeing together?
    Never mind.

    20. Jason Nash

    Jason Nash carried the vlog squad on his back this year.
    I enjoyed the roast of Jason Nash episode.

    Peter McKinnon, MKBHD, Austin Evans, Unbox Therapy, PewDiePie, Heath Hussar, Toddy Smithy, Naomi King, LastWeekTonight, H3 Podcast Highlights, WWE, Lee Marshall, Rikke Brewer, FinClimbs, Jesse.

    I wish Lee Marshall, Rikke Brewer, FinClimbs, and Jesse posted regularly. They’ve got so much potential for quality content.

    Looking at the number of Tech Tubers I stopped watching, it seems that they didn’t deliver the type of content that I was looking for.
    Or perhaps my interests have shifted.

    I stopped watching Peter because he was on his desk so often.
    I stopped watching Pewdie because he played too many games.
    I stopped watching Austin because he unboxed too many useless tech gadgets.
    I stopped watching Lew because his videos had become longer and longer. I felt like I was wasting time staring at one thing for too long.
    I stopped watching John Oliver because the political jokes weren’t funny anymore, especially without the live audience.
    I stopped watching WWE because the roster was getting stale, and then they kept running the show without a live audience after lockdown. Bad decision Vince.

    There’s a big chance that many of these names may not appear at the end of next year’s review.

    Anyway, here’s some YouTubers that I plan to watch regularly next year:
    Steve1989MREInfo, Jac Anderson, CrazyRussianHacker.

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