Roman roads and coaches

We found out that we could travel almost all over Spain on mesta and Roman roads. By then we already knew that the Roman roads were not roads covered with stone slabs, but we wanted to know how we were going to find them.

They showed us a very cute path, with trees and bushes on each side, forming an arch over it with flowers hanging from it. The path itself, like any rural road frequented vehicles by tractors: earth compacted by wheels, in the middle a thread of grass. It convinced us and we decided to use this kind of path. Then we were warned that they were not well marked, and that a good tracking dog would be a great help. We thought ours would do.

The paths went as far as they could, and then I had to take a bus. I remember falling asleep and then waking up and it looking like a movie, because the bus I was on was slipping and getting into the other lane, but no. By the time I woke up, it was already slipping and had caused the car coming from the other lane to crash. We had no choice but to run away from the bus.

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