NovemberFest – weekend events!

Keb_pinktree_monthSMNovemberFest runs into its 3rd weekend, and its a relatively quiet one – but there’s still lots on and 4 more weekends to go! It’s probably a good thing we’re only 20 years old, or we’d just not have the stamina to last til the end.

So welcome to Kebele social centre, and our 20th anniversary celebration of our ongoing anarchist experiment.

Friday 6th – Sunday 8th: local Trident Ploughshares activists are holding a small gathering at the social centre. Then they’ll be cooking the vegan meal for the Sunday Social – a set vegan meal is dished up from 6.30pm, for a suggested donation of ¬£2.50/3.50 (but nobody is turned away because they lack funds). After they’ll show us a film.

Royate_orchardmedSaturday 7th: volunteer workday at the Royate Hill Community Orchard & Allotment, from 11am to 4pm. Bring vegan food to share for lunch at 1pm. Over a decade old, the orchard project is co-ordinated by local permaculture practi-tioner  Mike Feingold, and has been supported since 2008 by various activists from Kebele, and quite a few others. Come and see how far the project has got.
This Saturday is planned to be the last apple-pressing session, so come along and get apple-sticky, and bring a bottle or two to take away some juice. Kids welcome – there’s a smaller apple-press for kids to tryout.

Hist_KebMonday 9th: Monday is Mellow at Kebele from 7-10pm, with space to hang out, drink tea, browse the library & infoshop, chat, and play games (bring your fave). There’s also a Bodywork (massage) taster session.
A History of Kebele at 7.30pm is the focus of the night’s political discussion workshop. There’s been a few twists & turns that’ll be looked at in the context of the wider movement. Plus one of the four original Kebele squatters will be on hand to remember the early days. Come and join in!

Tuesday 10th: we’ll be Off The Map from 7-9pm, as local activists provide a ‘space for reflection on our emotions and responses as activists to the ongoing climate crisis’. All are welcome to come & contribute, but be aware we’ll be dealing with feelings of grief here. And gin to cry into is not included…
There’ll be plenty more events in the next days…