Kaput is a project to spread education and analysis about the rotten system called capitalism.

Kaput is an anti-capitalist project. We need to get capitalism, and anti-capitalism, back on the map. The crisis is not just about  bad governments, the money system, or a few greedy bankers. The crisis is about capitalism, a global system of domination and exploitation which affects all aspects of our lives.

Kaput is an anarchist project. We want to create alternatives to capitalism that are based on mutual aid, without any bosses or leaders. We need to pay attention to all forms of domination, and not set up new hierarchies.

To study capitalism effectively we can’t be tied by intellectual dogmas. The ideas in these workshops draw on both “orthodox” and “heterodox”  economics, and on history, geography, anthropology, feminist and queer theories, and more. The writers have studied mainstream economics in academia, worked on finance and economics as journalists and researchers,  taught economics in different settings, and are active in struggles against capitalism. We try to use all of these perspectives to think critically about the world around us.


These are notes from a series of workshops on economics for anti-capitalists that have run a few times now. This material isn’t finished. It’s being edited as we speak. Comments are really welcome, of course. Also pictures, reading suggestions, links, and anything else.

Also get in touch if you want Kaput to come and run some workshops in the flesh. Or take what you want from these notes to run your own. Do publish this material in any form, or use or re-use it in any way you like for whatever you like.

Contact: kaput (at) riseup.net

WANTED: illustrators, editors, publishers, to help make this into a book. In fact, collaborators of all kinds, but right now especially illustrators.


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