The King and Queen

It was a group of us, and the king and queen. The titles were just nominal, a way of referring to the couple. Otherwise it can’t be explained that any of us would have had a quarrel with them, as they had. So bad was the disagreement that the king and queen left our company and the next day we had no idea where they were.

So we initiated a quest to look for them. So good they seemed to be hiding, we resolved that they must have decided to turn themselves into figurines and were by now just a couple of dolls that no one would want to play with.

So we started to look for them in bins. It was dark, we just wanted to look for them everywhere, so we didn’t stop at the gates of the warehouse. There were boxes of seemingly discarded instruments. One of them was full of stationery. I thought there would be no harm if I stole one of the tens of fancy pens that seemed to be unwanted.

My friend also started to take things from all those boxes. I looked at the door. The owners of the place were approaching.

They are coming.

But my friend would not really listen.

They are coming.

And they came, and it was too late to get out running.

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