The burning palace

I went to the hairdressers to check out my hair but he only seemed interested in my appearing white hairs. I said I was happy with them, just in time, as he was already starting to prepare the dye.

Then I went back to my tent. We had camped on the grounds of a massive palace, but when I arrived to the field it was empty apart from my tent because the whole palace was in flames. We heard that it had been the princess living inside who had set fire to it.
I was prepared to just let go of all my things as I looked at the flames. But Naam seemed to have some of his things in my tent and he said he would help me sort all my things out to recover them.
As we approached the tent it was getting warmer, but it was ok. I started to get my things out of my tent. To the left of it I threw things I wanted to keep, and to the right of it I threw things I was prepared to leave behind. Some people came to help too.
The princess came out. I wanted to ask her why she had burned the castle. She was not very articulate and I could not find out the reason.

We found Naam’s things and he took them with him, as the heat of the flames was approaching us. We left.

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